Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang takes charge of cloud unit

2023-01-06 source:IDCNOVA

Computing powers up in China

2022-12-16 source:China Daily

Alibaba Cloud and Liu Steel Group Reached Cooperation

2021-10-29 source:IDCNOVA

10 Popular Cloud Security Start-Ups in 2021

2021-06-24 source:IDCNOVA

Quick Overview (May, 2021): Important Developments of Cloud Computing

2021-05-27 source:IDCNOVA
In the past month, many dynamic events have emerged in the field of cloud computing, which deserve our attention!

2021 Industry Prospects | Cloud and Network Empower the Digital Transformation

2021-01-26 source:IDCNOVA
Cloud-Network integration, as the foundation for digital transformation, has undoubtedly become a key strategic business for telecom operators to transform into integrated intelligent information service providers and enhance their digital service capabilities.

Tencent Cloud’s First 5G Edge Computer Center , the "Smart Capsule" , Officially Opened on 14th October.

2020-10-15 source:IDCNOVA
The 5G Edge Computer will help solve the problems of insufficient computing power and network delay in real-time HD audio and video, smart community, smart medical, industrial Internet and etc, support customers with fast and steady smart life and invite the large-scale application of 5G.

SGCC to Launch a 1 Billion Cloud Computing Center

2019-07-04 source:IDCNOVA
A hyper scale cloud computing data center was launched and the first phase has been started recently. Invested by Gansu Branch of the State Grid Corporation of China, the firs phase of this project will cost 1 billion yuan to install 3,000 racks.

China Telecom launched its cloud computing center in Chongqing

2019-06-17 source:IDCNOVA
China Telecom launched its cloud computing center in southwest China's Chongqing City, and the second stage is started to be completed this year.

BAT Leading Data Center Surge in Xi’an, West China

2019-05-15 source:IDCNOVA
Chinese tech giants Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and others all launched data center project in Xi’an, West China, a node of “Belt and Road Initiative”.

Another Hyper Scale Data Center of Baidu Lands in Western China’s Xi’an Aerospace Base

2019-05-14 source:IDCNOVA
Baidu Cloud Computing (Xi’an) renders for its another green and power saving, advanced hyper scale one, holding over 100,000 servers.

Alibaba Cloud Mulls Global Push While Trouncing Amazon at Home

2019-04-25 source:DCK
The cloud provider seeks to cater to US companies investing in China and vice versa; it's also planning to set up data centers in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Datacloud Global Congress 2019

2019-04-16 source:dataeconomy
The datacenter market in China is expanding exponentially and enterprise infrastructure requirements may now be met by a mix of hyperscale, cloud and Edge facilities being deployed now and also planned for construction.

China data center tour: Baidu Yangquan Cloud Computing Center

2019-04-12 source:IDCNOVA
Ending the downtime fate in China’s Spring Festival Gala live on its national television-the planet’s largest Variety Show-sponsored by Alibaba and Tencent, Baidu gave an excellent performance, owing to its Yangquan Cloud Computing Center.

Alibaba to run its entire business on the cloud

2019-03-22 source:technode
Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, held its 2019 Cloud Summit today in Beijing as it celebrates its 10-year anniversary.

Tencent investing 10b RMB to construct a cloud computing data center in South China’s Guangdong Province

2019-03-01 source:IDCNOVA
Chinese tech giant Tencent is to construct a cloud computing data center in south China’s Guangdong Province, valuing at 10 billion yuan (around 150million US dollars)

Huawei Cloud hyperscale data center available in southwest China

2019-03-01 source:IDCNOVA
Recently, Huawei cloud announced its regional hyperscale data center available in Guiyang, southwest China as the first local one by Huawei.


2019-02-26 source:alizila
Alibaba Cloud has released a suite of cloud-computing products, ranging from server-less computing and data analytics to networking, storage and database management, to the international market.

Asia Pacific Cloud Huawei Cloud Region Opens In Singapore Packed With Artificial Intelligence

2019-02-25 source:data-economy
The Chinese giant is entering a very busy market against other major cloud service providers, but it thinks it can bring some extras to the party.

