MIIT: The number of 5G terminal connections this year has exceeded 200 million

2020-12-24 source:IDCNOVA
MIIT spokesperson WEN Ku said that the number of 5G users this year has grown very fast this year, and the number of 5G terminal connections has exceeded 200 million.

Ganzhou City, Jiang Xi Province, China, Promulgated Big Data Center Electricity Price Subsidy Policy

2020-11-23 source:IDCNOVA
Ganzhou City, Jiang Xi Province, China, promulgated Big Data Center Electricity Price Subsidy Policy to attract big data cloud computing center enterprises to enter and accelerate the development of the big data industry

MIIT: Shanghai and Hainan Will Open Pilot Data Center and Cloud Service Businesses

2020-11-12 source:IDCNOVA
LIU Liehong, deputy minister of MIIT, said that MIIT will also open value-added telecommunications services in an orderly manner, including data centers and cloud services, and pilot projects will set in Shanghai and Hainan first.

Ministry of Commerce of PRC: China will increase the proportion of foreign shareholding in value-added telecommunications services and other fields

2020-11-06 source:IDCNOVA
On 6 November, at the China International Import Expo, "The Report on China Services Import” was released. It shows that China will further reduce market access restrictions for foreign investment in the service industry.

Tightening Policies, Shanghai Issues Data Center Guideline

2019-06-13 source:IDCNOVA
Shanghai issued Internet Data Center Construction Guideline (2019 Version), (hereinafter referred to as the Guideline) to regulate and manage a healthier and better data center industry in Shanghai.

MIIT: China open to overseas cloud provider

2019-04-24 source:IDCNOVA
As the widening opening up policy, China is about to open for the overseas cloud providers on joint cooperation.

China issues AI development guideline

2019-03-21 source:IDCNOVA
To promote the further and healthy development, China issues the guideline on deep integration of AI and substantial economy.

China issued the Green Industry Guidance Directory

2019-03-12 source:IDCNOVA
Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission of China (NDRC) and other relevant authorities have jointly issued Green Industry Guidance Directory (2019 edition).

Lower than 1.4, Guizhou pushes green data center

2019-03-11 source:IDCNOVA
China’s Guizhou province is enforcing green data action to upgrade its facility PUE.

China issues the industrial internet guidance

2019-03-11 source:IDCNOVA
Commission of China issued the Guidance on Comprehensive Standard System Building Up of Industrial Internet.

Voice of IT magnates on China’s “Two Sessions”

2019-03-08 source:IDCNOVA
Two Sessions (NPC and CPPCC) of China is undergone in Beijing. NPC deputies and CPPCC members are delivering their proposals and bill on national issues varied. What’s IDCNOVA news, March 8. What’s the focus of IT tycoons?

Data center highlights of government work report 2019

2019-03-06 source:IDCNOVA
On March 5, 2019, Premier Li Keqiang delivered the Government Work Report to the second session of the 13th National People’s Congress in Beijing. Here are the highlights:

China’s State Council reveals details of Greater Bay Area plan to turn Hong Kong and 10 neighbouring cities into economic hub

2019-02-21 source:SCMP
Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen and Guangzhou named as four key cities of the bay area and core engines for regional development

China to push green data center initiative

2019-02-19 source:IDCNOVA
A guideline on green data center construction enforcement was jointly released by MIIT and other relevant supervisions in China.

China’s southeastern Fujian Province to focus on digitalization via 5G construction

2019-02-15 source:IDCNOVA
Fujian Province of China located in the southeastern coast, is focusing on digital Fujian and 5G construction .

China to build up smart city in Xiong’an New Area

2019-01-25 source:IDCNOVA
The State Council of China and CPC central committee issued a guideline to boost smart city building up in Xiong’an New Area.

Briefing: Beijing government to commercialize 5G by 2022

2019-01-24 source:technode
Beijing will commercialize 5G mobile networks in the next five years to cover key areas within the city.

CAICT releases top 10 ICT trends, 5G、AI、Industrial Internet highlighted

2018-12-20 source:IDCNOVA
At a relevant conference by CAICT, top 10 ICT trends were released to highlight 5G、AI、Industrial Internet and so on.

MIIT promotes China’s new generation ICT via 4 major aspects

2018-12-19 source:IDCNOVA
Dec 19,during a relevant press conference by CAICT, Wang Xinzhe, the chief economist from MIIT delivered a speech and stressed the 4 major aspects MIIT did to promote China ICT.

