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Kunming and Other Places Will Build a Data Center Cluster in Central Yunnan

Recently, the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Yunnan Province issued the "Special Plan for the Development of Big Data Centers in Yunnan Province (2021-2025) (Draft for Soliciting Comments)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Draft for Soliciting Comments") to support Kunming, Yuxi, Qujing and other prefectures (cities) ) Focus on building a data center cluster in Yunnan and Central China, forming a multi-level layout of "two places and three centers" with Kunming as the core node, Yuxi as the active node, and Baoshan as the remote disaster preparedness.


The "Draft for Comment" summarizes the construction of big data centers in the province in recent years.  Based on the development positioning, development goals, construction layout, and industrial ecosystem of big data centers, it has studied and formulated five measures to help Yunnan Province by 2025 to form an integrated development pattern of big data centers with scientific layout, green and low-carbon, industrial agglomeration, and standardized development.  


As of the end of 2020, 42 data centers are in use and planned to be built in the province (including 7 data centers above large-scale), with a total of about 41,000 racks; 27 inter-provincial optical cables with a length of 2.128 million kilometers have been built in the province. There are 18 provincial directions, and the inter-provincial Internet bandwidth capacity reaches 22Tbps, basically building an "all-optical network province"; 13 cross-border docking land cables have been built, with a total international export capacity of 1.03T; 12 provincial-level pilot application platforms have been created, The number of SMEs on the cloud platform reached 5,773.


The "Draft for Comments" proposes to strengthen the planning and guidance of data center layout, focus on "central Yunnan", grasp the opportunity of "Eastern Data and Western Computing”, and  meet the non-real-time computing power demand spillovers such as back-office processing, offline analysis, storage and backup in the eastern region as well as localized high-frequency real-time interactive business needs. In addition, it should support Kunming, Yuxi, Qujing and other states (cities) to strive to build a Yunnan-Dianzhong data center cluster with high-speed interconnection, data circulation, and complementary advantages. It will form a multi-layered layout of “two places and three centers” with Kunming as the core node, Yuxi as the live node, and Baoshan as the remote disaster preparedness. Regarding Kunming and Dianzhong New Area as the main battlefields of the province’s information industry, the main layout is national multilingual technology research and development and industrialization bases, focusing on the development of multilingual digital technology, letter innovation industry, semiconductor materials, semiconductor display, blockchain, etc.


At the same time, it plans to build Yunnan into the growth pole of the big data industry in the southwest region, bringing together related industries such as the Internet of Animals, 5G, artificial intelligence, and blockchain; serving the development strategy of the “One Belt and One Road”, serving small languages, cross-border e-commerce,cross-border logistics, cross-border finance, digital culture and other industries provide computing power support; integrate into the new pattern of "Eastern Data and Western Computing", undertake the overflow demand for computing power in the eastern region, and strive to improve the high-quality supply of computing power.


The "Draft for Comments" clarifies that by 2025, the carrying capacity of data centers in the province will reach more than 100,000 standard racks, and the average utilization rate of medium-sized and above data centers will strive to increase to more than 65%; build more than 10 industry-level big data centers , The green energy utilization rate of newly built large and above data centers is not less than 70%, the annual comprehensive operation PUE is below 1.3, and the annual comprehensive operation PUE of newly built small and medium-sized data centers (including edge data centers) is not higher than 1.5.

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