Alibaba topped top 50 Chinese cloud providers

2019-02-22 source:IDCNOVA
According to IDC, Alibaba cloud ranked No.3 in the global public cloud provider and topped No.1 in the Chinese market.

Hong Kong’s Cloud Data Center Boom

2019-02-21 source:DCK
As a network gateway between mainland China and the West, Hong Kong is a magnet for hyperscale cloud platforms from both sides of the gateway.

Cloud Native Computing Foundation Welcomes Inspur as Gold Member

2019-02-03 source:HPCwire
The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), has announced that Inspur has increased its participation to the Gold level.

Hunan achieves 45b in big data industry

2019-01-31 source:IDCNOVA
Central China’s Hunan Province achieved 45 billion yuan in big data industry in 2018.

Annual revenue exceeding 20b, Alibaba cloud becoming Asia’s largest cloud provider

2019-01-31 source:IDCNOVA
The annual revenue of Alibaba cloud reached by 21.36 billion yuan, becoming Asia’s largest cloud provider.

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd Expands Cloud Computing With Equinix Inc Partnership

2019-01-29 source:livesadvice
Alibaba Group Holding is strengthening its cloud computing platform, Aliyun, with the help of a tie-up with Equinix Inc.

Guizhou to accomplish open data cloud application this year

2019-01-29 source:IDCNOVA
The open data of provincial and municipal authorities will be connected to the online cloud platform “Cloud Guizhou” this year.

Alibaba outsourcing its Blink computing platform

2019-01-28 source:IDCNOVA
Alibaba announced to outsource its real-time computing platform Blink.

Huawei dominates China governmental affairs big data market

2019-01-24 source:IDCNOVA
According to the latest report by IDC on Chinese governmental affairs big data market, Huawei ranks No.1.

Microsoft to launch a cloud program in China’s Xi’an

2019-01-22 source:IDCNOVA
Xi Xian New Area, Microsoft, cloud computing

Tencent Bolsters Enterprise Business With Siri-Like Assistant And WeChat Add-Ons

2019-01-22 source:forbes
In 2019, China’s Tencent is rolling out more features and services in the hope of attracting more corporate clients.

Alibaba Cloud Has the Largest Share of the Chinese Cloud Computing Market

2019-01-22 source:equalocean
The cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group has the largest share of the Chinese cloud computing market and the third largest share of the global cloud computing market after Amazon and Microsoft.

Alibaba Cloud Helped Predict The Flu Epidemic In Macao

2019-01-18 source:equalocean
Alibaba Cloud helped Macao Health Bureau to predict the flu epidemic in Macao on December 12, 2018. This indicates that the traditional epidemic disease prediction may have the innovative trend to cooperate with AI Technology.

Chinese tech giant Baidu is making a play for the next big thing after cloud computing (BIDU)

2019-01-18 source:besttechtrad
Baidu has just announced China’s first open source edge computing platform – reflecting the country’s growing open source community.

China Unicom and Inspur jointly expanding cloud computing

2019-01-17 source:IDCNOVA
China Unicom and Inspur signed strategic agreement to cooperate in aspects of smart city, cloud computing, cloud service, big data, quality chain, IoT and NFV/SDN.

Alibaba Cloud Doubles Up With Second Data Centre In Indonesia

2019-01-15 source:dataeconomy
Alibaba Cloud launched a second data centre in Indonesia just 10 months after the company’s first one, to double its local capacity.

Baidu's open-source edge computing platform will add more AI capabilities to self-driving cars

2019-01-10 source:techrepublic
The Chinese search giant Baidu is offering edge computing solutions to augment their cloud computing offerings.he Chinese search giant is offering edge computing solutions to augment their cloud computing offerings.

Alibaba Cloud computing doubled in Indonesia

2019-01-10 source:IDCNOVA
Alibaba cloud announced that its 2nd availability zone in Indonesia officially opened,which doubled its cloud computing there.

Huawei pushing establishment of ECCE

2019-01-07 source:IDCNOVA
Huawei reached cooperative intention to establish the Edge Computing Consortium Europe (ECCE) together with partners.

