IDCNova (Website: is a professional industrial media, event organzier and consultation organization headquartered in Beijing, China. Focuses on Internet Data Center, Cloud Computing industries and other emerging technologies industry, we proactive participate in the global emerging market by providing the industry highlights in China, organizing events and professional enterprise services.

We are serving the emerging technologies industries and building the industry ecosystem. Currently, IDCNOVA has influencial media platforms in China and started bulding various media platforms to build the bridge between China and the world since 2020, and there will be the industry highlights, our latest events and company servive and products updates.


Conferences, Exhibition and Events 

IDCNOVA provides event planning service. We are holding China Internet Data Center Conference (IDCC) annually and many other events for our clients and partners.

China Internet Data Center Conference (IDCC)

As a symbolic event of China IDC Industry, China Internet Data Center Conference (IDCC) has been successfully held for 14 editions until 2020. The digital infrastructure is becoming more important, and the influence power of the annual IDCC is increasing. The number of attendees each year could be 4, 000 to 10,000, welcoming the upstream and downstream resources of the IDC industry and promoting the development of the industry. It also provides a platform for business cooperation and communication opportunities for participating enterprises.

Other Conferences, Exhibitions or Events

2020 China Open Source Industry Conference (Online Conference, 2020.10.16)

China Big Data Industry Conference 2020 (Online Conference, 2020.07.09)

China Internet Enterprise "Go Global" Forum (Online Conference, 2020.04.29)


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Research Reports

We owned a professional research and advisory instituation - KZ Consulting. With great adventage of resource and years of study of China Data Center, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and other related field, it offers market research, strategic consulting, technical coonsulting and other services in the industry. 




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Publications - China IDC Industry Encyclopedia 


The "China IDC Industry Encyclopedia", as a reference book in China Internet Data Center Industry, was first published at the end of 2006 and there are already 14 issues in 2020. It focuses on the fields like Data Center, Internet, Financial and Cloud Computing, and the total page number is around 300. Every year, the print edition is issued 25,000 copies, and the electronic edition applications exceed 250,000. With a rigorous, pragmatic, and excelsior attitude, it enjoys a good reputation in the industry.

China IDC Industry Encyclopedia Content: 

China Internet Data Center Industry Highlights 

Industry Policies and Regulations in China 

Selected Research Report 

China Computer Room Directory 

China Service Provider Directory 

China Manufacturer Directory

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