IDCNova Club is initiated and managed by IDCnova ( as a global member service organization for data center service providers in the world to achieve communication and cooperation.

Objectives of the Club shall include accelerating the progress of overseas layout and selection projects of Chinese enterprises, promoting the global service providers to have an in-depth understanding of China and other emerging markets, grasping the data center resource demand environment in emerging markets, providing the members with full life-cycle consulting service, and connecting customers, partners, capital and government to facilitate industry collaboration.

  • Publicize the enterprise and product to improve the brand awareness;
  • Gain the opportunities for industry exchanges, resource sharing and business to enhance corporate competitiveness and promote the growth of business;
  • Jointly build a high-end circle to help enterprises achieve a win-win situation;
  • Quick obtain the latest policy information to assist enterprises to make decisions;
  • Help enterprises improve market competitiveness.
service content service dexcription quantity
Brand publicity Membership Provide VIP membership card for enterprises 1
Media services Interview the leaders Interview the corporate executives and write articles to publish in China IDC website and update in IDCnova. 2 times
Publish advertorials The articles provided by enterprises shall publish in China IDC website and update in IDCnova. The excellent articles may be reprinted by multiple medias in IT industry. No more than 5 articles
Homepage logo display Display the corporate logo on the homepage of China IDC website and link it to the official website of member units. 1 year
Data Center Service Provider Directory Data center service providers shall be introduced and recommended to the industry directory of China IDC website. 1 time
Data center inclusion Include to China IDC website and and introduce to IDC information collection data center. 1 time
Services for corporate executives Industry experts Recommend the corporate executives to join industry authoritative organizations (such as Data Center Elite Club, and Data Center International Cooperation Promotion Association) as the industry experts. 1
Investigation and study The member shall bear the travel expenses for his/her investigation and study at home and abroad 1
VIP through ticket of conference Conference organized or co-organized by China IDC and IDCnova 2
Product services Data Center International Masters Lecture Series 3
Interpretation of layout requirements of Chinese Enterprises in the overseas data center (monthly) 1
Docking between two parties for the deployment demand of Chinese Enterprises in the overseas data service shall center Consulting service shall be charged separately
Purchase the regular annual report (Standard Edition) with 20% discount. 1
Organize member units to investigate IDC enterprises and data centers at home and abroad, conduct in-depth field study, directly explore the core of products, focus on link opportunities, and feel the corporate culture and atmosphere.

Organize member units to investigate and study in Hong Kong

Organize member units to investigate and study in Jakarta

Organize member units to investigate and study in Bali

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The main participants include the presidents, senior managers, experts and operators in IDC industry, CTO,CIO, IT operation and maintenance managers, and procurement decision makers in the Internet and financial industries, etc. They discuss hot issues and solutions of data center together to promote the exchanges and cooperation of corporate executives and create a new development pattern of IDC industry jointly.

October 22, 2019

November 22, 2019

December 22, 2019

Asia-Pacific Cross-Border IDC Business Development Opportunity and...

Data Center International Cooperation Summit Forum

Hong Kong Cooperation Project Investigation.

Interpretation of layout demand of Chinese Enterprises in the overseas data center

Interpretation of layout demand of Chinese Enterprises in the overseas datacenter (monthly):

As a professional data center industry media, IDCnov actively participates in the emerging global markets, carefully understands the dynamics ofnearly 300 overseas enterprises and tracks their overseas strategic layoutson a n annual basis throughout the process. We will provide the interpreta-tion of the demand dynamics collected during the month in the form of adocument, as well as issue it to the members.

Based on the interpretation of monthly demand report above, member units may conduct indepth docking tomeet the demand of their own resources. We will actively promote the breadth and depth of cooperation betweenthe two parties. (Consulting service shall be charged separately.)

Annual report

20% discount for member units

IDCNova originated in China, with the objective of promoting the connection between the data center industry andthe cloud computing industry, and establishing a related ecosystem. At present, it has established various forms ofmedia platforms to exert full influence in the industry, including overseas IDCNova, domestic IDCQuan website andprofessional magazines, such as Encyclopedia of China IDC Industry, etc. Moreover, it has organized many industryconferences, such as China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony" , Data Center International Cooperation Forum andChina Cloud Computing Summit and so on.
In addition, IDCNova actively advocates the integration of industry professionals, media and institutions based ona large number of industry resources, including thousands of data centers and cloud computing enterprises, and top100 Chinese Internet companies. Besides, it worked with hundreds of CEOs and CTOs to jointly create an IDC operationand service expert platform, which can play a role of think tank for the efficient, green and healthy development of theindustry. .
By relying on the domestic top expert resources, proprietary industry monitoring data, policies and standard librar-ies, IDCNOVA provides the industry users with technical resources, expert resources and data support services.
Furthermore, IDCNova sets up a media center and a research center. The research center belongs to a professionalconsulting organization that provides IT companies, data center infrastructure providers, data center service providers,operators and industry customers with research related to cloud computing and data center, market consulting, strate-gic consulting and industry evaluation services, etc.