Singapore launches $3.6m virtual production fund to attract international partners

2022-12-09 source:IDCnova
Singapore launches $3.6m virtual production fund to attract international partners

STACK Infrastructure and ESR expand their APAC partnership into Japan with a 72MW data center development in Osaka

2022-12-09 source:IDCnova

Digital Realty announces $350 million note offering

2022-12-09 source:IDCnova
Digital Realty announces $350 million note offering

Equinix to "Adjust the Thermostat" to Optimize Data Center Energy Use

2022-12-09 source:IDCnova
Equinix to "Adjust the Thermostat" to Optimize Data Center Energy Use

STT GDC completes construction work on first Indonesian data center

2022-12-09 source:IDCnova
STT GDC completes construction work on first Indonesian data center

Singapore’s Temasek opens review into ill-fated FTX investment

2022-12-09 source:IDCnova
Singapore’s Temasek opens review into ill-fated FTX investment

Bilibili Denies Layoffs as it Cuts Costs and Increases Efficiency

2022-12-09 source:IDCnova
Bilibili Denies Layoffs as it Cuts Costs and Increases Efficiency

Huawei Clouds launches Indonesia region with low-latency access

2022-12-08 source:IDCnova
Huawei Clouds launches Indonesia region with low-latency access

Tencent Cloud Unveils Tencent Cloud Media Services at 2022 Tencent Global Digital Ecosystem Summit

2022-12-08 source:IDCnova
Tencent Cloud Unveils Tencent Cloud Media Services at 2022 Tencent Global Digital Ecosystem Summit

Tencent Cloud and Smart Industries Group CEO on the Business Growth and How Businesses Can Stay Competitive Amid Accelerated Digital Transformation

2022-12-08 source:IDCnova
Tencent Cloud and Smart Industries Group CEO on the Business Growth and How Businesses Can Stay Competitive Amid Accelerated Digital Transformation

Digitalization injects impetus into financial inclusion

2022-11-29 source:
Lenders in nation ramp up efforts in innovation, high-tech development to provide better services, bridge info gaps

AVM Cloud brings international best practices for hybrid cloud environments

2022-11-29 source:IDCnova
AVM Cloud brings international best practices for hybrid cloud environments

U mobile strengthens home fibre broadband with Time dotcom

2022-11-29 source:IDCnova
U mobile strengthens home fibre broadband with Time dotcom

Renewable energy partnership for G Capital, TNB

2022-11-29 source:IDCnova
Renewable energy partnership for G Capital, TNB

Amazon signs 210MW solar PPA with PLN in Indonesia

2022-11-28 source:IDCnova
Amazon signs 210MW solar PPA with PLN in Indonesia

Telkom Indonesia partners Google Cloud to advance Indonesia’s national digital transformation agenda

2022-11-28 source:IDCnova
Telkom Indonesia partners Google Cloud to advance Indonesia’s national digital transformation agenda

Telekom Malaysia wholesale segment to continue to drive earnings, says RHB Research

2022-11-28 source:IDCnova
Telekom Malaysia wholesale segment to continue to drive earnings, says RHB Research

TNB to ride on rising electricity demand

2022-11-28 source:IDCnova
TNB to ride on rising electricity demand

DigitalBridge acquires majority stakes in Malaysia's AIMS DC

2022-11-28 source:IDCnova
DigitalBridge acquires majority stakes in Malaysia's AIMS DC

Stonepeak and Gaw drop out of Global Switch bidding, three companies still in running

2022-11-28 source:IDCnova
Stonepeak and Gaw drop out of Global Switch bidding, three companies still in running

Amazon Web Services launches AWS Asia Pacific (Hyderabad) Region

2022-11-28 source:IDCnova
Amazon Web Services launches AWS Asia Pacific (Hyderabad) Region

Chinese Captive E-Commerce Firm Achieves Net Revenue of CNY 244 Bn in Q3 2022

2022-11-28 source:IDCnova
Chinese Captive E-Commerce Firm Achieves Net Revenue of CNY 244 Bn in Q3 2022

Huawei Signs Global ITU Pledge to Help 120 Million People in Remote Areas Connect to the Digital World

2022-11-23 source:
G20: Indonesia’s Joko Widodo caps hectic week as summit host with Xi Jinping meeting, urges all sides to cool tensions

PLN seals agreement with Amazon for 210 MW of solar projects in Indonesia

2022-11-23 source:IDCnova
PLN seals agreement with Amazon for 210 MW of solar projects in Indonesia

Telkom Indonesia and Google agree cloud deal at G20 summit

2022-11-23 source:IDCnova
Telkom Indonesia and Google agree cloud deal at G20 summit


2022-11-23 source:IDCnova

Iskandar law conference to address post-Covid legal challenges

2022-11-23 source:IDCnova
Iskandar law conference to address post-Covid legal challenges

Time dotCom's new brand image to spur customer growth

2022-11-21 source:
Time dotCom's new brand image to spur customer growth

Country Garden seeks US$493 million from share placement to help repay offshore debt amid liquidity crunch

2022-11-21 source:idcquan
Country Garden seeks US$493 million from share placement to help repay offshore debt amid liquidity crunch

Digital Realty Recognized by Nareit with the "Leader in the Light" Award for Sixth Consecutive Year

2022-11-21 source:IDCnova
Digital Realty Recognized by Nareit with the "Leader in the Light" Award for Sixth Consecutive Year

Singapore’s state-owned Temasek writes down entire US$275 million investment in FTX as fallout from collapsed crypto firm spreads

2022-11-21 source:IDCNova
Singapore’s state-owned Temasek writes down entire US$275 million investment in FTX as fallout from collapsed crypto firm spreads

SEA Group's revenue up 17 percent year on year in 3Q

2022-11-21 source:idcnova
SEA Group's revenue up 17 percent year on year in 3Q

JD.Com fintech unit aims to win Beijing approval for HK IPO as soon as year-end – sources

2022-11-18 source:IDCnova
JD.Com fintech unit aims to win Beijing approval for HK IPO as soon as year-end – sources

Asian hedge funds amassed China's Pinduoduo, ditched in Q3

2022-11-18 source:IDCNOVA
Asian hedge funds amassed China's Pinduoduo, ditched in Q3

Alibaba Cloud launches ModelScope and new serverless solutions

2022-11-18 source:idcnova
Alibaba Cloud launches ModelScope and new serverless solutions

Building the next data centre hub in Asean

2022-11-16 source:IDCnova
Building the next data centre hub in Asean

Brief Analysis of the Global IDC Market in 2021

2022-11-15 source:IDCNOVA

Huawei Cloud launches Spark Incubator with 1st cohort

2022-11-14 source:huawei

Beijing Releases First Digital Human Industrial Policy

2022-08-15 source:IDCNOVA

China IDC Market Regulation Progress and Analysis

2022-08-05 source:IDCNOVA

Three Data Center Clusters in Qinghai Province

2022-08-04 source:IDCNOVA

"National Cloud" joins the Cloud Computing Market

2022-07-27 source:IDCNOVA

2021-2022 Chengdu-Chongqing IDC Market Research Report

2022-06-28 source:IDCNOVA

2022 China IDC Market Size and Forecast

2022-06-20 source:IDCNOVA

2022 Guangdong IDC Market Review

2022-05-05 source:KZ

Range Technology is Planning a Backdoor Listing.

2022-04-24 source:IDCNOVA

Ningbo Zhoushan Port New Data Center Officially Opened

2022-03-23 source:IDCNOVA

Chindata & East Data and West Computing

2022-02-22 source:IDCNOVA

IDCC2021: 5 Discoveries of Data Center Technology

2022-01-05 source:IDCNOVA

SenseTime is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

2021-12-31 source:IDCNOVA

Alibaba Cloud and Liu Steel Group Reached Cooperation

2021-10-29 source:IDCNOVA

PAG Private Equity Funds Bet Heavily on the Asian Data Center Market

2021-09-18 source:IDCNOVA
PAG Private Equity Funds Bet Heavily on the Asian Data Center Market; 2021Q2: The number of hyperscale data centers in the world has increased to 659; The Estimated Investment Scale of ultra-large-scale Data Centers in the Asia-Pacific Region will Reach $ 39.24 billion in 2026

GDS Strengthens Southeast Asia Development Strategy

2021-09-07 source:IDCNOVA

Big Data and Brand Creation

2021-08-16 source:IDCNOVA

How Big Data Creates a Smart City

2021-08-12 source:IDCNOVA

Wuxi Industrial Big Data Center Start Construction

2021-07-20 source:IDCNOVA

How does the Guangzhou-Shenzhen IDC market achieve a balance between supply and demand?

2021-07-16 source:IDCNOVA
2020-2021 Guangzhou-Shenzhen IDC Research Report Attached at the end of the article

10 Popular Cloud Security Start-Ups in 2021

2021-06-24 source:IDCNOVA

Tencent Sets Up the First Data Center in Japan that Uses 100% Renewable Energy Power

2021-06-01 source:IDCNOVA
​Currently, Tencent Cloud operates 61 availability zones in 27 regions around the world.

Quick Overview (May, 2021): Important Developments of Cloud Computing

2021-05-27 source:IDCNOVA
In the past month, many dynamic events have emerged in the field of cloud computing, which deserve our attention!

Aofei Data (奥飞数据) Acquires 40% of Tianjin Pangu Yuntai to Deploy its Business in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei

2021-05-26 source:IDCNOVA
Aofei Data said that after the completion of the project, the company will have the first large-scale data center in Tianjin.

2020 Global Data Center Infrastructure Revenue is $165 Billion

2021-04-02 source:IDCNOVA
The 2020 final data of Synergy Research shows that due to a 22% increase in public cloud infrastructure spending,the global data center hardware and software market will increase by 4% annually in 2020, reaching the highest level in history.

Huawei releases the Global Connectivity Index (GCI) report for the seventh consecutive year and proposes the five major stages of industry digital transformation.

2021-02-02 source:IDCNOVA
The entire ecosystem will be digitized and can quickly respond to market changes.

Baoneng Real Estate (宝能地产)Intends to Acquire Dr. Peng Group (鹏博士)13 Data Center Assets, Businesses and Debts

2021-01-29 source:IDCNOVA
On January 29 2021, Dr. Peng Telecom Media Group Co Ltd(鹏博士电信传媒集团股份有限公司) announced that the company plans to sell 13 data center related assets, businesses and liabilities to Shenzhen Baoneng Chuangzhan Real Estate Co Ltd (深圳宝能创展置业有限公司).

2021 Industry Prospects | Cloud and Network Empower the Digital Transformation

2021-01-26 source:IDCNOVA
Cloud-Network integration, as the foundation for digital transformation, has undoubtedly become a key strategic business for telecom operators to transform into integrated intelligent information service providers and enhance their digital service capabilities.

The total number of mobile communication base stations nationwide reached 9.31 million, and more than 718,000 5G base stations were opened

2021-01-25 source:IDCNOVA
The 5G network has covered the cities above the prefecture level, key counties and cities nationwide.

Inner Mongolia's first 5G Industry Innovation Base was Completed and Put Into Use

2021-01-20 source:IDCNOVA
On the 19th, Inner Mongolia’s first 5G industrial innovation base, built by Inner Mongolia Horinger New District (referred to as the New District), joined hands with China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, Tower, and Huawei, was officially unveiled here.

Chinadata Group sets up a business sub-group to independently operate the most mature and advantageous business

2021-01-18 source:IDCNOVA
On January 15, Chinadata Group (Nasdaq: CD) announced that it would integrate the group delivery center BU and formally establish a business subgroup Qin Gong Construction (秦工营造).

The Demand of Data Center is Rapidly Increasing in Asia-Pacific Region

2021-01-11 source:IDCNOVA
Artificial intelligence and machine learning will support the next generation of so-called data center infrastructure management.

China Aviation Cloud invests CNY 1 billion to build a data cloud ecological industry chain, which is headquartered in Shunde

2021-01-08 source:IDCNOVA
China Aviation Cloud and its Shunde Financial Cloud Project

Vantage Data Centers: New Green Data Center Plan

2021-01-06 source:IDCNOVA
Sustainability and environmental responsibility & Green Data Center

KZ Consulting: Ten Trends of China IDC Industry in 2021

2021-01-04 source:IDCNOVA
KZ Consulting looks forward to the development of IDC industry in 2021.

More than 90% corporate goals! IDC report reveals that data center networks are moving towards the era of “Self Driving”

2020-12-30 source:IDCNOVA
What is the future of the data center network where ID is at a critical turning point? "Autonomous driving" has become a major choice that has received widespread attention and optimism.

Tencent’s Greater Bay Area Industrial Internet Base launched in Foshan City, Guangdong Province

2020-12-28 source:IDCNOVA
Industrial Internet gaints are continuously launching base in the Greater Bay Area is inseparable from relevant local support and policies.

China Sound Valley · Luyang Big Data Center Industrial Park was Officially Established

2020-12-25 source:IDCNOVA
Hefei Luyang District Big Data Industrial Park is the first big data industrial park in the province invested by Luyang District to vigorously promote the construction of "Smart Luyang".

MIIT: The number of 5G terminal connections this year has exceeded 200 million

2020-12-24 source:IDCNOVA
MIIT spokesperson WEN Ku said that the number of 5G users this year has grown very fast this year, and the number of 5G terminal connections has exceeded 200 million.

Post – Pandemic Era: How do International Companies Turn Crisis into Opportunities

2020-12-21 source:IDCNOVA
Post – Pandemic Era: How do International Companies Turn Crisis into Opportunities Fujitsu: “Permanent Home Office” Plan

Hechuan District (Chongqing City) Energy Big Data Center was established

2020-12-18 source:IDCNOVA
On December 14, the establishment and licensing ceremony of Hechuan District Energy Big Data Center was held in Hechuan Power Supply Company.

IDCC2020 Review: Data Center International Cooperation Summit Forum

2020-12-17 source:IDCNOVA
IDCC2020 Data Center International Cooperation Summit Forum has been held successfully in Beijing.

[IDCC2020 Review] SpaceDC - Jeffrey Tay(郑新华): Opportunities in International Market for Data Centers

2020-12-16 source:IDCNOVA
At the IDCC2020 Data Center International Cooperation Summit Forum on December 10th,Jeffrey Tay (郑新华), VP Global Strategic Market Development at SpaceDC, gave the speech “Opportunities in International Market for Data Centers”

[IDCC2020 Review] SUNeVision Coco CHENG: “New Era and New Infrastructure”

2020-12-14 source:IDCNOVA
[IDCC2020] 2020 Data Center International Cooperation Summit Forum: “New Era and New Infrastructure” by COCO CHENG, Assistant Vice President of China Business Development Department of SUNeVision

IDCC2020 Event Updates: Online conference QR Code

2020-12-07 source:IDCNOVA

IDCC2020 Event Updates: the 15th China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony

2020-11-30 source:IDCNOVA
Hi there! Here comes the IDCC2020 Event Updates, there are only 7 days left before the grand 15th China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony. Here is an introduction of the invited guest speaker.

China First "Space-Aerial-Terrestrial integrated 5G network" Innovative Application Demonstration Base Settled in Zhengzhou, Henan Province.

2020-11-26 source:IDCNOVA
Recently, technology innovation cooperation with the theme of“space-aerial-terrestrial integrated 5G network innovation application, boosting the new energy of the digital economy” was signed in Zhengzhou.

The National Tibet Plateau Data Center Qinghai Branch signed a contract in Beijing for joint construction

2020-11-25 source:IDCNOVA
The National Tibetan Plateau Data Center Qinghai Branch

China Internet Development Report 2020: One Third of the Global 5G Network will Come From Chinese Technology

2020-11-24 source:IDCNOVA
According to China Internet Development Report 2020 released on the 23rd November 2020, one-third of the global 5G network will come from Chinese technology.

Ganzhou City, Jiang Xi Province, China, Promulgated Big Data Center Electricity Price Subsidy Policy

2020-11-23 source:IDCNOVA
Ganzhou City, Jiang Xi Province, China, promulgated Big Data Center Electricity Price Subsidy Policy to attract big data cloud computing center enterprises to enter and accelerate the development of the big data industry

M & A: Funeng Oriental Equipment Technology Planned to Purchase Internet Data Center Project in Cash

2020-11-20 source:IDCNOVA
On the evening of November 19, Funeng Oriental issued an announcement stating that in order to cultivate new revenue growth for the company, the company intends to acquire 100% equity of Guangdong Funeng Big Data Industrial Park Construction Co Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Funeng Big Data") in cash.

