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2022 Data Center International Cooperation Conference


Date: 2022.12.27


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2022 Data Center International Cooperation Conference

According to KZ Consulting (China IDC Quan Research Institution), the market size of China's domestic traditional data center leasing business exceeded 120 billion yuan in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 20.9%. In the future, the amount of data will explode under the context of the acceleration of 5G construction, the maturation of digital technology, the deep integration of emerging technologies and vertical industries the gradual maturity of application scenarios such as smart cities, smart manufacturing, and unmanned driving. As the digital infrastructure of the new infrastructure, the data center will play an increasingly important role in it.


China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony has been successfully held for 16 consecutive years, the total number of participants exceeds 100,000. On the coming December 26th -28th , 2022,  the 17th China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony (IDCC2022) themed on “Reshaping the Data Center Industry” will be held at China National Convention Center in Beijing, China. This conference will focus on data center industry development and policy directions, the industry trends of cloud computing, big data, AI, block chain and other edge cutting technology, jointly discuss the future prospects.


At the same time, the "Data Center International Conference", hosted by the Data Center International Cooperation Promotion Association and co-organized by IDCNova and the Digital Infrastructure Global Buyer Platform, will be held on December 27, 2022 at the Beijing National Convention Center. The International conference will invite domestic and overseas telecom operators, data center service providers and Chinese companies going overseas to attend and share the experience on international cooperation. KZ Consulting will interpret the global data center industry market development and trends, providing conference attendees and business development with insights on oversea markets, data and theory support.

2022 Data Center International Cooperation Conference

Host:  Data Center   International Cooperation Promotion Association

Organizer:   IDCNOVA, Digital Infrastructure Global Buyer Platform

Session 1 –  Global Market Analysis and Insights

2022 Global   Data Center Market Development Report

Global Market Analysis and Insights – Southeast   Asia & Europe & Africa

High-end Dialogue – Global Digital Economy   Development Trend

Session 2 – The challenge & Difficulties for   Chinese Companies “Going Overseas”

Prospects for Chinese-funded Enterprises Going   Overseas in 2022

Experience of Supply Chain Management in Hotspot Areas

High-end Dialogue – Regional Cooperation for Mutual Benefit

Session 3 – International Strategy of IDC Service   Provider

The Trend of Data Center Enterprise Deployment in   2022

Improve the Global Basic Computing Power, Accelerate   the Network Node Structure

High-end - Green Electricity Use in Global

International   Cooperation Gala Dinner (Invitation only)



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