SGCC to Launch a 1 Billion Cloud Computing Center

IDCNOVA News:As it’s revealed by the Managing Committee of Lanzhou New Area,a hyper scale cloud computing data center was launched and the first phase has been started recently.

Invested by Gansu Branch of the State Grid Corporation of China,the firs phase of this project will cost 1 billion yuan to install 3,000 racks.The total area of it is 6.9 hectares.Located in the Lanzhou New Area,it aims to build up a green cloud data center with high efficiency and low power consumption,upon the favorable geographical environment and beneficial policies plus the booming new regulations,new dynamics and new technologies,which will focus on rack lease,cloud platform and big data platform,big data analysis and application and so on,the annual power comsumption is estimated as 300 million kwh.

As the first large scaled cloud data center by the State Grid Corporation of China,this project will greatly support the upgrading and development for IT industry,convert from power output to computing output,signifying greatly for the big data industry development,informatization construction and traditional industry transformation of Gansu Province.

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