Xiong’an Urban Computing (Supercomputing Cloud) Center Construction Begun

2020-11-19 source:IDCNOVA
The Xiong’an Supercomputing center project, which is under construction, will serve as the "urban brain" of Xiong’an, which will create an urban computing system that integrates "edge computing, cloud computing, and supercomputing".

Guizhou Province, China, has used Big Data Platform for Public Health Emergency Preparedness

2020-11-19 source:IDCNOVA
Guizhou Province, China, has used Big Data Platform for Public Health Emergency Preparedness, where we could get experience from for the COVID-19 pandemic to learn how tthe technologies can help.

Overseas Data Center Service Provider Award Programme

2020-11-18 source:IDCNOVA
IDCNOVA launched Overseas Data Center Service Provider Award Programme in 2020, and set up Outstanding Overseas Data Center Service Provider Award and Best Partner Award for Enterprise Going Global.

Beijing Capital International Airport - The mobile 5G network has been fully completed and put into operation

2020-11-18 source:IDCNOVA
Multi-site testing shows that the average 5G download speed in Beijing Capital International Airport can reach more than 1000Mbps.

Big Data and Animal Husbandry: Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China, Establishes a Big Data Platform for Raising Pigs

2020-11-17 source:IDCNOVA
Can farms be built unattended? What is the farm like in the Internet era? Chengdu City, Sichuan Province of China, introduced its intelligent way to raise "Peppa" on 16 November 2020.

5G SA Was Officially Commercialized in Henan, Zhengzhou Province, China

2020-11-17 source:IDCNOVOA
Compared with the 5G NSA network, 5G SA has the advantage of nearly doubled the uplink bandwidth and new capabilities, such as support for network slicing (Network Slicing) and edge computing (MEC).

China 14th Five-Year Plan, Clarifies the Construction of Big Data Centers, and Operators’ New Digital Infrastructure has a Promising Future.

2020-11-13 source:IDCNOVA
In the "14th Five-Year Plan", the construction of big data centers was mentioned together with 5G and industrial Internet, and it became an important indicator in the future national strategy.

MIIT: Shanghai and Hainan Will Open Pilot Data Center and Cloud Service Businesses

2020-11-12 source:IDCNOVA
LIU Liehong, deputy minister of MIIT, said that MIIT will also open value-added telecommunications services in an orderly manner, including data centers and cloud services, and pilot projects will set in Shanghai and Hainan first.

Xinyang Government and Henan Unicom, Signed Agreement to Build a National Cloud Disaster Recovery Base and Xinyang Zhongyuan Data Sub-center

2020-11-12 source:IDCNOVA
Xinyang Government signed an agreement with Henan Unicom to build a national cloud disaster recovery base and Xinyang Zhongyuan Data Sub-center

Big Data Industrial Park in Yongchuan District, Chongqing City, China, Creates a New Engine for the Development of Digital Economy

2020-11-11 source:IDCNOVA
Chongqing Yungu · Big Data Industrial Park has built nearly 700,000 square meters of industrial buildings, gathering 365 enterprises...

Upcoming Event: Online International Data Center Forum - 12 November 2020

2020-11-10 source:IDCNOVA
If you interested in what are the popular areas to deploy data center and what are the opinions from the professionals, welcome to join the Online Forum

Liaocheng,Shandong Province, China Launched its First "Multi-Station Integration" Edge Data Center Station and Put It Into Operation

2020-11-09 source:IDCNOVA
On 4 November 2020, State Grid Liaocheng Power Supply Company’s 110kV Southern Suburb Substation "Multi-station Integration" edge data center station was completed and put into operation.

Ministry of Commerce of PRC: China will increase the proportion of foreign shareholding in value-added telecommunications services and other fields

2020-11-06 source:IDCNOVA
On 6 November, at the China International Import Expo, "The Report on China Services Import” was released. It shows that China will further reduce market access restrictions for foreign investment in the service industry.

Bei’an City, Heilongjiang Province (North China), established Big Data Center

2020-11-05 source:IDCNOVA
On 4 November, Bei’an city, Heilongjiang Province, held Big Data Center Opening Ceremony.

How was China Mobile's overseas Internet Data Center (IDC) built?

2020-11-04 source:IDCNOVA
The construction of data centers of international companies has greatly expanded the breadth and depth of Chinese operators' overseas data centers and network resources.

Alibaba Central China Headquarter Settled in Wuhan, Supporting Wuhan's New Infrastructure Development

2020-11-03 source:IDCNOVA
Alibaba Central China Headquarter Settled in Wuhan, supporting Wuhan's New Infrastructure Development. It will also help Wuhan's entire new infrastructure development and support construction of the national central city.

UCloud (688158.SS): the First Cloud Computing Company Listed in China, Released its First Three Quarter Financial Report

2020-10-29 source:IDCNOVA
Operating Revenue: CNY 1.638 billion, a year-on-year increase of 52.87% Quarterly Operating Revenue: CNY 726 million, a year-on-year increase of 94.79%.

The 15 Most Beautiful Data Centers in the World

2020-10-28 source:IDCNOVA
The Powerful and Beautiful Data Centers in the World.

The Yangtze River Delta Digital Financial Data Center Completed in Suzhou,Jiangsu Province China

2020-10-27 source:IDCNOVA
The Yangtze River Delta Digital Financial Data Center completed in Suzhou. It will play a role as an important infrastructure for external service output.

The Second Phase Project of Tibet's Largest Cloud Computing Data Center Officially Started

2020-10-26 source:IDCNOVA
The second phase project has an area of 45,000 square meters, with an investment plan around CNY 1.2 billion. There will be more than 7,000 cabinets to be designed. It is expected to be completed in October 2021.

Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT): Most companies hope to gain user revenue growth from 5G investment

2020-10-21 source:IDCNOVA
Most companies hope to gain user revenue growth through 5G investment, and providing undifferentiated mobile connectivity services will no longer be enough.

CICC Data Group and Didi Chuxing Officially Formed Strategic Partnership,Jointly Build Data Centers, Cloud Computing and Big Data

2020-10-20 source:IDCNOVA
CICC Data Group and Didi Chuxing cooperated to build "the Didi Global Safe Travel Data Backstage Base" and the "Didi National Slow Traffic Data Center" at the Wuhan National Network Security Base

Hefei, Eastern China City, is Planning the Intellectual Property Big Data Project

2020-10-19 source:IDCNOVA
Recently, relevant departments disclosed that they will plan for the intellectual property big data center PPP project, and on the basis of fully feasibility study, the project will be put into the municipal government public welfare investment information project database.

2020 Data Center International Cooperation Summit Forum - 10th December 2020

2020-10-16 source:IDCNOVA
Learn more about the 2020 Data Center International Cooperation Summit Forum, Explore Wider Opportunities in China.

Tickets and Registration - The 15th China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony

2020-10-16 source:IDCNOVA
Conference Agenda from 8th to 10th December 2020 - The 15th China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony. We are looking forward to meeting you in Beijing, China

Tencent Cloud’s First 5G Edge Computer Center , the "Smart Capsule" , Officially Opened on 14th October.

2020-10-15 source:IDCNOVA
The 5G Edge Computer will help solve the problems of insufficient computing power and network delay in real-time HD audio and video, smart community, smart medical, industrial Internet and etc, support customers with fast and steady smart life and invite the large-scale application of 5G.

GDS Services (NASDAQ: GDS), world class high-availability data center infrastructure and services provider, proposed to list on HK Stock Exchange

2020-10-14 source:IDCNOVA
Recently, media reports that GDS Services Ltd (NASDAQ: GDS) will seek to pass the hearing of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in the near future, and to list on HK Stock Exchange.

Weifang City (Shandong Province, China) launched the Big Data Center to Navigate the Next Step in Agriculture

2020-10-14 source:IDCNOVA
the Big Data Center of National Comprehensive Pilot Agriculture Zone (Weifang) was launched on 13th October, 2020 . It will integrate the city's agriculture-related systems and data, and build a digital agriculture center covering the entire city to achieve the organic integration of data, systems and resources.

China Telecom, Expanded its Data Center During the National Day holiday

2020-10-13 source:IDCNOVA
In the first phase of China Telecom's Central Cloud Computing Big Data Center Project, the capacity has been operating at a high level. During the National Day holiday, the first phase of the project expanded the capacity by 500 servers.

The 3rd Digital China Summit – Policies released to support China’s digitalization

2020-10-13 source:IDCNOVA
On the 3rd Digital China Summit, China released supportive policies for building digitalization.

Gui’an located in Southwest China Proposed to Build an Audit Data Center!

2020-10-12 source:IDCNOVA
Gui’an, a city located in Southwest China, proposed to build an audit data center, annd the land area is nearly 6 hectares!

The Fourth Largest Operator in China has Successfully Completed the Opening Ceremony

2020-10-12 source:IDCNOVA
The fourth largest operator in China , China Broadcast Network Shareholding Company (中国广电网络股份有限公司) , has established.

“Redefine IDC” - the 15th China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony is Coming!

2020-10-10 source:IDCNOVA
About the 15th China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony - "Redefine IDC"

Articles of Association of IDCNova Club

2020-03-13 source:IDCNOVA

Aiming at South China Data Center Hub, Gui’an to Hold 4 Million Servers

2019-07-16 source:IDCNOVA
Targeting at the South China’s Data Center Hub, Gui’an New Area is dedicated to hold 4 million servers and the sum of hyper scale data centers here will account for 20% of the total sum in China in the following time.

Chengdu is to Cultivate 10,000 Big Data Talents by 2022

2019-07-16 source:IDCNOVA
Early this year in 2019,Chengdu, capital of southwest China’s Sichuan Province issued a work program on big data development, clearly stating the core target of building up a “big data hub in west China”.

China Data Center Tour: GSC Lianyuan Data Center

2019-07-16 source:IDCNOVA
Located in the Guangzhou Science City, Lianyun Data Center is convenient in external transportation and connects the airport and railway station within 1 hour distance. Occupying 52,000 square meters, Lianyun Data Center is designed for 4 phases. The first phase under operation a four-storey building with 3,400 racks.

China Releases 6G Projects

2019-07-16 source:IDCNOVA
In the afternoon of June 20, 2019, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) released the national crucial projects on broadband and new type network 2019, and there are 6 projects related to 6G.

China Data Center Tour: Tencent Tianjin Database

2019-07-16 source:IDCNOVA
Tencent Tianjin Data Center, actually, it’s still the largest data center by Tencent at present, even accomplished nearly 10 years in November 2010.

Delta Assists for E-government Database

2019-07-16 source:IDCNOVA
Chinese leading tech company Delta was selected to build up a e-government data center for the Xi’an National Civil Aerospace Industrial Base recently.

Executive insights|China Telecom GM:Service Is Everything

2019-07-16 source:IDCNOVA
As IoT, 5G, edge computing and other concepts landed, data is erupting enormously. According to the relevant survey, the total sum of data generated in China is 7.6ZB in 2018 and it’s estimated to become 48.6ZB in 2025.

Xiangtan High Tech Zone Listed in Hunan Big Data Industrial Park

2019-07-16 source:IDCNOVA
Central Southern China's Xiangtan High Tech Zone was listed as the Hunan Provincial Big Data Industrial Park

SGCC to Launch a 1 Billion Cloud Computing Center

2019-07-04 source:IDCNOVA
A hyper scale cloud computing data center was launched and the first phase has been started recently. Invested by Gansu Branch of the State Grid Corporation of China, the firs phase of this project will cost 1 billion yuan to install 3,000 racks.

China Mobile Invests 2.8 Billion to Launch a Database In South China

2019-07-04 source:IDCNOVA
Recently, China Mobile Guangxi Data Center was launched in the Wuxiang New District, Nanning City, the capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region located in Southeast China.

21Vianet Launches a $200m Cloud Database

2019-06-27 source:IDCNOVA
Chinese leading data center invests 200 million dollars to construct a cloud data center in Taicang, east China's Jiangsu Province.

Shanxi Provincial Big Data Center Unveiled

2019-06-27 source:IDCNOVA
Shanxi Proivincial Big Data Center was unveiled recently, it will focus on promotion and integration of big data industry as well as cloud compuing advancement in the future.

SW Shandong Big Data Center Underway

2019-06-26 source:IDCNOVA
The awaited Southwest Shandong Big Data Center is underway smoothly, and the comprehensive building has finished the acceptance check recently after completion of construction.

PLCN Submarine Cable Project Approved to Grant Dr.Peng

2019-06-26 source:IDCNOVA
In the night of June 24, 2019, Chinese data center operator Dr. Peng announced that its holding subsidiary has received the official approval for PLCN from competent authorities.

Huawei Invests 500m to Build Up a Big Data Center in North China’s Shanxi Province

2019-06-26 source:IDCNOVA
Huawei invests 500 million yuan to construct a model big data center, as part of its key intelligenct city project in North China's Zezhou County.

2.8 Billion Database Launched By China Mobile

2019-06-24 source:IDCNOVA
China Mobile invests 2.8 billiion yuan to construct a data center in southeast China's Fuzhou City, consisting 2 stages and the first one will be available before the end of 2020.

1st Data Center Combining Transformation and Power Storage Launched In Shanghai

2019-06-21 source:IDCNOVA
The first high efficient data center combining transformation substation and energy storage power station in China was launched in Shanghai.

3.5B Spent For Wangsu, GIG Becomes The Largest Shareholder

2019-06-21 source:IDCNOVA
Chinese data center operator Wangsu Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (AKA Wangsu) announced recently that Guangxi Investment Group Co., Ltd. (AKA GIG) spent 3.5 billion to acquire 12% shares of the total sum of Wangsu.

IDCNOVA Commentary: Hindrance for Chinese 5G Development

2019-06-20 source:IDCNOVA
Even with leading technology and dynamics supported by governmental endeavour, tech giants and industrial chain, there are still some hindrance for Chinese 5G development.

BRI Big Data Park Lianyungang Site Launched

2019-06-20 source:IDCNOVA
The China Mobile Lianyuangang Data Center of Belt and Road Big Data Industrial Park was launched in the east China's Jiangsu Province.

SE China Healthcare Big Data Center Stage I to Finish Construction Soon

2019-06-19 source:IDCNOVA
The Southeast China Healthcare Big Data Center is being constructed rapidly, the main frame of stage I will be completed next month and install 1,500 racks before end of this year and become available before March, 2020.

Stage II the China Mobile Database Launched In Inner Mongolia

2019-06-19 source:IDCNOVA
The stage II of China Mobile Hohhot Data Center is launched officially in the Horinger New Area, Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia.

Provincial Databases of Chinese Beidou System Soaring Now

2019-06-18 source:IDCNOVA
Provincial databases are soaring to construct and support the Chinese National Beidou Data Center System.

Shenzhen Runxun invests 1b to launch a database in East China's Anhui Province

2019-06-18 source:IDCNOVA
Chinese renowned data center and cloud computing vendor Shenzhen Runxun invests 1 billion yuan to set up a cloud data center in Huainan City, East China's Anhui Province.

China’s Sichuan Province Building a 2.65 Sq. km Database

2019-06-18 source:IDCNOVA
Southwestern China's Sichuan Province is building up a 2.65 square kilometer big data center to boost its relevant industries.

A Commentary: 5G gap between the US and China

2019-06-17 source:IDCNOVA
What's the gap like between USA and China on 5G development, and is it really so obvious that the Chinese 5G industry is ahead of the world?

China Telecom launched its cloud computing center in Chongqing

2019-06-17 source:IDCNOVA
China Telecom launched its cloud computing center in southwest China's Chongqing City, and the second stage is started to be completed this year.

IDCNOVA Commentary: Are Chinese operators ready for 5G?

2019-06-14 source:IDCNOVA
After granting 5G licenses for commercial use by China, telco operators are chasing 5G scenarios ahead.

