Alibaba Restructuring, New Retail Highlighted

On November 26th, Daniel Zhang, CEO of Alibaba group, issued an open letter to all members to announce that the latest organizational upgrade for the future: Ali cloud will upgrade to Ali cloud intelligence; strengthen the investment and construction of technology and intelligent internet; e-commerce platform Tmall self-escalates and splits into greater Tmall; lay the organizational foundation and enrich the leadership for the development in the next 5 to 10 years, make full efforts to build Ali business operating system.

After the upgrading, Aliyun business group will be upgraded to Aliyun intelligent business group, which comprehensively combines the intelligent ability of middleground and Aliyun to build the intelligent technology infrastructure based on cloud computing for the whole society in the gae of digital economy.

Three years ago, Alibaba set up the middleground business group and the corresponding more flexible organization mechanism of "bigger middleground and smaller foreground".In 2016, Alibaba launched a new era by announcing the new retail strategy. This change will also become a continuation of the original strategy from the organizational structure level.

Daniel Zhang also said that the integration of B2B, taobao, Tmall and other technical forces to establish the new retail technology business group, to provide strong technical support for the comprehensive realization of new retail. 

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