Baidu revenue exceeds 100b yuan for the firs time, cloud service as pivot support

2019-01-03 source:IDCNOVA
Robin Li, founder and CEO of Chinese tech giant Baidu, affirmed that its revenue in 2018 had exceeded 100 billion yuan.

Alibaba Cloud signed a cloudl computing MOU with ZAIN

2019-01-03 source:IDCNOVA
Chinese tech giant Alibaba cloud service signed a MOU with ZAIN Saudi Arabia towards cooperation in cloud computing.

Baidu restructures to focus on AI and cloud computing

2018-12-25 source:technode
Chinese tech giant Baidu plans to restructure for AI development and furthur improvement and raise its stakes in cloud computing.

Tencent Cloud releases TMF, development efficiency lifted 200%

2018-12-24 source:IDCNOVA
Tencent Cloud officially released its new generation of mobile financial development platform TMF (Tencent Mobile FinTech Platform), lifting development efficiency at 200%.

Huawei pledges to do 'whatever is required' to meet Canada's security standards for 5G networks

2018-12-20 source:calgaryheral
Huawei Canada president said company will make commitments to 'ensure the integrity and security of 5G networks in Canada' in line with those made to the U.K.

Huawei Executive's Arrest Threatens To Derail Company's Global Ambitions

2018-12-11 source:forbes
The arrest of a senior executive at Huawei Technologies will likely give rise to more security concerns in other countries closely allied with the U.S. and jeopardize the company’s future revenue streams.

In Europe, Chinese Tech Giants Look to Take on Silicon Valley

2018-12-11 source:yahoo
Chinese internet tech giant Alibaba (BABA) is looking to give Amazon (AMZN), a run for its money in the European market, not only in ecommerce, but also in the surging cloud computing services market.

Chinese tech giant to invest 3b RMB for cloud computing and big data in Southeastern China’s Beihai City

2018-12-10 source:IDCNOVA
Chinese tech giant will invest 3b yuan for cloud computing and big data in Southwestern China's Beihai City.

Huawei cloud global users over 4,600 million, developer incentive resources released

2018-12-05 source:IDCNOVA
The total global users of Huawei cloud has exceeded 460 million people, according to Huawei senior. Huawei has achieved quite lots of accomplishments in various areas of cloud-related 3C products.

Enhancing hybrid cloud, why GDS is pushing cloud connect

2018-12-05 source:IDCNOVA
GDS is promoting its cloud connection services, upon its hybrid cloud strategy to boolster the continual development not only an infrastructure operator but also a solution provider.

China’s Huawei Cloud Launches Blockchain Service

2018-12-04 source:cfs
Huawei officially released its cloud service towards blockchain named BCS with several featured advantages and advanced merits globally.

Huawei expects 2018 revenue over $100B for the first time

2018-12-04 source:IDCNOVA
The revenue in 2018 for Huawei is estimated to exceed 100 billion dollars for the first time, according to Eric Xu, the rotating chairman of Huawei.

Cloud Use In Asia Grows 135% Shows Latest CNCF Research

2018-12-03 source:dataeconomy
The cloud use in Asia-Pacific surged at 135% since March 2018 according to the latest survey of CNCF, which is owing to the mass application of container management tools and other commerical solutions.

Oppo investing 10 billion yuan in 5G R&D

2018-11-30 source:zdnet
Oppo has upped its R&D investment across 5G, IoT, and artificial intelligence as it pushes to become the first company to launch a 5G smartphone next year.

Alibaba inks deal with Spanish retail giant that covers cloud, e-commerce initiatives

2018-11-30 source:zdnet
Chinese e-commerce player Alibaba will jointly work with El Corte Inglés across multiple areas including cloud computing, digital payments, e-commerce, and logistics.

Tencent Cloud Wins Bid in a China Unicom CDN Project

2018-11-29 source:IDCNOVA
Tencent wins bid in the public tender of China Unicom's EDS E-commerce CDN service projects, pushing its expansion furthur and more.

