MIIT approves three new specific internet data channels, totaling 27 nationwide

To implement the"Belt and Road"initiative,improve the international communication of related industrial parks,enhance communications for export-oriented enterprises,especially SMEs,approved by MIIT,3 extra specific internet data channels will be constructed in Shanxi Province,Zhuhai City of Guangdong Province and Tongxiang City of Zhejiang Province.The total amount of specific internet data channels has reached by 27.

Specific internet data channel is a dedicated link for the construction of export-oriented industrial parks directly to China's internet international import and export bureau,so as to optimize and enhance the park's international communication service capacity.In 2009,MIIT issued the guidance of supporting the development of international communication service outsourcing demonstration city,started the specific channel construction,organized the telecom enterprises to actively dock local industry development needs,improve the capacity of network support services,achieved good economic and social benefits:one is the internet access performance improved.According to the monitoring of CAICT,the internet access performance of the specific channel covering the park has been effectively improved,with the delay and packet loss rate reduced by about 30%and 80%respectively.Second,promote the transformation and upgrading of local industries and the development of export-oriented economy.According to preliminary statistics,a total bandwidth of 2400G of specific channels have been opened,serving more than 3,800 users of export-oriented enterprises.This has greatly enhanced the communication service capabilities of various regions to enterprises engaged in international financial services,cross-border e-commerce,cross-border logistics,international cultural exchanges and international headquarters and offices,and promoted the concentration of export-oriented industries.

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