Tencent Cloud releases TMF, development efficiency lifted 200%

Recently,Tencent Cloud officially released its new generation of mobile financial development platform TMF(Tencent Mobile FinTech Platform),which integrates of Tencent’s mature technology in mobile product development,testing,release and operation,and provides full-life-cycle support and management for the mobile financial application development in multiple scenarios,help financial institutions to build mobile financial services at ow cost and high efficiency.


  Hu Liming,general manager of Tencent Fintech Cloud

Hu liming,general manager of Tencent Fintech Cloud,introduced that TMF,the new generation of mobile financial development platform of Tencent cloud,aims at the pain points such as poor experience of mobile financial products,less gameplay and single channels,and will focus on helping financial institutions to create truly high-value mobile financial service applications.

Based on TMF,the new generation mobile financial development platform of Tencent cloud,to create mobile financial service application,the comprehensive development efficiency will be increased by 200%.

TMF,Tencent cloud's new generation mobile financial development platform,also supports encapsulating financial service capabilities through the platform's API layer,quickly and imperceptibly embedding cooperation scenarios in a service-oriented form,changing financial services from passive to active,and forming a borderless financial service ecology.

So far,Tencent cloud has served more than 6,000 financial customers,including more than 150 banks,more than 40 insurance companies and more than 20 securities companies.Among them,large and medium-sized banks such as Bank of China,China Construction Cank,China Merchants Bank,Ping An Bank,Shanghai Pudong Development Bank,Huaxia Bank and Guotai Junan Securities,a well-known securities institution,have also conducted intensive cooperation with Tencent cloud.

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