Alibaba Restructuring, New Retail Highlighted

2018-11-26 source:IDCNOVA
Alibaba announces its latest restructuring upgrade, including that Ali cloud will upgrade to Ali cloud intelligence; strengthen the investment and construction of technology and intelligent internet; etc.

Baidu Ceases Its Antivirus Download Service

2018-11-22 source:IDCNOVA
Earlier morning on December 21, 2018, Baidu officially announces the end of its antivirus and the download service won't be provided since then.

How Tencent moves into the cloud

2018-11-21 source:CSB
Tencent is moving its business model from mainly WeChat and B2C to the cloud. Tencent expert Matthew Brennan looks at the China Channel to the results he sees at the 2018 3Q results.

Medidata's Cloud Platform Picked by China's Hengrui, Stock Up

2018-11-21 source:yahoo
Medidata Solutions, Inc. MDSO recently announced that Hengrui Pharma of China has adopted Medidata Cloud with a view to unify data management and improve patient outcome.

GCP outage: MainOne leaked Google, CloudFlare IP routes to China Telecom

2018-11-20 source:DCD
Google search and cloud services were unavailable for many customers on Monday after an incident in which the company's routing information was leaked, via a Nigerian service provider and China Telecom.

.Cloud Domain Name Entering Chinese Market after MIIT Approval

2018-11-20 source:yahoo
New gTLD (generic top-level domain) .Cloud is pleased to announce it has received accreditation from China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

Cloud Native Computing Foundation Opens Inaugural KubeCon + CloudNativeCon China and Welcomes 53 New Members

2018-11-19 source:yahoo
KubeCon + CloudNativeCon China -- The Cloud Native Computing Foundation® (CNCF®), today announced that 53 new members and end user supporters have joined the Foundation.

Huawei Cloud Unveils in South Africa, Enabling to Build a Fully Connected Intelligent Africa

2018-11-19 source:yahoo
HUAWEI CLOUD, the cloud-computing services of Huawei, announced it had unveiled a new region in South Africa at AfricaCom 2018 on November 14, making it the world's first cloud service provider operating a local data center in Africa.

Alibaba Cloud Launches "Bare Metal"

2018-11-15 source:HPCwire
Alibaba Cloud (aka AliCloud) launched new performance-oriented “bare metal” instances, which can be pooled together to create an HPC cluster for large-scale machine learning applications, advanced data analysis, batch computing, etc.

Alibaba CEO says cloud computing will be its main business in future

2018-11-14 source:TBN
Alibaba is looking to cloud computing as a way to diversify its business beyond retail. Meanwhile, Alibaba is also pushing a strategy it calls “New Retail,” which is where it tries to combine its online properties with brick-and-mortar stores.

21Vianet Blue Cloud Joins Hands With Microsoft, Partners to Build Intelligent Cloud Ecosystem in China

2018-10-31 source:anglez
While expanding and enriching Microsoft's intelligent cloud native ecosystem, these new solutions provide customers in China with a wider range of options in the era of cloud technology and digital transformation.

IBM to acquire cloud computing firm Red Hat for $34 billion

2018-10-31 source:anglez
In a massive deal that could reshape cloud computing, IBM is acquiring open software company Red Hat for $34 billion.

Tencent Cloud user claims $1.6 million compensation for data loss

2018-10-31 source:anglez
The reputation of Tecent’s cloud computing service Tencent Cloud has taken a serious knock on Monday.

SUSE and Alibaba Cloud Partner to Meet Global Demand for Cloud-Based Business-Critical Applications

2018-10-31 source:anglez
SUSE® and Alibaba Cloud are expanding their global strategic partnership in public cloud services in response to rapidly growing customer demand for cost-effective and flexible SAP workloads on public cloud.

Inspur Goes for the Golden Hyperscale/AI Ring

2018-10-30 source:anglez
The China-based company, which already has a server manufacturing plant in Fremont, CA, is building a major new facility just up Rte.

Inspur Announces Transformation to A New Generation of Internet Enterprise of "Cloud+Data" at Inspur World 2018

2018-10-30 source:anglez
Inspur will build 6 ecosystems in cloud centers, cloud services, government data operations, iCity networks, smart city operation services and cloud ERP, improving digital industries.