MIIT approves three new specific internet data channels, totaling 27 nationwide

2018-12-07 source:IDCNOVA
Chinese MIIT has approved to construct 3 new specific internet data channels in Guangdong, Zhejiang and Shanxi provinces.

5G frequency spectrum allocation for three major Chinese telecom operators completed

2018-12-07 source:IDCNOVA
The 5G frequency spectrum for three major telecom opeators of China has been completed recently.

MIIT: promote deep integration of big data, AI and substantial economy

2018-12-05 source:IDCNOVA
One senior official from MIIT said that MIIT would promote the deep integration of AI, big data and substantial economy to further enhance the overall and healthy development.

MIIT: 33.97million network security threats detected in Q3 2018

2018-12-04 source:IDCNOVA
According to the latest issued notice of MIIT, about 33.97 million network security threats occured in the third quarter of 2018, covering various loopholes and hazards.

MIIT: 3 Major Operators Sending Users Detailed Phone Bill Each Month

2018-12-03 source:IDCNOVA
As per a regulation from MIIT, the three major telecommunication operators will provide users with monthly bills in the form of SMS since December 1, 2018.

China Launches MNP, Pushing Telecom Service Faster and Cheaper

2018-12-03 source:IDCNOVA
The mobile number portability (MNP) transfer will be implemented in the trial provinces and cities in China and mobile users could switch to another operator without changing numbers.

MIIT:Phone Fraud Mainly Disguised as Air Tickets Changing and E-commerce CSR

2018-11-30 source:IDCNOVA
Air tickets changing, e-commerce CSR and others are becoming major tricks misused illegally by violators to conduct phone fraud, according MIIT's latest notice.

Why Alibaba Cloud Computing Criticized by MIIT

2018-11-28 source:IDCNOVA
On November 27, 2018, the network security bureau of MIIT issued the notice for network and information security inspection toward relevant companies.

U.S. Advises Allies To Shun Huawei Telecom Equipment Citing Potential Cyberthreats

2018-11-26 source:Forbes
U.S. intelligence agencies have been urging consumers, contractors, and government officials to avoid using Huawei products for quite some time.

Key Contract Signing Boosts China Mobile Building up IDC

2018-11-26 source:IDCNOVA
In recent days, a Chinese company named SZZC Electronics and China Mobile Changsha Branch signed the "2018 IDC Computer Room Rental Service Framework Contract".

MIIT Requests Orderly IoT SIM Card Resale

2018-11-26 source:IDCNOVA
Recently, MIIT issued a notice, requesting better security management in the IoT SIM card under steady and effective supervision, clarifying the functional restrictions for voice messages, SMS, traffic flow.

MIIT releases problems existing in communication construction projects

2018-11-22 source:IDCNOVA
On November 20, MIIT released the notification on the quality supervision and safety production of the communication construction project in the second quarter of 2018.

To Safeguard Internet Security, Chinese MPS Carried out Regulations

2018-11-19 source:IDCNOVA
The Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as MPS) has released (hereinafter referred as the Regulation), which will come into force since November 1 2018.

For the Latest Overall IDC Development Panarama of China, You can Find All Them here

2018-11-19 source:IDCNOVA
The Department of Telecommunication Development of MIIT compiled and published , including 3 major parts covering natioanl and regional IDCs and user guide.

Capital Encouraged Pouring for Chinese Internet Market, What’s Inside You Should Never Ignore

2018-11-19 source:IDCNOVA
Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission (hereinafter as OCCAC)and CSRC jointly issued (hereinafter as the Instruction).

On Cloud Application in Chinese Companies, You Should Read This

2018-11-19 source:IDCNOVA
Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a document naming .

21Vianet Violations? What Happened

2018-11-19 source:IDCNOVA
Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a document naming .

Illegal Action for IDC, ISP, CDN towards Internet Access in Chinese Market

2018-11-19 source:IDCNOVA
Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (hereinafter as MIIT) released .

A Better Industrial Communications, Chinese MIIT Push to Standardize Them

2018-11-19 source:IDCNOVA
On April 2, the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the notice on Main Points of Industrial Communications Standardization 2018.

With Blacklist of Operation Defects and Bad Faith, Start Your Safter Surf in Chinese Market

2018-11-19 source:IDCNOVA
In recent days, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of People’s Republic of China(hereinafter as MIIT) released .

All You Wanna Know About Chinese Telecom Market is Here

2018-11-19 source:IDCNOVA
According to the latest notice on telecommunication service quality issued by the MIIT, by the end of 2017, the amount of telephone users is 1.61 billion, and mobile phones users taking up as 1.42 billion.