Alibaba Cloud Helped Predict The Flu Epidemic In Macao

According to,Alibaba Cloud helped Macao Health Bureau to predict the flu epidemic in Macao on December 12,2018.This indicates that the traditional epidemic disease prediction may have the innovative trend to cooperate with AI Technology,and Alibaba Cloud helps to upgrade Macao as a smart city with its technology.

As one of the programs in intelligent healthcare system of Alibaba,by analyzing the history and the trend of epidemic desease through AI technology,the flu epidemic predition can predict the epidemic intensity and disease spreading risk of epidemic disease for the following two weeks.Hence,citizens can take precautions to against the epidemic desease and the government can control the epidemics from the source.

Alibaba Cloud helps to upgrade Macao as a smart city

The official event shows that Alibaba Cloud helps to upgrade Macao as a smart city started at August 4,2017.In that day,Macao Special Administrative Region(SAR)and Alibaba Cloud signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement.The agreement is signed by Macao SAR Chief Executive Office Director O Lam and President of Alibaba Cloud Hu Xiaoming,and is presided by SAR Chief Executive Chui Sai On and the board of directors of Alibaba Group Jack Ma.

Alibaba Cloud announced its four-year plan on enhancing Macao's municipal administration capacity.The first phase(2017-2018)is to focus on building cloud computing center and initiate AI applications to traffic control,medical service,E-government and tourism promotion.The second phase(2019-2020)will extend the AI application into environment protection,custom clearance and economy forecast.

Steadily pushing forward the progress of building Macao as a smart city,Alibaba Cloud helps Macao Health Bureau with flu epidemic prediction.It is not a small step,it shows Alibaba Cloud have the ability to change the epidemic disease prediction method in future,and even build a really smart city with cloud and AI in the future.

December 8,2018,Alibaba Cloud Business Group was upgraded to Alibaba Cloud&Intelligent Business Group and ZHANG Jianfeng,As the New President of Alibaba Cloud,Claimed to Pay More Efforts on IPv6.Compared with IPv4,IPv6 could provide much more IP addresses,and this will be quite important for the new era of IoT.By combining IoT,digital city and cloud technology,Alibaba Cloud has the ability to build the smart city in the future.

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