15 billion database launched in east China’s Nantong City

2019-06-14 source:IDCNOVA
A 15 billion yuan database will be constructed in east China’s Nantong City.

MIIT Amends Telecom Services Directory for 5G

2019-06-13 source:IDCNOVA
Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology amended Telecom Services Directory (2015 Version).

Huawei Big Data Center Opens in East China’s Shandong Province

2019-06-13 source:IDCNOVA
Chinese tech giant opens a big data center i Linyi City, East China’s Shandong Province.

Tightening Policies, Shanghai Issues Data Center Guideline

2019-06-13 source:IDCNOVA
Shanghai issued Internet Data Center Construction Guideline (2019 Version), (hereinafter referred to as the Guideline) to regulate and manage a healthier and better data center industry in Shanghai.

IDC Commentary: 3 Big Things China Issuing 5G Licenses Takes

2019-06-11 source:
China issued 5G licenses on June 6, 2019 to China Mobile, China Union, China Telecom and China Broadcast Network.

Biz China: How foreign capital accessing to China data center and cloud computing industries

2019-06-11 source:Ajeen Liu
How foreign capital could get access to China data center and cloud computing industries under restrained policies and regulations?

China issues 5G licenses today

2019-06-06 source:IDCNOVA
China issued 5G licenses on Thursday, June 6 2019 to four major operators.

$570m from Bain Capital, ChinData achieved largest fundraising ever in China data center industry

2019-06-05 source:IDCNOVA
ChinData, one of China’s largest customized hyper scale data center operators acquired $570 million fundraising from Bain Capital, marking the largest one ever in China data center industry.

IDCNOVA Commentary: What Is Data Center Like In the Future

2019-06-05 source:IDCNOVA
As the digital transformation acceleration for Chinese enterprises, data center construction has stepped into a new era in China, which both pushed digital economy and also brought about pressure for city construction and first-tier cities in particular.

Apple’s First Data Center In China Goes On Well

2019-06-04 source:IDCNOVA
Apple launched its first data center in China on February 25, 2019, the Apple China (Guian) Data Center, located in southwestern Guizhou Province, which is all going on well now.

China is to grant 5G License for commercial use

2019-06-03 source:IDCNOVA
According to the Xinhua News Agency,the state news agency of China,the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology(MIIT)will grant5G licenses for commercial use recently,which was confirmed in the official website of MIIT.

Exceeding 15 Billion Yuan, Beijing Data Center Market Displaying Four Major Features

2019-05-31 source:IDCNOVA
According to KZ Consulting,The market volume of Beijing data center industry had exceeded 15 billion yuan by the end of 2018,and the total sum of racks in use surpassed 150,000.

China Data Center Tour:Hong Kong Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate

2019-05-28 source:Leo Zhang
IDCNOVA organised the Hong Kong Data Centre Tour into Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate, the local data center cluster, and paid close visit to facilities of China Unicom, SUNevision and TGT.

Hong Kong Forum by the Association for International Cooperation in Data Centres(AICDC)Held Successfully

2019-05-28 source:IDCNOVA
To uncover cross-border data center opportunities in APAC market, provide platform for DC enterprises home and abroad, the Association for International Cooperation in Data Centers (AICDC) held its Hong Kong Forum at the HKCEC.

China Data Center Goes On Surging Amid Declined Growth in 2018

2019-05-17 source:IDCNOVA
The market volume of China data center industry reached 122.8 billion yuan in 2018, increasing 29.8% year on year while 2.6% growth rated declined than that of the previous year.

BAT Leading Data Center Surge in Xi’an, West China

2019-05-15 source:IDCNOVA
Chinese tech giants Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and others all launched data center project in Xi’an, West China, a node of “Belt and Road Initiative”.

IDCNOVA Commentary: How China Data Centers Transform Into Green Ones From the Source

2019-05-14 source:IDCNOVA
According to statistics, public institutions contribute largest proportion of power consumption in China data center industry.

Another Hyper Scale Data Center of Baidu Lands in Western China’s Xi’an Aerospace Base

2019-05-14 source:IDCNOVA
Baidu Cloud Computing (Xi’an) renders for its another green and power saving, advanced hyper scale one, holding over 100,000 servers.

The “Rising competitor” Central China’s Henan Province Launches Its Largest Data Center Ever

2019-05-13 source:IDCNOVA
Henan Province of Central China launches a hyper scale data center in Zhengzhou City, the capital city, and this site is designed to become the largest database locally ever installing 10,000 cabinets.

“North Gate to Shanghai”, Nantong Targets a 100b Big Data Industry

2019-05-07 source:IDCNOVA
Located on the north side of Shanghai over Yangtze River, Nantong of Jiangsu Province is forging up a big data industry valued at 100 billion yuan in full wings.

IDCNOVA commentary On Future China Data Center Pattern Considering A “Greener” One In Beijing Market

2019-04-30 source:IDCNOVA
As the No.1 data center market in China, Beijing is tightening on data center construction for green initiative. What will it be like for the future industry pattern?

China Data Center Tour: Alibaba Qiandaohu Data Center

2019-04-26 source:IDCNOVA
Beside the beautiful Qiandaohu Lake, Alibaba launched a ecological, advanced and fascinating data center.

High-Tech Board Listed, UCloud Invests 2.6b to Launch First Data Center in Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia

2019-04-26 source:IDCNOVA
Dominated by tech giants like Alibaba, Tencent and so on, Chinese medium and small scale cloud vendors attempts for breakthrough via fundraising and other means.

Alibaba Cloud Mulls Global Push While Trouncing Amazon at Home

2019-04-25 source:DCK
The cloud provider seeks to cater to US companies investing in China and vice versa; it's also planning to set up data centers in Indonesia and Malaysia.

IDCNOVA Commentary: the route for China Data Center under Tightening Policies in First-Tier Cities

2019-04-24 source:IDCNOVA
Chinese first-tier cities are tightening in data center construction, focusing on low PUE and green operation, which route the industry will step on?

MIIT: China open to overseas cloud provider

2019-04-24 source:IDCNOVA
As the widening opening up policy, China is about to open for the overseas cloud providers on joint cooperation.

Where China Data Center Goes As Tier-I Cities Fading Away

2019-04-23 source:IDCNOVA
As tightening policies and rising costs, Chinese Tier-I Cities are retreating from hot spot on databases, thus where the capital goes for emerging markets?

Largest ever “bomb shelter” of Tencent, Construction of Tencent Gui’an Seven Star Data Center Completed in Guizhou

2019-04-22 source:IDCNOVA
Tencent has completed the construction of its Gui’an Seven Star Data Center in Guizhou Province,southwest China.

400G data center networking test launched at first in China

2019-04-16 source:IDCNOVA
Led by Tencent, a testing on 400G optical module interconnection networking was held in Beijing at first in China, together with Cisco, Keysight, Rosenberg and other companies.

Boosting PUE 1.25 or lower, Shenzhen released green data center policy

2019-04-16 source:IDCNOVA
Following Beijing and Shanghai, Shenzhen released its data center policy aiming to reduce PUE for energy-saving.

Datacloud Global Congress 2019

2019-04-16 source:dataeconomy
The datacenter market in China is expanding exponentially and enterprise infrastructure requirements may now be met by a mix of hyperscale, cloud and Edge facilities being deployed now and also planned for construction.

First 5G base station launched in Sansha City, South China Sea

2019-04-15 source:IDCNOVA
Yongxing Island, the location of Sansha City, South China Sea, unveiled its first 5G base station.

Inital investment 1 billion yuan, Guangdong launches a big data campus

2019-04-15 source:IDCNOVA
A big data industrial campus is launched in Maoming City, South East China’s Guangdong Province.

China data center tour: Baidu Yangquan Cloud Computing Center

2019-04-12 source:IDCNOVA
Ending the downtime fate in China’s Spring Festival Gala live on its national television-the planet’s largest Variety Show-sponsored by Alibaba and Tencent, Baidu gave an excellent performance, owing to its Yangquan Cloud Computing Center.

Sinnnet targeting Shanghai data center market

2019-04-12 source:IDCNOVA
China’s leading data center operator inked a strategic agreement with Shanghai Branch of China Telecom to expand Shanghai and Yangzte River Delta market.

Financial performance on leading China data center players in 2018 and prospects for 2019

2019-04-11 source:IDCNOVA
China data center industry is surging in site construction in 2018, carrier neutral operators, service vendors and providers are booming to strive for expansion. Let’s unveil their genuine performance from financial report 2018.

Ping An’s Investment in China’s GDS Is a Bigger Deal Than Most US Investors Realize

2019-04-10 source:dck
To maintain its current growth rate, GDS needs a lot of debt and equity capital. Having a strategic investor like Ping An helps.

China data center tour: Ulanqab big data cluster

2019-04-10 source:IDCNOVA
As the emerging cloud hub in north China, Ulanqab is home to databases launched by Huawei, Alibaba, Apple, UCloud and so on, costing 24.3 billion yuan and installing 1 million servers.

Shadow from Alibaba and Tencent, UCloud approved by SSE for New Tech Board IPO

2019-04-08 source:IDCNOVA
UCloud was approved by Shanghai Stock Exchange for its IPO in the long-anticipated New High-tech Board, becoming the first cloud provider.

China’s TAIJI Co., contracted for two new database in Beijing and Chongqing

2019-04-04 source:IDCNOVA
TAIJI Co., China’s data center construction vendor signed contract with another two companies to launch two data centers in Beijing and Chongqing.

GDS Unveils Launch Of AWS Direct Connect In Its Shanghai And Shenzhen Data Centres

2019-04-03 source:data-economy
GDS also revealed that its customers can directly access AWS over a private, enterprise-grade network connection.

Baidu Cloud Computing Center claims power conservation affordable to 1,000 databases

2019-04-02 source:IDCNOVA
Baidu Yangquan Cloud Computing Center, claims as much power conservation as that consumed by 1,000 data centers.

Sinnet to launch a new database adjoining Beijing

2019-04-02 source:IDCNOVA
Beijing Sinnet Technology Co., Ltd. launches a new database adjoining Beijing.

China Weighs Letting US Cloud Providers Operate Their Own Data Centers

2019-04-01 source:DCK
Negotiating a deal to end the trade war, Chinese officials appear more open than before to loosening cloud rules.

China’s EAST Co., won a bidding of 3 data center projects, costing 200m Rmb

2019-03-27 source:IDCNOVA
EAST, one of China’s listed solutions providers won the bidding to launch 3 data centers, costing 200 million Rmb.

3.8b investment by China Jinggong Group to launch a cloud computing database

2019-03-27 source:IDCNOVA
China Jinggong Group is approved to construct a cloud computing database in East China’s Shaoxing City, costing 3.8 billion yuan.

China’s PPMG entry into data center market

2019-03-26 source:IDCNOVA
Registering 51 million yuan, China’s Phoenix Publishing Media Group (PPMG) entering data center market by launching a joint venture.

Alibaba to run its entire business on the cloud

2019-03-22 source:technode
Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, held its 2019 Cloud Summit today in Beijing as it celebrates its 10-year anniversary.

Site24x7 Opens New Chinese Data Centre To Support Country’s Digital Transformation DevOps Needs

2019-03-22 source:data-economy
Site24x7, the provider of cloud-based performance monitoring for DevOps and IT operations – a business unit of India-headquartered Zoho Corporation – has announced the availability of its service in Shanghai.

China issues AI development guideline

2019-03-21 source:IDCNOVA
To promote the further and healthy development, China issues the guideline on deep integration of AI and substantial economy.

PUE 1.2, Lenovo to launch a green data center in Beijing

2019-03-21 source:IDCNOVA
Led by Lenovo, the Yanqing Green Cloud Computing Data Center on Energy Internet was launched in Yanqing District of Beijing.

8 billion, Athub teams up Alibaba on data center projects

2019-03-21 source:IDCNOVA
Athub announces cooperation MOU with Alibaba on 5 data center project, valued at 8 billion Rmb.

China conducts world's 1st remote surgery using 5G

2019-03-20 source:ETtelecom
The surgery, a collaboration between tech companies Huawei and China Mobile, and the Chinese PLA General Hospital, was conducted on Saturday, the Global Times reported.

GDS Sets Aside $404m From Offerings For Future Data Centre Acquisitions

2019-03-20 source:data-economy
The Chinese data centre operators plan to use $404m of the net proceeds from the offering in connection with the development and acquisition of new data centres, with the remaining amounts to be used for general corporate purposes.

Insights: GDS to become the largest Chinese carrier-neutral data center operator in 2019

2019-03-20 source:IDCNOVA
Something different do emerge now. And the implication is becoming obvious that GDS will become the largest neutral data center operator of China as soon as first quarter in 2019.

Apple builds first North China data base in Inner Mongolia

2019-03-20 source:Global times
US technology giant Apple reportedly started building its first data center in North China, and a Chinese analyst said that such data bases will appear more frequently in the country with the coming 5G era.

APPLE data center launched, Ulanqab striving for Data Center Capital of Northern China

2019-03-19 source:IDCNOVA
Recently, APPLE (Ulanqab)data center groundbreaking ceremony was held in China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, which is the first one in Northern China and second one in China after that in Guizhou.

Huawei cloud invests 40b RMB to launch a data center in Northern China’s Langfang City

2019-03-19 source:IDCNOVA
Together with Huawei cloud data center costing 40b RMB, Langfang City in Northern China between Beijing and Tianjin launched 116 projects totaling at 101.6b RMB.

Agenda:2019 Summit on Artificial Intelligence for Health

2019-03-18 source:IDCNOVA
"2019 Artificial Intelligence for Health Summit" is scheduled to be held in Shanghai Expo Center from April 1 to 5, 2019.

GDS Announces Pricing of Public Offering of ADSs

2019-03-18 source:GDS
GDS Holdings Limited (“GDS” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: GDS) today announced the pricing of a public offering by it of 11,940,299 American Depositary Shares (“ADSs”).

PAG acquired $150m equity from GDS for data center

2019-03-14 source:IDCNOVA
GDS announced that Ping An Overseas Holdings would invest 150 million US dollars of transferrable preferred shares for its data center business expansion.

Guizhou bolsters big data plus education integration for intelligent initiative

2019-03-14 source:IDCNOVA
Guizhou is promoting action of big data plus education integration to foster the intelligence education.

Executive insights|Athub VP: we support world-class IT giants with customization (Part II)

2019-03-13 source:IDCNOVA
Athub Co.,the listed and leading tailor made data center provider from Shanghai,China just announced its 1.6 billion yuan deal with China Unicom to construct a new project in Shenzhen,south of China,which arouse widespread attention.

Executive insights|Athub VP: we support world-class IT giants with customization (Part I)

2019-03-12 source:IDCNOVA
After inking a 1.6 billion yuan deal with China Unicom, Athub Co. from Shanghai arouse attention again. What’s their secret to thrive behind? Check our exclusive interview.

China issued the Green Industry Guidance Directory

2019-03-12 source:IDCNOVA
Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission of China (NDRC) and other relevant authorities have jointly issued Green Industry Guidance Directory (2019 edition).

1.6b, China Unicom to launch a new data center project in Shenzhen

2019-03-12 source:IDCNOVA
Recently, China's athub Co. (aka Shanghai Data Port Holding Co., Ltd.) , a listed Chinese data center provider announced a deal with a branch of China Unicom, costing 1.558 billion yuan.

Lower than 1.4, Guizhou pushes green data center

2019-03-11 source:IDCNOVA
China’s Guizhou province is enforcing green data action to upgrade its facility PUE.

Ke Ruiwen the new China Telecom CEO

2019-03-11 source:IDCNOVA
China Telecom announced that, Ke Ruiwen, the former executive director and COO becomes the acting president and CEO since March 8 till the new appointment.

China issues the industrial internet guidance

2019-03-11 source:IDCNOVA
Commission of China issued the Guidance on Comprehensive Standard System Building Up of Industrial Internet.

Trio China Telecom Global, Daily-Tech And Global Switch Open $280m Data Centre In Singapore

2019-03-08 source:dataeconomy
This will be the second such facility under the partnership between the three companies after the launch of their Hong Kong data centre in 2017.

