Introduction of IDCNOVA

IDCNOVA (Website: ) is a professional industrial media and consultation organization,  whichfocuses on Internet Data Center and Cloud Computing industries, and proactive participation in the global emerging markets.

Originated from China, IDCNOVA targets at promoting IDC and Cloud Computing industries connections and building related ecosystems. Currently , IDCNOVA has established various forms of media platforms to exert full influence in the industries, the website IDCNOVA for global and IDCQUAN for China Domestic, and also the professional magazines like “China IDC Industry Encyclopedia”. Meanwhile, we organize many industrial conferences, such asChina IDC Industry Annual Ceremony”, “AsiaPacific Data Center Summit”, “China Industry Cloud Computing Summit” and etc.

Moreover, IDCNOVA has proactively advocated the integration between industry professionals, media and institutions based on a vast number of industry resources, including thousands of DCs & Cloud Computing enterprises, Top 100 Chinese internet companies. IDCNOVA joints hundreds of CEO and CTOto build the IDC operation and service expert platform, which plays the role of the think tank for efficient, green and healthy development of the industry. Based on the top domestic experts resources, proprietary industry monitoring data, policy and standard library, IDCNOVA provides technical resources, expert resources and data support services for industry users.

IDCNOVAs service range covers more than 2 million industrial users, and the media platforms have 200,000 daily page views. The key viewer groups consist of internet companies, data center vendors and all types of cloud computing related entities.


IDCNOVA has served clients with diversified backgrounds, such as Carriers, domestic and foreign DC vendors and operators, cloud computing vendors, government departments and etc. 


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