IDCNOVA Commentary: Are Chinese operators ready for 5G?

2019-06-14 source:IDCNOVA
After granting 5G licenses for commercial use by China, telco operators are chasing 5G scenarios ahead.

15 billion database launched in east China’s Nantong City

2019-06-14 source:IDCNOVA
A 15 billion yuan database will be constructed in east China’s Nantong City.

MIIT Amends Telecom Services Directory for 5G

2019-06-13 source:IDCNOVA
Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology amended Telecom Services Directory (2015 Version).

Huawei Big Data Center Opens in East China’s Shandong Province

2019-06-13 source:IDCNOVA
Chinese tech giant opens a big data center i Linyi City, East China’s Shandong Province.

Tightening Policies, Shanghai Issues Data Center Guideline

2019-06-13 source:IDCNOVA
Shanghai issued Internet Data Center Construction Guideline (2019 Version), (hereinafter referred to as the Guideline) to regulate and manage a healthier and better data center industry in Shanghai.

IDC Commentary: 3 Big Things China Issuing 5G Licenses Takes

2019-06-11 source:
China issued 5G licenses on June 6, 2019 to China Mobile, China Union, China Telecom and China Broadcast Network.

Biz China: How foreign capital accessing to China data center and cloud computing industries

2019-06-11 source:Ajeen Liu
How foreign capital could get access to China data center and cloud computing industries under restrained policies and regulations?

China issues 5G licenses today

2019-06-06 source:IDCNOVA
China issued 5G licenses on Thursday, June 6 2019 to four major operators.

$570m from Bain Capital, ChinData achieved largest fundraising ever in China data center industry

2019-06-05 source:IDCNOVA
ChinData, one of China’s largest customized hyper scale data center operators acquired $570 million fundraising from Bain Capital, marking the largest one ever in China data center industry.

IDCNOVA Commentary: What Is Data Center Like In the Future

2019-06-05 source:IDCNOVA
As the digital transformation acceleration for Chinese enterprises, data center construction has stepped into a new era in China, which both pushed digital economy and also brought about pressure for city construction and first-tier cities in particular.