Voice of IT magnates on China’s “Two Sessions”

2019-03-08 source:IDCNOVA
Two Sessions (NPC and CPPCC) of China is undergone in Beijing. NPC deputies and CPPCC members are delivering their proposals and bill on national issues varied. What’s IDCNOVA news, March 8. What’s the focus of IT tycoons?

Shangahi to bulid up at least 50,000 base stations by the end of September 2019

2019-03-07 source:IDCNOVA
China Mobile Shanghai Branch plans to set up at least 5,000 5G base stations by the end of September 2019.

Data center highlights of government work report 2019

2019-03-06 source:IDCNOVA
On March 5, 2019, Premier Li Keqiang delivered the Government Work Report to the second session of the 13th National People’s Congress in Beijing. Here are the highlights:

"AI Empowers Human Health Community",2019 Artificial Intelligence for Health Summit is coming soon

2019-03-05 source:IDCNOVA
the " 2019 Artificial Intelligence for Health Summit" is scheduled to be held in Shanghai Expo Center from April 1 to 5, 2019.

Beijing plans for more data centers in 2019,besides Alibaba headquarter

2019-03-05 source:IDCNOVA
Besides the Alibaba headquarter, Beijing is to build more data centers in 2019.

Huawei invites US media to see for itself on spy claims

2019-03-04 source:ETtelecom
Huawei has responded in recent weeks by coming out in public to state its case with a directness unusual for a major Chinese company.

Europe is better off policing than banning Huawei

2019-03-04 source:ETtelecom
Excluding Huawei would also be costlier for European telcos. Unlike their American rivals, European companies would have to rebuild the parts of their networks that already include the Chinese company's equipment.

Huawei's Meng Wanzhou lodges complaint against Canada authorities

2019-03-04 source:ETtelecom
Chinese telecoms giant Huawei's chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, has filed suit against Canadian authorities for violating her constitutional rights when she was arrested in Vancouver, her lawyers said Sunday.

Huawei plans billions in dividends for staff despite row with US

2019-03-04 source:ETtelecom
Total returns per share dropped 7 percent to 2.61 yuan, they added.

Huawei, trade war to dominate Beijing annual meet

2019-03-04 source:ETtelecom
China is going through a turbulent period due to trade war with the US, the continued slowdown of its economy which last year touched a 28-year low of 6.6% and tensions with Canada and US over charges against Huawei.

Huawei installs three 5G stations in Tibet

2019-03-04 source:ETtelecom
Battling a wave of opposition to its 5G trials from the US and other countries, China's telecom technology giant, Huawei has installed three 5G stations in Tibet.

Insight into the future of "black tech", full talk on health wearable -- 2019 Artificial Intelligence for Health Forum is coming soon

2019-03-01 source:IDCNOVA
Please kindly note that the "Medical and healthcare wearable devices forum" is just one part of the 2019 Artificial Intelligence for Health Forum.

Tencent investing 10b RMB to construct a cloud computing data center in South China’s Guangdong Province

2019-03-01 source:IDCNOVA
Chinese tech giant Tencent is to construct a cloud computing data center in south China’s Guangdong Province, valuing at 10 billion yuan (around 150million US dollars)

Huawei to deploy 5G network in UAE for 600 sites in 2019

2019-03-01 source:IDCNOVA
Huawei will deploy 5G in UAE with Etisalat, the country’s largest telecommunication operator.

Beijing: 5G signal coverage in urban area within 5th ring road by the end of 2019

2019-03-01 source:IDCNOVA
China Mobile Beijing Branch disclosed to achieve 5G signal coverage in the urban area within 5th ring road by the end of 2019.

Huawei Cloud hyperscale data center available in southwest China

2019-03-01 source:IDCNOVA
Recently, Huawei cloud announced its regional hyperscale data center available in Guiyang, southwest China as the first local one by Huawei.

China to construct 2 extra int’l internet data channels

2019-02-28 source:IDCNOVA
Chinese MIIT approved to construct 2 extra dedicated channels on international internet data for cross-border communications in Chongqing and Xi’an, western China.

Beijing: Tian’anmen square covered by 5G signal

2019-02-27 source:IDCNOVA
Several 5G sites launched in Tian’anmen square, marking this landmark into 5G era, which will serve the annual Chinese “lianghui” (NPC&CPPCC) scheduled early March.

Huawei inks deals with Maxis and Telkomsel at MWC 2019

2019-02-26 source:telecomlead
Huawei announced technology deals with two leading telecom operators in Asia – Telkomsel of Indonesia and Maxis of Malaysia — at Mobile World Congress (MWC 2019) in Barcelona.

Competition is a problem, removing Huawei could be disastrous – Vodafone CEO

2019-02-26 source:telecoms
With all eyes in directed towards Mobile World Congress this week, Vodafone CEO Nick Read took the opportunity to vent his frustrations.

US blocking India 5G business, says Huawei

2019-02-26 source:ETtelecom
Huawei global chairman Guo Ping on Sunday alleged that the Trump administration is creating hurdles in the sale of its 5G telecom equipment to India.

China steps up investment in AI chips with funding for Hangzhou Nationalchip

2019-02-26 source:SCMP
The new funding will bankroll Nationalchip’s research on chips, software and algorithm designs, and speed up development of new products.


2019-02-26 source:alizila
Alibaba Cloud has released a suite of cloud-computing products, ranging from server-less computing and data analytics to networking, storage and database management, to the international market.

Nine Data Centres In China Sold To Bain Capital For $146m

2019-02-25 source:data-economy
In a slightly complicated transaction, Bain will eventually acquire the facilities in a growing data centre market, despite the country experiencing slower overall economic growth.

Huawei takes on Samsung with its $2,600 foldable phone

2019-02-25 source:CNN
The price tag for Huawei's foldable 5G-enabled phone, the Mate X, is downright astronomical.

Asia Pacific Cloud Huawei Cloud Region Opens In Singapore Packed With Artificial Intelligence

2019-02-25 source:data-economy
The Chinese giant is entering a very busy market against other major cloud service providers, but it thinks it can bring some extras to the party.

Besides first 5G foldable smartphone, Huawei shipped over 40,000 5G base stations

2019-02-25 source:IDCNOVA
Huawei launched its first 5G foldable smartphone Mate X. Besides that, Huawei already shipped more than 40,000 5G base stations globally.

Alibaba topped top 50 Chinese cloud providers

2019-02-22 source:IDCNOVA
According to IDC, Alibaba cloud ranked No.3 in the global public cloud provider and topped No.1 in the Chinese market.

Local provinces of China to enhance 5G base station construction

2019-02-22 source:IDCNOVA
Local provinces and municipalities of China are enhance 5G base station construction by relevant strategies and planning.

People Daily: AI、5G promoting China economy

2019-02-22 source:IDCNOVA
The Chinese national media People Daily pointed out that cutting-edge like AI and 5G promoting Chinese economy forward.

Huailai Beijing big data center into operation in 2019

2019-02-22 source:IDCNOVA
Huailai Beijing big data center will be into operation in 2019 after stage 1,2 and 3 construction, marking the rapid establishment and installment.

MIIT minister addressing Industrial Internet Summit 2019

2019-02-21 source:IDCNOVA
The Industrial Internet Summit 2019 starts on Feb 21 till 22 at China National Convention Center, Beijing. Miao Xu, the minister of MIIT delivered a keynote speech.

Hong Kong’s Cloud Data Center Boom

2019-02-21 source:DCK
As a network gateway between mainland China and the West, Hong Kong is a magnet for hyperscale cloud platforms from both sides of the gateway.

China’s State Council reveals details of Greater Bay Area plan to turn Hong Kong and 10 neighbouring cities into economic hub

2019-02-21 source:SCMP
Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen and Guangzhou named as four key cities of the bay area and core engines for regional development

China is building a 5G smart highway for autonomous cars and AI traffic monitoring

2019-02-21 source:venturebeat
China is moving forward in the global “race to 5G,” as state-owned carrier China Mobile has announced (via Xinhua) that it’s already building the first 5G smart highway.

Huawei could still be in play for 5G in New Zealand and United Kingdom

2019-02-21 source:ZDnet
New Zealand's prime minister won't rule out that Huawei tech could still be used in an internet upgrade across her country if unnamed risks can be mitigated.

EU must assess Huawei risk despite lack of evidence - EU digital chief

2019-02-21 source:ETtelecom
HUAWEI-TECH-EU must assess Huawei risk despite lack of evidence - EU digital chief

As US pushes to ban Huawei, UK considers softer approach

2019-02-21 source:ETtelecom
Ciaran Martin, the CEO of the U.K.National Cyber Security Centre, said it was important to have "sustainable diversity" in the supply of telecommunications equipment.

Britain managing Huawei risks, has no evidence of spying: official

2019-02-21 source:ETtelecom
HUAWEI-EUROPE/BRITAIN-Britain managing Huawei risks, has no evidence of spying: official.

Vodafone Idea to finalize wireline contracts soon; says to follow Indian govt on Huawei's 5G

2019-02-21 source:ETtelecom
Vodafone Idea, India's leading telecom operator said the company will work with the Indian government to ensure that the country's needs and security are fully looked after.

We’re simpler, faster and cheaper – Huawei

2019-02-21 source:telecoms
For years the Huawei message has been we’re better, but its MWC tag-line might have a slightly different look to it this year.

Ren Zhengfei: extreme hardship pushes us unite and advance more

2019-02-19 source:IDCNOVA
Ren Zhengfei, CEO and founder of Huawei, delivered a speech that the extreme hardship makes them united and advanced much more.

Tianjin to build health care big data platform

2019-02-19 source:IDCNOVA
China’s northern coastal Tianjin launched to build up health care big data platform.

China to push green data center initiative

2019-02-19 source:IDCNOVA
A guideline on green data center construction enforcement was jointly released by MIIT and other relevant supervisions in China.

Huawei's 5G prospects brightened by UK report

2019-02-19 source:CGTN
The United Kingdom's reported conclusion that any alleged risk from using Huawei equipment is manageable is expected to help the Chinese company secure more votes of confidence from European countries.

China launches 5G network deployment in Shanghai railway station

2019-02-19 source:CGTN
China Mobile Shanghai and tech giant Huawei jointly announced on Monday that they will start the construction of 5G network deployment in Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, one of the country's major railway terminals.

German government to consult further before taking Huawei decision

2019-02-18 source:ETtelecom
HUAWEI-EUROPE-German government to consult further before taking Huawei decision.

China defends Huawei from US security fears

2019-02-18 source:ETtelecom
A top Chinese official is defending Huawei, dismissing American concerns that the telecom giant might covertly collect data and report it to Beijing, and urging Europeans to ignore Washington.

Trump’s Huawei executive order not much more than a power play

2019-02-18 source:telecoms
Rumours are swirling around Washington DC suggesting President Donald Trump is on the verge of signing another executive order, this one the final blow to Huawei’s US ambitions.

Latvia telco chose Huawei on 5G, 31st deal acquired

2019-02-18 source:IDCNOVA
Latvia telco Bite signed with Huawei on 5G, marking the 31st deal Huawei acquired globally.

China Unicom launches largest 4G/5G wireless visualization experimental network in Xiongan New Area

2019-02-18 source:IDCNOVA
Recently, China Unicom launched the largest 4G/5G wireless visualization outfield experimental network in Xiongan New Area.

Huawei the 3rd largest chip buyer globally

2019-02-15 source:IDCNOVA
According to Gartner, Huawei became the 3rd largest chip buyer globally, accounting for 4.4% of market share in 2018.

Huawei achieved 1st 5G IPRAN trial

2019-02-15 source:IDCNOVA
Together with China Telecom, Huawei achieved 1st 5G IPRAN trial in southwest China’s Chengdu City.

Huawei promoting Beijing Unicom 5G network

2019-02-15 source:IDCNOVA
In the 5G experimental site of China Unicom, Huawei pushes and supports to 3088Mbps peak speed.

China’s southeastern Fujian Province to focus on digitalization via 5G construction

2019-02-15 source:IDCNOVA
Fujian Province of China located in the southeastern coast, is focusing on digital Fujian and 5G construction .

Alibaba to construct a 6.2b data center in East China’s Zhejiang Province

2019-02-15 source:IDCNOVA
China’s tech giant Alibaba is to invest 6.2 billion yuan for a new data center in East China’s Zhejiang Province.

Sichuan forging China’s 1st smart tourism city

2019-02-14 source:IDCNOVA
Sichuan Mobile signed an agreement with the Dujiangyan municipal government on 5G construction and promotion and launched a 5G base station there to push its smart tourism.

Guiyang upgrades the national internet nod to 180Gbps

2019-02-14 source:IDCNOVA
China’s southwestern Guiyang upgraded its national internet nod to 180 Gbps from the previous 60Gbps.

Shenzhen launches 5G commercial pilot trial at small scale

2019-02-14 source:IDCNOVA
5G commercial pilot trial is accelerating in south China’s Shenzhen, which are constructing relevant infrastructure.

Huawei accounts for over 30% of global network equipment

2019-02-14 source:IDCNOVA
According to the latest report by Dell’Oro, Huawei accounts for over 30% of global network equipment.

Huawei won over half order from China Unicom

2019-02-14 source:IDCNOVA
In the wireless network bidding order of China Unicom, Huawei won over half of it.

Lenovo Announces Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure Services

2019-02-13 source:enterprisete
Lenovo, a Global Fortune 500 company and a technology leader in Intelligent Transformation, today announced Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure Services, its comprehensive as-a-Service offering.

Do Huawei and Chinese High-Tech companies pose a threat?

2019-02-13 source:ETtelecom
Chinese telecom firm Huawei has repeatedly been in the headlines, and not just because of the pending extradition case of its chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou from Canada to the USA.

China calls US concerns over Huawei 'groundless'

2019-02-13 source:ETtelecom
Beijing called the latest US warning against using Huawei equipment "groundless" on Tuesday, as the Chinese telecom giant faces espionage fears in a growing number of countries.

Shanghai regulators censure 23 apps for improper data collection

2019-02-13 source:technode
Alibaba-run supermarket Hema, online education firm Hujiang were censured by the Shanghai office of the Cyberspace Administration of China into excessive collection of personal data by the apps.

Huawei presence complicates country partnerships with U.S.: Pompeo

2019-02-12 source:ETtelecom
Hungary is the first stop in Pompeo’s trip to central Europe that also includes Slovakia and Poland, part of an effort to make up for a lack of US engagement in the region.

China could pay dearly for winning the 5G race

2019-02-12 source:ETtelecom
The U.S. Secretary of State is in Europe lobbying politicians to ditch Huawei network products.

Easy digital growth drying up as China market matures

2019-02-12 source:technode
We’ve reached a turning point in China’s digital economy: Growth has been easy. Now, it’s getting much harder.

Top 10 China big data transaction events in 2018

2019-02-11 source:IDCNOVA
All the past will continue to act as prelude for the following. As for China big data, it is true like that too. With crucial events, China big data is booming.

Thailand launches Huawei 5G test bed, even as US urges allies to bar Chinese gear

2019-02-11 source:ETtelecom
Thailand on Friday launched a Huawei Technologies 5G test bed, even as the United States urges its allies to bar the Chinese telecoms giant from building next-generation mobile networks.

The real reason America is scared of Huawei: internet-connected everything

2019-02-11 source:MITtechrevie
Five things you need to know about 5G, the next generation of wireless tech that’s fueling tensions between the US and China.

Europe sailing towards conflict over China 5G

2019-02-11 source:telecoms
Germany is drafting rules to allow Chinese companies to participate in the 5G bonanza, while the European Commission is thinking of banning them. Something’s got to give.

Cloud Native Computing Foundation Welcomes Inspur as Gold Member

2019-02-03 source:HPCwire
The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), has announced that Inspur has increased its participation to the Gold level.

China Unicom supports world’s first telesurgery via 5G

2019-02-01 source:IDCNOVA
China Unicom supported the world’s first telesurgery via 5G network successfully.

1st 5G order landing: China Mobile to lease 500 base stations

2019-02-01 source:IDNOVA
China Mobile will lease 500 bases stations from Huawei, ZTE, Ericsson, Nokia and Datang.

Slovakia has no evidence of Huawei security threat: Prime minister

2019-01-31 source:cnet
Slovakia does not consider Chinese telecoms supplier Huawei as a security threat and would need evidence the company's technology poses a risk before imposing any restrictions.

Huawei excluded from Czech tax tender after security warning

2019-01-31 source:ETtelecom
The Czech tax authority has excluded Huawei from a tender to build a tax portal after the country's cyber watchdog warned of security threats posed.

Qualcomm reaches interim licensing agreement with Huawei

2019-01-31 source:cnet
Besides the deal with Huawei, the chipmaker Qualcomm also tells investors it's still trying to settle an antitrust case with the FTC.

Sinnet gaining 6b RMB revenue 2018, cloud accounting 70%

2019-01-31 source:IDCNOVA
China’s listed Sinnet acquired 6 billion yuan revenue in 2018 and cloud service accounts for 70%.

Huawei introducing GPU accelerating container at first in the world

2019-01-31 source:IDCNOVA
Huawei cloud released the serveless GPU accelerating container based on K8S at first in the world.

China Mobile forging 1st smart power station

2019-01-31 source:IDCNOVA
China Mobile completed the first smart power station in China together with Huawei and SPIC.

China Mobile approved for drone patrol on base station

2019-01-31 source:IDCNOVA
China Mobile was approved to conduct drone patrol for base stations for the first time in China.

Hunan achieves 45b in big data industry

2019-01-31 source:IDCNOVA
Central China’s Hunan Province achieved 45 billion yuan in big data industry in 2018.

Annual revenue exceeding 20b, Alibaba cloud becoming Asia’s largest cloud provider

2019-01-31 source:IDCNOVA
The annual revenue of Alibaba cloud reached by 21.36 billion yuan, becoming Asia’s largest cloud provider.

Huawei to Enter TV Market, Release Honor-Branded Sets in First Half

2019-01-30 source:yicaiglobal
Huawei will move into the television business this year with the release in April or May of sets under its Honor brand, which has so far sold smartphones, an insider told Yicai Global.

Alibaba Cloud opens second data centre in Japan

2019-01-30 source:ZDnet
Chinese cloud vendor launches another data centre that will more than double its current capacity in Japan, where it says there is growing demand for big data analytics with machine learning capabilities.

China fast tracking 5G network amidst Huawei row with US

2019-01-30 source:ETtelecom
The 5G bus completed road trials in Southwest China's Chongqing, marking the city's first driverless bus trial in a 5G network environment, state-run reported here Tuesday.

Alibaba Opens Malaysia Office, Unveils Slew Of Initiatives For Digital Economy

2019-01-29 source:onlyinfotech
Alibaba Group has opened its country office at The Vertical Bangsar South in Kuala Lumpur, signifying its continued endeavour to bolster the technology capabilities of Malaysian SMEs.

Huawei denies accusations in US indictment

2019-01-29 source:marketbeat
Chinese tech giant Huawei denies committing any of the violations cited in a U.S. indictment that accuses the company of stealing technology, violating trade sanctions and lying to banks.

Luokung Technology Enters Strategic Partnership with Chinese Engineering Center

2019-01-29 source:satellitetod
Luokung Technology, a Chinese graphics data processing technology company, is strategically cooperating with the National Engineering Research Center for Remote Sensing Applications.

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd Expands Cloud Computing With Equinix Inc Partnership

2019-01-29 source:livesadvice
Alibaba Group Holding is strengthening its cloud computing platform, Aliyun, with the help of a tie-up with Equinix Inc.

United States unseals charges against Huawei and its CFO

2019-01-29 source:ZDnet
The United States is charging Huawei with conspiracy, fraud, obstruction of justice, and IP theft.

Huawei ban sees TPG end rollout of Australian mobile network

2019-01-29 source:ZDnet
Australian telco says the lack of a clear upgrade path to 5G will see it end its network rollout.

Airport in China launches 5G network

2019-01-29 source:ETtelecom
The Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in south China has now became the first 5G-covered airport in the country.

Vodafone puts the brakes on core Huawei spend

2019-01-29 source:telecoms
There aren’t many things that could rival Huawei’s headaches derived from government bans, but a snub from another one of the worlds’ largest telco groups might be up there.

Zhejiang stressing digital move to promote integrated Yangtze River Delta big data center

2019-01-29 source:IDCNOVA
Zhejiang is emphasizing digital strategy and planning to promote an integrated Yangtze River Delta big data center.

MIIT:teleservice rising by 137% in 2018

2019-01-29 source:IDCNOVA
According to the statistical bulletin of MIIT, the teleservice volume risen by 137% in 2018.

Guizhou to accomplish open data cloud application this year

2019-01-29 source:IDCNOVA
The open data of provincial and municipal authorities will be connected to the online cloud platform “Cloud Guizhou” this year.

Chongqing to establish data campus, boosting smart city

2019-01-29 source:IDCNOVA
Chongqing is building up a data campus to boost the cloud computing and smart city initiative.

Alibaba outsourcing its Blink computing platform

2019-01-28 source:IDCNOVA
Alibaba announced to outsource its real-time computing platform Blink.

Huawei launches world’s 1st 5G Cloud VR service

2019-01-28 source:IDCNOVA
At a press conference, Huawei launches the world’s first 5G Cloud VR service to promote the popular application of VR under 5G.

Huawei says remains focused on supporting Vodafone's 5G rollout

2019-01-28 source:ETtelecom
Vodafone, the world's second largest mobile operator, said it was "pausing" the deployment of Huawei equipment in its core networks until Western governments resolve concerns about the Chinese firm's activities.​​

Vodafone 'pauses' Huawei deployment in core network

2019-01-28 source:ETtelecom
Vodafone, the world's second largest mobile operator, said it was "pausing" the deployment of Huawei equipment in its core networks until Western governments resolve concerns about the Chinese firm's activities.

Excluding Huawei could hurt 5G network develoment: China envoy to EU

2019-01-28 source:ETtelecom
China's envoy to the European Union warned that excluding Chinese tech group Huawei could hamper new 5G mobile networks, the Financial Times reported on Sunday.

Vodafone CEO Nick Read explains difficulties in replacing Huawei

2019-01-28 source:telecomlead
Vodafone CEO Nick Read has revealed the difficulties for the world’s second largest mobile operator to replace struggling Huawei from its core networks.

China launches 5G services in Qinghai-Tibet region

2019-01-28 source:ETtelecom
China launched 5G network services in the high-altitude plateau of Qinghai-Tibet as a state telecom company opened a 5G base station in the city of Xining.

Why Huawei’s ‘wolf culture’ will help telecom titan fight off attacks and thrive

2019-01-28 source:technode
Huawei finds itself in an unenviable position. Absent proof that it doesn’t have deep ties to the Chinese intelligence apparatus is not enough to prove an absence of the same.


2019-01-28 source:datacenterpo
Chayora, the Hong Kong-based data centre infrastructure company, recently announced their new strategic partnership with Beijing Sinnet Technology.

China’s EAST co. to construct a 1.5 billon data center

2019-01-25 source:IDCNOVA
China’s listed EAST co. is to construct a 1.5 billion yuan data center for Guangxi Zhongde Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd in southern China’s Guangxi .

Xiaomi founder: 5G smartphone costing extra 500 yuan at least

2019-01-25 source:IDCNOVA
Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi held that 5G smart phone would cost at extra 500 yuan at least.

Huawei launches world’s 1st 5G commercial smart phone, with foldable screen and Balong 5000 chipset

2019-01-25 source:IDCNOVA
Huawei released its Balong 5000 chipset, which is the most powerful 5G chipset according to Huawei. It also released a 5G data center upon Balong 5000.

China to build up smart city in Xiong’an New Area

2019-01-25 source:IDCNOVA
The State Council of China and CPC central committee issued a guideline to boost smart city building up in Xiong’an New Area.

Ericsson CEO refuses to be drawn on Huawei

2019-01-25 source:telecoms
Börje Ekholm, Ericsson’s head honcho, did an interview with CNBC at the Davos forum and declined to comment on the Huawei situation despite repeated questioning.

BT secures deal to sell directly to Chinese customers as trade tensions simmer

2019-01-25 source:thetelegraph
BT has become the first international company to secure a licence to sell its services directly to Chinese customers, representing a potential thawing of relations between the UK and China.

China’s Hainan launches first commercial satellite to boost big data

2019-01-25 source:IDCNOVA
China’s Hainan Province launched its first commercial satellite naming “Wenchang Supercomputing I”, marking to boost its aerospace big data.

ZTE, Inspur wins 840m bidding of China Mobile

2019-01-25 source:IDCNOVA
China’s ZTE and Inspur wins 840 million yuan bidding of China Mobile.

Huawei dominates China governmental affairs big data market

2019-01-24 source:IDCNOVA
According to the latest report by IDC on Chinese governmental affairs big data market, Huawei ranks No.1.

China’s Fuzhou to launch a 580M data center

2019-01-24 source:IDCNOVA
Fuzhou City of China’s central Jiangxi Province is to launch a data center costing 58m RMB, adding new dynamics to its previously big data project worth 4.5b afoot.

China's Baidu pledges to improve search service after complaint

2019-01-24 source:technode
China’s top search engine Baidu said on Wednesday it will improve its media aggregating service after a complaint about the quality of the service.

Briefing: Beijing government to commercialize 5G by 2022

2019-01-24 source:technode
Beijing will commercialize 5G mobile networks in the next five years to cover key areas within the city.

China tech spending to hit $273B amidst US trade war

2019-01-24 source:zdnet
Chinese businesses are projected to spend US$256.61 billion on tech this year and another US$272.84 billion in 2020.

Huawei consumer unit overtakes carrier business in sales

2019-01-24 source:telecomlead
Huawei Technologies said on Thursday its consumer business sales exceeded $52 billion in 2018, registering around 50 percent growth, on strong demand for its premium smartphones.

Huawei uses Davos to defend itself

2019-01-24 source:telecoms
Huawei Chairman Liang Hua has turned up at the World Economic Forum jamboree in Davos to defend his company over security concerns.

Huawei reveals innovative chip for 5G base stations ahead of MWC 2019

2019-01-24 source:telecomlead
Huawei has launched the world’s first core chip for 5G base stations at a 5G launch event in Beijing, China.

GSA: Over 200 operator already invested 5G

2019-01-22 source:IDCNOVA
According to the latest report, by middle January of 2019, 201 operators from 83 countries had invested in 5G mobile network and 5G fixed wireless access network (FWA).

Microsoft to launch a cloud program in China’s Xi’an

2019-01-22 source:IDCNOVA
Xi Xian New Area, Microsoft, cloud computing

Alibaba steps up cloud game in Indonesia

2019-01-22 source:thejakartapo
There is big money for cloud computing services in Indonesia, and Alibaba Cloud, a subsidiary of Chinese tech behemoth Alibaba Group, opened its second data center in the country.

Tencent Bolsters Enterprise Business With Siri-Like Assistant And WeChat Add-Ons

2019-01-22 source:forbes
In 2019, China’s Tencent is rolling out more features and services in the hope of attracting more corporate clients.

Alibaba Cloud Has the Largest Share of the Chinese Cloud Computing Market

2019-01-22 source:equalocean
The cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group has the largest share of the Chinese cloud computing market and the third largest share of the global cloud computing market after Amazon and Microsoft.

China launches maritime silk road satellite data service

2019-01-22 source:Xinhuanet
A maritime silk road satellite data service center has opened in Fuzhou,east China's Fujian Province.

Alibaba doubles down on enterprise transformation with A100 program

2019-01-22 source:technode
Alibaba recently launched an initiative that it says will help companies of all sizes, across a wide array of industries, embrace digital transformation.

China's Huawei in unprecedented media blitz as it battles heightened scrutiny

2019-01-22 source:ETtelecom
The move comes as the world's largest telecommunications equipment maker battles fear of Chinese authorities accessing its infrastructure for espionage.

China Unicom makes 5G call using ZTE 5G smartphone

2019-01-22 source:telecomlead
ZTE announced that China Unicom has made the world’s first 5G call in the NSA mode using ZTE’s 5G prototype smartphone in Shenzhen 5G field trial.

France plans a bill amendment to block Huawei

2019-01-22 source:telecomlead
France, one of the allies of the United States, is considering a regulation in order to block Huawei Technology from supplying its telecom network to mobile operators.

Chayora Joins Forces With Sinnet To Better Its Data Centre Campus In China

2019-01-22 source:data-economy
Data centre operator Chayora has partnered with Beijing Sinnet Technology, delivering advanced network connectivity and retail colocation services on its Hyperscale Data Centre Campus in Tianjin, north-eastern China.

Alibaba Cloud Helped Predict The Flu Epidemic In Macao

2019-01-18 source:equalocean
Alibaba Cloud helped Macao Health Bureau to predict the flu epidemic in Macao on December 12, 2018. This indicates that the traditional epidemic disease prediction may have the innovative trend to cooperate with AI Technology.

Chinese tech giant Baidu is making a play for the next big thing after cloud computing (BIDU)

2019-01-18 source:besttechtrad
Baidu has just announced China’s first open source edge computing platform – reflecting the country’s growing open source community.

US, Canada promise 'unbiased' process for Chinese executive

2019-01-18 source:ETtelecom
The United States and Canada on Wednesday promised an "unbiased" legal process for a Chinese executive whose arrest in Vancouver at US request has riled Beijing.

Huawei facing US trade secret theft indictment and ZTE-style ban

2019-01-18 source:telecoms
The US Department of Justice is rumoured to be pursuing charges relating to trade secrets theft against Huawei, while four politicians have tabled a bill for a ban similar to what ZTE faced last year.

CTTL finishing world’s first 5G NSA GCF verification

2019-01-17 source:IDCNOVA
China Telecommunication Technology Labs (CTTL) completed world’s first end consistency testing verification on 5G NSA end protocol and radio frequency.

MIIT:29 enterprises listed due to bad operation

2019-01-17 source:IDCNOVA
MIIT released 29 enterprises listed owing to bad operations violating relevant regulations and laws.

China Unicom successful in world’s first 5G cellphone call

2019-01-17 source:IDCNOVA
Jointly with ZTE, China Unicom succeeded in world’s first 5G cellphone call based on 3GPP.

Huawei & ZTE won China Mobile’s IoT bidding

2019-01-17 source:IDCNOVA
China Mobile released its latest IoT project candidates won the bidding, including Huawei and ZTE.

China Unicom and Inspur jointly expanding cloud computing

2019-01-17 source:IDCNOVA
China Unicom and Inspur signed strategic agreement to cooperate in aspects of smart city, cloud computing, cloud service, big data, quality chain, IoT and NFV/SDN.

Huawei founder opened up to the press, or did he?

2019-01-17 source:telecoms
Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei, once again dismissed the allegations that Huawei has been spying for the Chinese government in a rare meeting with the media.

'Telecom technology from Huawei rivals may not have lesser security issues'

2019-01-17 source:telecom
Ericsson and Nokia also manufacture parts in China but both say they have tight controls and security protocols in place.

Alibaba Cloud Doubles Up With Second Data Centre In Indonesia

2019-01-15 source:dataeconomy
Alibaba Cloud launched a second data centre in Indonesia just 10 months after the company’s first one, to double its local capacity.

Chayora Completes First Of Nine Data Centres In Tianjin As Part Of $2bn Jigsaw

2019-01-15 source:dataeconomy
The first part of the 80-acre campus is now ready for customers and two other facilities will start going up in the second quarter, said the Hong Kong company.

Baidu’s Edge Platform for AI Development

2019-01-15 source:enterprisete
Chinese AI leader Baidu rolled out an open-source computing platform aimed at developers seeking to build edge applications.

China successfully carried out 4K TV 5G network transmission test for the first time

2019-01-14 source:IDCNOVA
For the first time, China has tested 4K ultra HD 5G network transmission.

China’ s Tellhow winning bid Aisa’s largest data center project

2019-01-14 source:IDCNOVA
China’s Tellhow co. won the bidding in Asia’s largest data center project----phase III of Huitian Network data center construction, providing power distribution cabinet and power equipment.

Smartphone production decline may allow Huawei to overtake Apple to become world's second largest smartphone brand

2019-01-14 source:zdnet
Samsung is still expected to retain the top spot, but Huawei could top Apple to become the world's second largest smartphone brand.

Huawei R&D faces export ban in Silicon Valley

2019-01-14 source:telecoms
The US Commerce Department has refused to renew an export licence at a Huawei subsidy in Silicon Valley, meaning China cannot access new developments at the site.

Huawei sacks employee arrested in Poland as Warsaw mulls EU ban

2019-01-14 source:zdnet
Huawei said it has sacked an employee who was arrested in Poland on allegations of spying, saying the incident has brought the company into disrepute.

Norway may ban Huawei from 5G network deals

2019-01-10 source:telecomlead
Norway may ban China’s Huawei Technologies from supplying 5G network infrastructure to telecom operators Telenor, Tele2 and Telia.

Baidu's open-source edge computing platform will add more AI capabilities to self-driving cars

2019-01-10 source:techrepublic
The Chinese search giant Baidu is offering edge computing solutions to augment their cloud computing offerings.he Chinese search giant is offering edge computing solutions to augment their cloud computing offerings.

China Unicom and IBM opens the joint Cognition IoT Innovation center

2019-01-10 source:IDCNOVA
The inauguration ceremony of joint innovation center on cognition IoT of China Unicom and IBM was held in Nanjing.

Huawei releases 3 types of ARM cloud service based on its Kunpeng chip

2019-01-10 source:IDCNOVA
Huawei announced its release of highest performance ARM-based server- Kunpeng920, as well as the TaiShan server based on Kunpeng920.

Chinese Academy of Sciences to construct space big data workstation

2019-01-10 source:IDCNOVA
China’s Zhangjiakou City signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the remote-sensing and digital earth institue of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CSA) to construct a academician workstation on space big data.

China to quicken 6G experiment, 10 times faster than 5G

2019-01-10 source:IDCNOVA
According to relevant insider, China’s expected to quicken 6G conceptual research and experiment as early as 2020.

Alibaba Cloud computing doubled in Indonesia

2019-01-10 source:IDCNOVA
Alibaba cloud announced that its 2nd availability zone in Indonesia officially opened,which doubled its cloud computing there.

Tencent to set up data center for China Telecom in Guangdong Province

2019-01-10 source:IDCNOVA
China’s tech giant Tencent will build up and operate several data centers for China Telecom, Guangdong Branch.

Vodafone and Orange, two Spanish telecom operators are pushing cooperation with Huawei and ZTE

2019-01-09 source:IDCNOVA
Vodafone and Orange, two Spanish telecom operators are pushing cooperation with Huawei and ZTE, and already delivered 5G subsidiary application with the, the Spanish telecom authority.

China Mobile signed strategic framework with ByteDance

2019-01-09 source:IDCNOVA
China Mobile signed strategic cooperation agreement with ByteDance in Beijing.

ZTE TECS OpenPlatte passed CSA STAR Tech PaaS security verification

2019-01-09 source:IDCNOVA
China’s tech giant ZTE TECS OpenPlatte has just passed the security verification of CSA STAR Tech PaaS, which is another authoritative recognition after its IaaS verification.

Telecom Equipment Why Huawei WTTx broadband solution picked up by Dialog and T-Mobile

2019-01-08 source:telecomlead
Huawei has recently explained why the innovative Wireless Fiber Solution (an enhanced WTTx solution) will assist both retail consumers and broadband operators such as Dialog and T-Mobile.

CES 2019: Intel and Alibaba partner on artificial intelligence

2019-01-08 source:zdnet
Alibaba is combining its cloud with upcoming Intel hardware to use AI algorithms and compute power for 3D athlete tracking.

Huawei sues U.S. firm InterDigital in China over patent practices

2019-01-08 source:telecom
InterDigital Inc on Monday said Huawei Technologies Co Ltd filed a lawsuit against it in China, alleging the U.S. technology firm had not licensed its intellectual property on fair terms.

Huawei pushing establishment of ECCE

2019-01-07 source:IDCNOVA
Huawei reached cooperative intention to establish the Edge Computing Consortium Europe (ECCE) together with partners.

Huawei unveils Kunpeng 920 server Arm chip

2019-01-07 source:zdnet
Chinese giant spruiks higher performance with lower power consumption in its own tests by introducing the Kunpeng 920 server Arm chip.

India does not want to ban Huawei from telecom network deals: minister

2019-01-07 source:telecomlead
The India government on Friday said there is no proposal to ban telecom equipment maker Huawei, PTI reported.

Samsung, Huawei supply majority of own modem chips, Qualcomm says

2019-01-07 source:ETtelecom
Huawei supplies a majority of own modem chips to help their devices connect to wireless data networks, according to Qualcomm Inc.

Huawei enters 2019 swinging with $108.5 billion revenues

2019-01-07 source:telecoms
Although encountered with bans and hardships from USA and other countries, Chinese tech giant Huawei resisted and exceeded $100 bn revenue in 2018.

World’s first 2.6GHz frequency 5G indoor digital system launched by China Mobile

2019-01-07 source:IDCNOVA
Together with Huawei, China Mobile Jiangsu Branch launched world’s first 2.6GHz frequency 5G indoor digital system in Nanjing city.

China’s Zhongwei City boost big data industry

2019-01-07 source:IDCNOVA
China’s Zhongwei City planned and implemented to turn its Gobi Dessert into innovation hot spot by dealing with dessert, fostering sand and big data industry.

China’s first 5G subway station launched in Chengdu City

2019-01-07 source:IDCNOVA
The News office of Chengdu Municipal government announced that, China’s first 5G subway station has been launched on January 5, which is the first one with 5G signal in China.

Baidu revenue exceeds 100b yuan for the firs time, cloud service as pivot support

2019-01-03 source:IDCNOVA
Robin Li, founder and CEO of Chinese tech giant Baidu, affirmed that its revenue in 2018 had exceeded 100 billion yuan.

The State Council of China approved 5G nework building in Xiongan New Area

2019-01-03 source:IDCNOVA
The State Council of China approved 5G network building up in advance in the Xiongan New Area, Hebei Province.

ZTE 5G network passed IMT2020 3rd stage testing

2019-01-03 source:IDCNOVA
ZTE took the lead in completing the performance stability test and security function test of IMT2020 3rd stage core network.

Alibaba Cloud signed a cloudl computing MOU with ZAIN

2019-01-03 source:IDCNOVA
Chinese tech giant Alibaba cloud service signed a MOU with ZAIN Saudi Arabia towards cooperation in cloud computing.

China’s Sunwin to get a 80m yuan data center contract

2019-01-03 source:IDCNOVA
According to the recent public announcement, China’s Sunwin signed a 2-year term construction contract of 80 million yuan with Shanghai Jiusheng Co.

Asia’s largest data center into operation

2019-01-03 source:IDCNOVA
Furongyun Cloud date center, Asia's largest one currently has been officially into operation in central China's Yiyang City, Hunan Province.

Chinese AI start up Abc Fintech winning USD30m fundraising

2019-01-03 source:IDCNOVA
Abc Fintech, the Chinese AI start up announced completion of its fundraising of 30 million dollars in round B, and the investors include Mindworks Ventures, SIG and Qiming Venture Partners.

ZTE completed world’s first 5G end and NSA end-to-end connection

2019-01-03 source:IDCNOVA
Chinese tech giant ZTE successfully completed world's first 5G end and NSA end-to-end connection trial testing.

China’s BDS to global service

2019-01-03 source:IDCNOVA
China's Beidou Navigation Satellite System has been completed to provide global service, according to the relevant person in charge recently.

CMG to launch 5G new media platform

2019-01-03 source:IDCNOVA
China Media Group (CMG) has announced to launche its 5G new media platform, cooperation with China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and Huawei.

White House considers new year executive order to bar Huawei, ZTE purchases

2018-12-27 source:Reuters
President Donald Trump is considering an executive order in the new year to declare a national emergency that would bar U.S. companies from using telecommunications equipment made by China’s Huawei and ZTE.

Alibaba Cloud tops image recognition ahead of AWS and Google

2018-12-27 source:IDCNOVA
Stanford University released the latest DAWNBench deep learning reasoning list. Alibaba Cloud ranked No.1 ahead of AWS and Google.

China’s Guizhou Province launched its big data talent cloud platform

2018-12-27 source:IDCNOVA
December 26, the first big data industry talent service cloud platform of southwest China’s Guizhou province was officially launched for trial operation.

Huawei New Year greetings: it’s unfairness that pushes us to be world NO.1

2018-12-27 source:IDCNOVA
On December 27th, Guo Ping, the rotating chairman of Huawei, delivered a New Year's speech of 2019 entitled "The nurse of greatness upon difficulties and hardships ".

60 Cybersecurity Predictions For 2019

Upon more and more data breaches in 2018, will it be more and more severe in cybersecurity issues or be restrained in 2019?

Top 10 Data Predictions leading to zero-latency future in 2019

2018-12-27 source:thestark
2019 is coming, what's the next technological breakthrough? Looking back the former tech highlight tangled and twisted together in the various circles, we can forecast that it's zero-latency in 2019.

China’s eastern coast conducts 5G trial ahead

2018-12-26 source:IDCNOVA
Recently, the three major Chinese telecom operators released their various scaled 5G test plan, but the common point is that they are all located in the coastal area.

ZTE responds: Normal business dispute instead of “bad faith”

2018-12-26 source:IDCNOVA
ZTE responded as a normal commercial dispute with 5BCSCEC, not a dishonest misconduct.

Big data promotes policy tracking audit in China’s county level city

2018-12-26 source:IDCNOVA
Big data was applied in a county level city in east China's Shandong Province, pushing and promoting the audit tracking policy implementation.

China launches first satellite for space-based broadband project

2018-12-25 source:ETtelecom
China on Saturday launched its first communication satellite to provide broadband internet services worldwide in an apparent bid to rival Google and other international firms.

IDC: Inspur Ranks the Top Three along with Dell and HPE in 3Q2018 Worldwide Server Tracker

2018-12-25 source:tmcnet
IDC has released a report on the 2018Q3 worldwide server market, finding continued strong overall growth, maintaining double-digit growth for the fifth consecutive quarter.

Baidu restructures to focus on AI and cloud computing

2018-12-25 source:technode
Chinese tech giant Baidu plans to restructure for AI development and furthur improvement and raise its stakes in cloud computing.

10.5b RMB planning for two data centers in China’s Wuhan

2018-12-24 source:IDCNOVA
China's Tenglong holding co. invests 10.5 billion yuan to construct two data centers in the Optics Valley of China in Wuhan City.

China’s Zhejiang data center of BDS located in Ningbo

2018-12-24 source:IDCNOVA
The positioning service Zhejiang (Ningbo) data center of China’s Beidou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) construction was officially launched in Jiangbei District of Ningbo City.

Tencent Cloud releases TMF, development efficiency lifted 200%

2018-12-24 source:IDCNOVA
Tencent Cloud officially released its new generation of mobile financial development platform TMF (Tencent Mobile FinTech Platform), lifting development efficiency at 200%.

Chinese websites have been under attack for a week via a new PHP framework bug

2018-12-24 source:zdnet
PoC for ThinkPHP security flaw sparks furious scans for vulnerable sites, most of which are based in China.

5G: Huawei India CEO says open to provide source code for screening to allay security concerns

2018-12-24 source:ETtelecom
Chinese telecom gear maker Huawei said that it is actively engaged with the Indian government and telecom operators, and is ready to put up its “source code” for screening and testing to allay security concerns.

Our supply chain won’t tread the ZTE path – Huawei CEO

2018-12-24 source:telecoms
One of the biggest stories of the year, and one of the major catalysts of the US/China trade war, was ZTE’s brush with extinction, but Huawei thinks it’s robust enough to withstand the US economic dirty-bomb.

Huawei CEO hits back at security claims

2018-12-24 source:telecoms
Huawei, and China on the whole for that matter, has become the telco industry’s punching bag over the last couple of months, but Rotating CEO Ken Hu has hit back at the allegations.

China's Huawei faces new setbacks in Europe's telecom market

2018-12-24 source:ETtelecom
Huawei has been blocked in the US since 2012, when a House Intelligence Committee report found it was a security risk and recommended that the government and private companies stop buying its network equipment.

MIIT issues telecom revenue Jan-Nov, 2.9% increased than previous period

2018-12-21 source:IDCNOVA
According to the latest statistics from MIIT, the telecommunications revenue and total business volume during Jan-Nov has increased 2.9% and 139.2% respectively than previous period.

5G base station launched in Chongqing, marking China’s unmanned patrol ship for the first time

2018-12-21 source:IDCNOVA
A 5G base station has been launched in Fuling District, Chongqing. Meanwhile, based on its 5G technology, the intelligent unmanned patrol ship had been applied here for the first time in China

“Zhuhai I”data debut, satellite big data advocated

2018-12-20 source:IDCNOVA
At the "Zhuhai I" satellite data debut, the relevant aerospace experts advocated reinforcement of satellite big data to improve the overall development.

IDCC2018|Digital security reinforced, the Security forum on intelligent operation and maintenance held

2018-12-20 source:IDCNOVA
On Dec 13, the Security forum on intelligent operation and maintenance (SFIOM), a IDCC 2018 parallel session held in Beijing.

Huawei pledges to do 'whatever is required' to meet Canada's security standards for 5G networks

2018-12-20 source:calgaryheral
Huawei Canada president said company will make commitments to 'ensure the integrity and security of 5G networks in Canada' in line with those made to the U.K.

China's three mobile carriers will become two

2018-12-20 source:ETtelecom
China's three mobile carriers will become two. The two smaller players, China Unicom and China Telecom, finally join forces. It would mean less competition, but consolidation might bring other strategic benefits.

China's ZTE loses major German mobile contract

2018-12-20 source:ETtelecom
Chinese telecoms giant ZTE lost its biggest contract in Germany, network provider Telefonica on Friday said, as resistance mounts across the West to Beijing's infrastructure manufacturers.

Nokia retains lead in IMS VoLTE core market ahead of Huawei

2018-12-20 source:telecomlead
Nokia has remained the number one vendor in the IMS VoLTE core market in Q3 2018. Huawei, Ericsson, and ZTE are the other leading technology vendors in the IMS VoLTE core market.

CAICT releases top 10 ICT trends, 5G、AI、Industrial Internet highlighted

2018-12-20 source:IDCNOVA
At a relevant conference by CAICT, top 10 ICT trends were released to highlight 5G、AI、Industrial Internet and so on.

Huawei calls for evidence against company to be shown: Report

2018-12-20 source:zdnet
Chairman of Chinese giant has reportedly said there is no evidence his company is a security threat.

MIIT promotes China’s new generation ICT via 4 major aspects

2018-12-19 source:IDCNOVA
Dec 19,during a relevant press conference by CAICT, Wang Xinzhe, the chief economist from MIIT delivered a speech and stressed the 4 major aspects MIIT did to promote China ICT.

China’s Tianjin exceeding RMB 35b in big data

2018-12-19 source:IDCNOVA
China's Tian has exceeded 35 billion yuan in the scale of big data industry, according to the relevant authority statistics, cultivating a emerging market.

IDCC2018|Justin Huang: 4 major stages to go through for the digital transformation of Chinese enterprises

2018-12-19 source:IDCNOVA
December 12-13, 2018, IDCC2018 was held in China National Convention Center, Beijing. Justin Huang, CEO of China IDCQUAN and IDCNOVA, delivered a wonderful speech naming “the development opportunities for IDC industry under the tide of digital transformation”

Huawei to invest $20b for network security in the next 5 years

2018-12-19 source:IDCNOVA
To ease the concerns over its network security risks, Huawei will invest 20 billion dollars to stress network security as well as recruitment and lab upgrading in the next 5 years.

IDCC2018/IDCICF voice|Yang Guang: how China IDC enterprises going global

2018-12-18 source:IDCNOVA
The 2018 IDC International Cooperation Forum(IDCICF)of IDCC2018 was held on Dec 13,2018.Yang Guang,vice president of Beijing Daily Tech Technology Co.,Ltd.delivered a wonderful speech on China IDC overseas layout.

China has never had a real chip industry. Making AI chips could change that

2018-12-18 source:MITtechrevie
China has struggled for decades to build a competitive semiconductor industry. In making specialized AI chips, though, it’s got a head start.

Can Apple Challenge China’s Tech Giants in the Smart Speaker Market?

2018-12-18 source:motleyfool
Apple is launching and release its homepod to enter the smart speaker market aiming Chinese market, Alibaba, Xiaomi, and Baidu won’t make it easy for Apple to gain ground.

Is Alibaba Endangered by China's Slowing Economy?

2018-12-18 source:yahoofinance
As the slowing down Chinese economy, the e-commerce industry seems relevant affected at the same time. Is that true? Let's take a close look, taken Alibaba as an example.

Chinese handset makers focus on R&D to cement position in India

2018-12-18 source:ETtelecom
Chinese handset makers Oppo and OnePlus are setting up research and development centres in India to improve their offerings of localised products and services.

COAI defends Huawei in India; urges TEPC to not make any security submission to NSA

2018-12-18 source:ETtelecom
The Indian COAI, which represents telecom service providers, requested the government to conduct its own due diligence in this context on Huawei equipment.

How China Is Dominating Artificial Intelligence

2018-12-18 source:forbes
China is widening their lead in AI globally by concentrating on a core set of best practices that energize entire industries to pilot and adopt AI for unique use cases.

Germany takes an innocent until proven guilty approach to Huawei

2018-12-18 source:telecomlead
Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has made a bold statement, bucking global trends, saying it will not ban Huawei from its borders unless someone can table some evidence of espionage.

Czech warns mobile operators on using Huawei and ZTE

2018-12-18 source:telecomlead
Czech National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NCISA) has warned mobile operators against using Chinese telecom equipment from Huawei and ZTE, saying they posed a security threat.

Keysight inks testing contract with OPPO for 5G smartphone

2018-12-18 source:telecomlead
Keysight Technologies announced its testing solutions contract with OPPO, a smartphone maker from China.

IDCC2018/IDCICF voice|Tim Li: highlights of China IDC markets worthy your focus

2018-12-17 source:IDCNOVA
The 2018 IDC International Cooperation Forum (IDCICF) of IDCC2018 was held on Dec 13, 2018. Tim Li, senior analyst from KZ Consulting (IDCNOVA research center) delivered a wonderful speech on fast rising China IDC market.

IDCC2018|Enabling corporate digital transformation with momentum,13th China IDC Annual Ceremony concludes perfection

2018-12-17 source:IDCNOVA
December 12-13,2018,the 13th China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony(IDCC2018)was held in China National Convention Center,Beijing.

Has United States stretched too much to block Huawei?

2018-12-17 source:telecomlead
Some telecom professionals believe that Germany’s Deutsche Telekom and Japan’s SoftBank decided to remove Huawei network from their operations in their domestic markets under the influence of United States.

Lenovo Targets Middle East Data Centre Growth With New Saudi Chief

2018-12-17 source:dataeconomy
A new country manager in the kingdom will consolidate and grow existing Lenovo activity and help extend business across the region, says the server, storage and networking vendor.

Orange may drop China’s Huawei from 5G network supply

2018-12-17 source:telecomlead
Orange is likely to drop China’s Huawei from its 5G network supply deals in France and other markets.

Hong Kong’s Biggest And Only Data Centre Site Sold For $697m

2018-12-17 source:dataeconomy
Hong Kong’s biggest and only piece of land created for development into a data centre sold for around $697m (HK$5.45bn) to Sunevision Holdings, with the amount labelled as ‘higher than expected’.

Deutsche Telekom reviews Huawei network supply from China

2018-12-17 source:telecomlead
Deutsche Telekom is reviewing its technology vendors because some U.S. allies excluded Chinese equipment maker Huawei from their existing 4G network and future 5G network on national security grounds.

China en route to becoming global leader in AI research

2018-12-17 source:thestack
China is investing and exploring more to develop the AI research, aiming to lead this advanced field to compete with USA and European countries.

IDCC2018| Int’l Cooperation Forum supports Chinese IDC companies“going global”

2018-12-14 source:IDCNOVA
The 2018 IDC International Cooperation Forum(aka IDCICF) of IDCC2018 was held on Dec 13,2018, attracting guests from Equinix、Singtel、Daily Tech、Aofei Data、IDCNOVA to provide wonderful keynote speeches.

Guiyang laid out a comprehensive layout of big data industry, “China’s big data valley” catches up

2018-12-11 source:IDCNOVA
China's Guiyang city has laid out the big data industry in an all-round way and has accelerated in an all-round way.

Alibaba cloud released a full stack IPv6 solution as the first one in China

2018-12-11 source:IDCNOVA
IPv4 addresses have nearly dried up, and IPv6 has become the new "global internet gateway," allowing every grain of sand on the planet to have an address.

Huawei Executive's Arrest Threatens To Derail Company's Global Ambitions

2018-12-11 source:forbes
The arrest of a senior executive at Huawei Technologies will likely give rise to more security concerns in other countries closely allied with the U.S. and jeopardize the company’s future revenue streams.

China’s Big Data hub looks at direct air link with India’s Silicon Valley

2018-12-11 source:moveefy
A direct air link between Bengaluru and , China‘s Big Data valley as it is popularly known, to further growing partnership in the knowledge sector could be the next big thing in Sino-Indian ties.

In Europe, Chinese Tech Giants Look to Take on Silicon Valley

2018-12-11 source:yahoo
Chinese internet tech giant Alibaba (BABA) is looking to give Amazon (AMZN), a run for its money in the European market, not only in ecommerce, but also in the surging cloud computing services market.

Focus IDC Forefront, Seek Corporate Digitalization IDCC 2018: Special Recommendation

2018-12-11 source:IDCNOVA
The 13th China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony launched the International Cooperation Forum on IDC for the first time, aiming to provide a platform for sharing, communication and development.

Focus IDC Forefront, Seek Corporate Digitalization IDCC 2018: Special Activities

2018-12-11 source:IDCNOVA
Special activities carved into for the13th China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony, held at China Convention Center, Beijing from Dec 11 to 13, 2018.

Focus IDC Forefront, Seek Corporate Digitalization IDCC 2018: Parallel Session

2018-12-11 source:IDCNOVA
At the 13th China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony, tailored forums and others enriches the parallel session, providing profound and professional sharing and communication on IDC and so on.

Focus IDC Forefront, Seek Corporate Digitalization IDCC 2018: Main Venue

2018-12-11 source:IDCNOVA
At the 13th China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony, executives from well-known IDC companies including Microsoft, China Mobile, Huawei, 21Vianet, Daily Tech and experts will be present.

IDCC Focus Prospect 2019: IDC opportunities from corporate digitalization

2018-12-11 source:IDCNOVA
With the rapid growth and development of digital economy, it's prevailing in various of new applications of internet plus technologies based on big data supported by IDC across China.

Chinese tech giant to invest 3b RMB for cloud computing and big data in Southeastern China’s Beihai City

2018-12-10 source:IDCNOVA
Chinese tech giant will invest 3b yuan for cloud computing and big data in Southwestern China's Beihai City.

AI Huawei’s StorySign app can translate kids’ books into sign language

2018-12-10 source:venturebeat
Huawei has launched a new Android app that leverages AI tools such as image recognition and optical character recognition (OCR) to translate popular children’s books into sign language.

China Mobile and China Unicom to start 5G trials

2018-12-10 source:telecomlead
China Mobile and China Unicom their approval from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) to use spectrum for starting 5G mobile trials in the country.

Huawei to spend $2 bn in UK to address security issues

2018-12-10 source:telecomlead
Huawei will be spending $2 billion in the UK to address security issues raised in a British government report earlier this year.

Inspur Systems Announces Aggressive AI Platform Investments for Hyperscale Service Providers and Enterprises

2018-12-10 source:hpcwire
Inspur Systems showcased its aggressive investments in platform integration for hyperscale operators that deliver powerful AI training and inference capabilities to their customers.

Business Impact The 6 reasons why Huawei gives the US and its allies security nightmares

2018-12-10 source:MITtechrevie
The unreasonable arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou surged worldwide, why is U.S. so worried even "scary" about Huawei, MIT Technology Review unveiled 6 reasons behind.

MIIT approves three new specific internet data channels, totaling 27 nationwide

2018-12-07 source:IDCNOVA
Chinese MIIT has approved to construct 3 new specific internet data channels in Guangdong, Zhejiang and Shanxi provinces.

Largest 5G demonstration network of China set up In its southwestern Chengdu City

2018-12-07 source:IDCNOVA
The largest 5G demonstration for commercial use in China has been constructed in southwestern China's Chengdu City.

5G frequency spectrum allocation for three major Chinese telecom operators completed

2018-12-07 source:IDCNOVA
The 5G frequency spectrum for three major telecom opeators of China has been completed recently.

Huawei: No change to global partnerships despite of US pressure on 5G

2018-12-07 source:IDCNOVA
Huawei Technologies Co Ltd said in an open letter that it won't change its partnership with global suppliers, regardless of how "unreasonable" the United States government's approach becomes.

OnePlus expects to launch 5G phone by the end of May

2018-12-07 source:cnet
Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus hopes to launch its 5G phone before June 2019, according to the company's CEO, Pete Lau.

Alibaba’s speech recognition algorithm can isolate voices in noisy crowds

2018-12-07 source:venturebeat
Alibaba is increasingly turning its attention to AI. In March 2017, it launched an AI services division for health care and manufacturing.

Japan to ban Huawei, ZTE from govt contracts

2018-12-07 source:msn
Japan plans to ban government purchases of equipment from China's Huawei and ZTE for intelligence leaks and cyber attacks, sources told Reuters.

BT wants Huawei hardware far, far Huawei from critical infrastructure

2018-12-07 source:thestack
British Telecom no longer using Huawei equipment in existing 3G and 4G networks, removing hardware from “core” of 5G service

OnePlus, EE team up to bring 5G to European mobile devices

2018-12-06 source:zdnet
Chinese company OnePlus and UK operator EE say they will be the "first" to bring 5G to the UK and other European countries.

Huawei CFO reportedly arrested in Canada for allegedly breaking US-Iran trade sanctions

2018-12-06 source:zdnet
Huawei's chief financial officer has reportedly been arrested in Vancouver and is facing extradition to the US over allegations of violating trade sanctions with Iran.

Alibaba already has a voice assistant way better than Google’s

2018-12-05 source:MITreview
Upon the biggest advantage in this field of data it has to train its AI, Alibaba launched its voice assistant service to compete with Google's.

MIIT: promote deep integration of big data, AI and substantial economy

2018-12-05 source:IDCNOVA
One senior official from MIIT said that MIIT would promote the deep integration of AI, big data and substantial economy to further enhance the overall and healthy development.

Huawei cloud global users over 4,600 million, developer incentive resources released

2018-12-05 source:IDCNOVA
The total global users of Huawei cloud has exceeded 460 million people, according to Huawei senior. Huawei has achieved quite lots of accomplishments in various areas of cloud-related 3C products.

WeChat traped? QR code payment “ransom” virus appears in China for the first time

2018-12-05 source:IDCNOVA
A QR code ransom virus appeared in China for the first time, causing over 20,000 pcs infected. According to the network security expert, it's easy to get rid of, no need to worry for the users.

Enhancing hybrid cloud, why GDS is pushing cloud connect

2018-12-05 source:IDCNOVA
GDS is promoting its cloud connection services, upon its hybrid cloud strategy to boolster the continual development not only an infrastructure operator but also a solution provider.

Huawei supports MDC making f0r provincial procuratorate

2018-12-05 source:IDCNOVA
Huawei supported to build up the MDC for the Northeast China's Helongjiang Provincial Procuratorate, enabling the improvement of e-government development.

OnePlus aims to invest more in Hyderabad R&D centre

2018-12-04 source:telecomlead
Chinese premium smartphone provider OnePlus is planning to invest more in its R&D in Hyderabad, India to maintain and promote its market share there.

NEC, Huawei lead India microwave transmission market

2018-12-04 source:telecomlead
Chinese telecom giant Huawei is leadingt the microwave transmission market in India together with NEC, upon the advantage and deployment of 4G LTE stations there.

What is China doing to accelerate 5G transport network deployment?

2018-12-04 source:telecoms
China is conducting rigorous and complete planning to promote its 5G development with overall deployment based on the transport network in a long-programmed initiative.

China’s Huawei Cloud Launches Blockchain Service

2018-12-04 source:cfs
Huawei officially released its cloud service towards blockchain named BCS with several featured advantages and advanced merits globally.

Oppo makes 5G group video call

2018-12-04 source:zdnet
Oppo has made a six-person video chat using a 5G connection on a 5G smartphone.

MIIT: 33.97million network security threats detected in Q3 2018

2018-12-04 source:IDCNOVA
According to the latest issued notice of MIIT, about 33.97 million network security threats occured in the third quarter of 2018, covering various loopholes and hazards.

Huawei expects 2018 revenue over $100B for the first time

2018-12-04 source:IDCNOVA
The revenue in 2018 for Huawei is estimated to exceed 100 billion dollars for the first time, according to Eric Xu, the rotating chairman of Huawei.

China tech giants to fight for $53B SEA e-commerce market

2018-12-03 source:zdnet
Estimated to be worth US$53 billion by 2023, the Southeast Asian online retail market is the emerging battleground for Chinese tech giants--Alibaba, Baidu, Didi,, and Tencent--which have been investing aggressively in the region.

MIIT: 3 Major Operators Sending Users Detailed Phone Bill Each Month

2018-12-03 source:IDCNOVA
As per a regulation from MIIT, the three major telecommunication operators will provide users with monthly bills in the form of SMS since December 1, 2018.

China Launches MNP, Pushing Telecom Service Faster and Cheaper

2018-12-03 source:IDCNOVA
The mobile number portability (MNP) transfer will be implemented in the trial provinces and cities in China and mobile users could switch to another operator without changing numbers.

Cloud Use In Asia Grows 135% Shows Latest CNCF Research

2018-12-03 source:dataeconomy
The cloud use in Asia-Pacific surged at 135% since March 2018 according to the latest survey of CNCF, which is owing to the mass application of container management tools and other commerical solutions.

China could approve Qualcomm's NXP acquisition as Trump and Xi halt tariff war

2018-12-03 source:zdnet
During the talks on G20 summit last weekend, US and China decided an attempt to reach an agreement on trade issues in the next 90 days, which may let the Qualcomm's NXP acquisition come true.

Huawei warns bans will increase prices and put US behind in 5G race

2018-12-03 source:zdnet
Huawei's Eric Xu told CNBC that blocking the company's 5G networking products will increase prices and make it harder for the US to become No. 1 in 5G. However, it has been a huge benefit to the two Scandinavian suppliers: Ericsson and Nokia.

Oppo investing 10 billion yuan in 5G R&D

2018-11-30 source:zdnet
Oppo has upped its R&D investment across 5G, IoT, and artificial intelligence as it pushes to become the first company to launch a 5G smartphone next year.

Alibaba inks deal with Spanish retail giant that covers cloud, e-commerce initiatives

2018-11-30 source:zdnet
Chinese e-commerce player Alibaba will jointly work with El Corte Inglés across multiple areas including cloud computing, digital payments, e-commerce, and logistics.

Amazon tops 2018 Sci&Tech R&D Ranking, Huawei NOT in

2018-11-30 source:IDCNOVA
According to the latest R&D ranking for the listed companies, Amazons tops No.1, followed by Google's parent and Volkswagen. Being not listed, Huawei didn't appear, while its R&D expenses quite a lot too.

Huawei, ZTE Won a $1.4b Contract In India together with Ericsson and Nokia

2018-11-30 source:IDCNOVA
Huawei and ZTE won a deal around $14b in India together with their European counterparts Ericsson and Nokia, pushing a furthur step in local market there.

MIIT:Phone Fraud Mainly Disguised as Air Tickets Changing and E-commerce CSR

2018-11-30 source:IDCNOVA
Air tickets changing, e-commerce CSR and others are becoming major tricks misused illegally by violators to conduct phone fraud, according MIIT's latest notice.

2018 Data Asset Management Conference: a delightful invitation for fruitful surprise

2018-11-29 source:IDCNOVA
The 2018 China Data Asset Management Conference will be held on Dec 13, 2018 at China National Convention Center, Beijing.

MIIT Approved, SARFT may Become 4th 5G Operator

2018-11-29 source:IDCNOVA
MIIT approved the the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (hereinafter referred to as SARFT) to participate in the 5G construction.

Tencent Cloud Wins Bid in a China Unicom CDN Project

2018-11-29 source:IDCNOVA
Tencent wins bid in the public tender of China Unicom's EDS E-commerce CDN service projects, pushing its expansion furthur and more.

Huawei seeks clarification after New Zealand intelligence agency rejects 5G bid

2018-11-29 source:Yahoo
Huawei is seeking urgent clarification after rejected by the New Zealand Intelligence Department on its 5G equipment and related project access there.

The Chinese digital economy can't be slowed down. Here’s a look at how and why

2018-11-29 source:MashableAsia
Giants like BAT, The largest online shopping market, 5G, hundreds of millions of netizens, R&D expansion.....all those advantage pushs Chinese digital economy booming.

Huawei and Motorola flagship 5G phones could take very different paths

2018-11-29 source:venturebeat
Foldable type scheduled by Huawei on its 5G flagship phone seems clear, rival with Samsung, which is a different path from other manufacturers.

Huawei to build Tier III data center for Bahrain’s Batelco

2018-11-29 source:DCD
Contracted to build a 1.3MW data center in Bahrain, Huawei was expected to falicitate its Tier III certificate for the local telecommunications provider Batelco.

Big data proves boon in Guiyang

2018-11-28 source:GOVNEWS
Guiyang, the provincial city of China's Southwestern Guizhou Province, has transformed into a "big data city", overcoming its traditioanlly geological disvantage.

Why Alibaba Cloud Computing Criticized by MIIT

2018-11-28 source:IDCNOVA
On November 27, 2018, the network security bureau of MIIT issued the notice for network and information security inspection toward relevant companies.

Why GDS Thinks It’ll Go on Winning in the Chinese Data Center Market

2018-11-28 source:DCK
Chinese hyperscalers continuing to fuel its growth as before, Shanghai-based GDS Holdings signs more internet heavyweights as customers.

Aliyun UK Data Center Released, Benefiting EMEA Customers

2018-11-27 source:IDCNOVA
Aliyun, the cloud service of Alibaba group, announced recently that its 2 data centers established in UK last month has already been able to serve all the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) customers with all-round services.

As 5G looms, China's already looking at 6G development

2018-11-27 source:CNET
5G is barely ready and yet China already has a plan to develop 6G systems.The country expects to formally begin research and development works for the sixth generation wireless systems in 2020.

Southeast Asia’s Internet Economy To Exceed $240bn By 2025

2018-11-27 source:data-economy
Southeast Asia’s online economy will be worth more than $240bn by the year 2025 according to a report by Singapore private investment company Temasek Holdings and Google.

Huawei Plans To Release AR Glasses Within ‘The Next One To Two Years’

2018-11-27 source:uploadvr
Chinese tech company Huawei has told CNBC that it plans to commercialize augmented reality (AR) glasses within “the next one to two years”.

Huawei and Three UK show 5G home broadband modem, targeting 100Mbps

2018-11-27 source:venturebeat
Huawei is showing off 5G home broadband routers it’s calling “the first 5G commercial terminals in the world,” alongside British carrier Three UK, which has announced plans to offer 5G services starting in the second half of 2019.

Huawei releases autonomous AI driving solution and demos cellular-connected cars

2018-11-27 source:venturebeat
HUAWEI is continuing to debut next-generation communications and AI solutions. Its latest ffering is the Mobile Automation Engine (MAE), a solution designed to accelerate autonomous driving using cellular networks.

U.S. Advises Allies To Shun Huawei Telecom Equipment Citing Potential Cyberthreats

2018-11-26 source:Forbes
U.S. intelligence agencies have been urging consumers, contractors, and government officials to avoid using Huawei products for quite some time.

Supermicro Extends Portfolio of NVIDIA GPU Servers with New Systems at GTC China

2018-11-26 source:HPCwire
Super Micro Computer, Inc. (SMCI), a global leader in enterprise computing, storage, networking solutions and green computing technology, is sharing the company’s industry-leading portfolio of NVIDIA GPU servers at the GPU Technology Conference.

Nvidia T4 and HGX-2 Deployments Keep Piling Up, followed by newly announced servers from Chinese companies

2018-11-26 source:HPCwire
Nvidia’s latest GPU, the T4, continues to rack up wins, followed by newly announced servers from Chinese companies like HUAWEI, Inspur, Sugon,etc.

Alibaba Restructuring, New Retail Highlighted

2018-11-26 source:IDCNOVA
Alibaba announces its latest restructuring upgrade, including that Ali cloud will upgrade to Ali cloud intelligence; strengthen the investment and construction of technology and intelligent internet; etc.

Key Contract Signing Boosts China Mobile Building up IDC

2018-11-26 source:IDCNOVA
In recent days, a Chinese company named SZZC Electronics and China Mobile Changsha Branch signed the "2018 IDC Computer Room Rental Service Framework Contract".

MIIT Requests Orderly IoT SIM Card Resale

2018-11-26 source:IDCNOVA
Recently, MIIT issued a notice, requesting better security management in the IoT SIM card under steady and effective supervision, clarifying the functional restrictions for voice messages, SMS, traffic flow.

MIIT releases problems existing in communication construction projects

2018-11-22 source:IDCNOVA
On November 20, MIIT released the notification on the quality supervision and safety production of the communication construction project in the second quarter of 2018.

Baidu Ceases Its Antivirus Download Service

2018-11-22 source:IDCNOVA
Earlier morning on December 21, 2018, Baidu officially announces the end of its antivirus and the download service won't be provided since then.

Hand over your data! Tales of terror from the dark side of the data center community

2018-11-21 source:DCD
Data centers look so squeaky clean, it’s hard to believe they can be involved in anything illegal, but you would be surprised what DCD has experienced in our years on the beat.

How Tencent moves into the cloud

2018-11-21 source:CSB
Tencent is moving its business model from mainly WeChat and B2C to the cloud. Tencent expert Matthew Brennan looks at the China Channel to the results he sees at the 2018 3Q results.

Medidata's Cloud Platform Picked by China's Hengrui, Stock Up

2018-11-21 source:yahoo
Medidata Solutions, Inc. MDSO recently announced that Hengrui Pharma of China has adopted Medidata Cloud with a view to unify data management and improve patient outcome.

How the Chinese Data Center Market is Evolving

2018-11-20 source:DCK
China, home to more than 1.3 billion people, is the most populous nation in the world and also major contributor to global advancements in science and technology.

GCP outage: MainOne leaked Google, CloudFlare IP routes to China Telecom

2018-11-20 source:DCD
Google search and cloud services were unavailable for many customers on Monday after an incident in which the company's routing information was leaked, via a Nigerian service provider and China Telecom.

Half of all China's regional data center capacity isn’t in use

2018-11-20 source:DCD
A lot of Chinese data centers in the country’s secondary cities are running at half of their capacity, while demand in major hubs continues to outgrow supply, according to statistics shared by MIIT and the Chinese Ministry of Finance.

.Cloud Domain Name Entering Chinese Market after MIIT Approval

2018-11-20 source:yahoo
New gTLD (generic top-level domain) .Cloud is pleased to announce it has received accreditation from China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

Cloud, China, Generic Malware: Top Security Concerns for 2019

2018-11-19 source:darkreading
FireEye researchers unveil an extensive list of security risks waiting in the new year's wings. There may still be nearly seven weeks left in 2018, but security leaders are already looking ahead to the new year.

Cloud Native Computing Foundation Opens Inaugural KubeCon + CloudNativeCon China and Welcomes 53 New Members

2018-11-19 source:yahoo
KubeCon + CloudNativeCon China -- The Cloud Native Computing Foundation® (CNCF®), today announced that 53 new members and end user supporters have joined the Foundation.

Huawei Cloud Unveils in South Africa, Enabling to Build a Fully Connected Intelligent Africa

2018-11-19 source:yahoo
HUAWEI CLOUD, the cloud-computing services of Huawei, announced it had unveiled a new region in South Africa at AfricaCom 2018 on November 14, making it the world's first cloud service provider operating a local data center in Africa.

Inspur Collaborating with Intel to Acclerate AI Innovation

2018-11-19 source:HPCwire
At SC18, the international conference for high performance computing, Inspur announced a collaboration with Intel to accelerate artificial intelligence (AI) performance and ease solution integration.

IDCC 2018: Focus IDC Forefront, Seek Corporate Digitalization

2018-11-19 source:IDCNOVA
13th China IDC Industrial Annual Ceremony (IDCC 2018) , hosted by organizing committee of China IDC Industry Ceremony, undertaken by IDCQUAN and CloudBest will be held at Beijing National Convention Center Dec11-13, 2018.

To Safeguard Internet Security, Chinese MPS Carried out Regulations

2018-11-19 source:IDCNOVA
The Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as MPS) has released (hereinafter referred as the Regulation), which will come into force since November 1 2018.

For the Latest Overall IDC Development Panarama of China, You can Find All Them here

2018-11-19 source:IDCNOVA
The Department of Telecommunication Development of MIIT compiled and published , including 3 major parts covering natioanl and regional IDCs and user guide.

Capital Encouraged Pouring for Chinese Internet Market, What’s Inside You Should Never Ignore

2018-11-19 source:IDCNOVA
Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission (hereinafter as OCCAC)and CSRC jointly issued (hereinafter as the Instruction).

On Cloud Application in Chinese Companies, You Should Read This

2018-11-19 source:IDCNOVA
Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a document naming .

21Vianet Violations? What Happened

2018-11-19 source:IDCNOVA
Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a document naming .

Illegal Action for IDC, ISP, CDN towards Internet Access in Chinese Market

2018-11-19 source:IDCNOVA
Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (hereinafter as MIIT) released .

A Better Industrial Communications, Chinese MIIT Push to Standardize Them

2018-11-19 source:IDCNOVA
On April 2, the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the notice on Main Points of Industrial Communications Standardization 2018.

With Blacklist of Operation Defects and Bad Faith, Start Your Safter Surf in Chinese Market

2018-11-19 source:IDCNOVA
In recent days, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of People’s Republic of China(hereinafter as MIIT) released .

All You Wanna Know About Chinese Telecom Market is Here

2018-11-19 source:IDCNOVA
According to the latest notice on telecommunication service quality issued by the MIIT, by the end of 2017, the amount of telephone users is 1.61 billion, and mobile phones users taking up as 1.42 billion.

Inspur Released HBM2 AI Accelerator Card F37X with Xilinx FPGA

2018-11-16 source:HPCwire
On November 14th CST, Inspur and Xilinx announced the launch of Inspur’s F37X, the FPGA AI accelerator card featuring integrated on-chip HBM2.

Sugon Launches New Generation of Its Silicon Cube Series Supercomputer at SC18

2018-11-15 source:HPCwire
At SC18, Sugon is demonstrating the first global pre-release of a new generation of Silicon Cube HPC series,integrating multiple cutting-edge technologies on development of supercomputing technology and applications.

Inspur Releases Super Powerful Scale-up AI Super-server AGX-5

2018-11-15 source:HPCwire
Inspur released its AI super-server AGX-5 at SC18. Capable of AI computing up to 2 petaflops per second within a single server, AGX-5 is one of the most powerful AI servers in the world.

Alibaba Cloud Launches "Bare Metal"

2018-11-15 source:HPCwire
Alibaba Cloud (aka AliCloud) launched new performance-oriented “bare metal” instances, which can be pooled together to create an HPC cluster for large-scale machine learning applications, advanced data analysis, batch computing, etc.

GDS HOLDINGS (GDS) Reports Q3 Loss, Tops Revenue Estimates

2018-11-14 source:ZER
GDS HOLDINGS (GDS) came out with a quarterly loss of $0.14 per share versus the Zacks Consensus Estimate of a loss of $0.11. This compares to loss of $0.14 per share a year ago.

Alibaba CEO says cloud computing will be its main business in future

2018-11-14 source:TBN
Alibaba is looking to cloud computing as a way to diversify its business beyond retail. Meanwhile, Alibaba is also pushing a strategy it calls “New Retail,” which is where it tries to combine its online properties with brick-and-mortar stores.

Chinese big data industry boosts futuristic start-ups

2018-11-14 source:moneycontrol
The Chinese government has enabled several big data companies to set up their servers in its southwestern Guizhou Province and are even providing free work area for start ups to launch their next-generation ideas.

Why Shares of GDS Holdings Popped Today The Chinese data center company grew a bit faster than expected

2018-11-14 source:MotleyFool
Shares of GDS Holdings (NASDAQ:GDS) jumped on Tuesday after the Chinese data center operator reported its third-quarter results. GDS beat analyst estimates for both revenue and earnings, and it boosted its full-year outlook.

Guizhou big data company receives national integrity award

2018-11-14 source:govnews
China Data Pay from Guizhou province was recently awarded the title of national integrity company at the 7th National Business Integrity Building Conference on Oct 26 in Beijing.

Chinese authorities can demand any data “related to cybersecurity” from internet companies

2018-11-02 source:anglez
New regulation could allow China to request data from foreign companies with local servers, like Apple

New proposed rules could rock China’s blockchain industry. Here’s what they mean

2018-11-02 source:anglez
The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) has released a set of draft regulations that, in its current form, promises to narrow the scope of blockchain-based services across the country.

China's New Cybersecurity Rules Could Expose US Trade Secrets, Experts Say

2018-11-02 source:Phillip
Most companies that operate in China were already wary of losing their grip on intellectual property assets. Now, in light of the new, far-reaching rules, doing business in China is likely to be more challenging.

21Vianet Blue Cloud Joins Hands With Microsoft, Partners to Build Intelligent Cloud Ecosystem in China

2018-10-31 source:anglez
While expanding and enriching Microsoft's intelligent cloud native ecosystem, these new solutions provide customers in China with a wider range of options in the era of cloud technology and digital transformation.

IBM to acquire cloud computing firm Red Hat for $34 billion

2018-10-31 source:anglez
In a massive deal that could reshape cloud computing, IBM is acquiring open software company Red Hat for $34 billion.

Tencent Cloud user claims $1.6 million compensation for data loss

2018-10-31 source:anglez
The reputation of Tecent’s cloud computing service Tencent Cloud has taken a serious knock on Monday.

SUSE and Alibaba Cloud Partner to Meet Global Demand for Cloud-Based Business-Critical Applications

2018-10-31 source:anglez
SUSE® and Alibaba Cloud are expanding their global strategic partnership in public cloud services in response to rapidly growing customer demand for cost-effective and flexible SAP workloads on public cloud.

Inspur Goes for the Golden Hyperscale/AI Ring

2018-10-30 source:anglez
The China-based company, which already has a server manufacturing plant in Fremont, CA, is building a major new facility just up Rte.

Inspur Announces Transformation to A New Generation of Internet Enterprise of "Cloud+Data" at Inspur World 2018

2018-10-30 source:anglez
Inspur will build 6 ecosystems in cloud centers, cloud services, government data operations, iCity networks, smart city operation services and cloud ERP, improving digital industries.


2018-10-30 source:anglez
21Vianet Group, Inc. (Nasdaq:VNET) a leading carrier- and cloud-neutral Internet data center services provider in China, announced its unaudited financial results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2018.

GDS Assists Its 12-year Banking Customer in Successfully Conducting a Remote Disaster Recovery Drill Again

2018-10-30 source:Fiona
GDS assisted a leading state-owned bank, one of its major long-term customers, in successfully conducting a remote disaster recovery switch-over drill simultaneously in Beijing and Shenzhen on June 9, 2018.

GDS Holdings Limited Announces Results of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

2018-10-30 source:Fiona
GDS Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: GDS), a leading developer and operator of high-performance data centers in China, today announced that it held its 2018 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

Microsoft and 21Vianet reinforce long-term cooperation on cloud services in China

2018-10-29 source:Fiona
Microsoft and 21Vianet have agreed to extend their partnership to provide world-class public cloud services to Chinese customers.