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Quick Overview (May, 2021): Important Developments of Cloud Computing

Quick Overview (May, 2021): Important Developments of Cloud Computing


In the past month, many dynamic events have emerged in the field of cloud computing, which deserve our attention!


Since 2020, “go to cloud”has become a trend and a trend. In the context of more and more capitals and companies deploying cloud computing, its market is also experiencing a spurt of development.

Under such a hot development trend, 2021 will continue. In the past month, many dynamic events have emerged in the field of cloud computing, which deserve our attention!

Zhejiang's first Tencent Yunqi industrial base settled in Ningbo

According to news on May 8th, the People’s Government of Fenghua District, Ningbo City recently signed a project agreement with Tencent to jointly build the "Tencent Yunqi Industrial Base (Ningbo)" to develop talent gathering, industry empowerment, resource introduction, and innovation incubation. Multi-faceted cooperation. The settlement of Tencent Yunqi Industrial Base in Fenghua is the first Yunqi Industrial Base that Tencent and its ecological partners have cooperated with the local government to build a digital industrial cluster in Zhejiang.

Kingdee Cloud conducts a strategic split of product and brand

On May 8th, Kingdee Group announced that the original Kingdee Cloud·Sky was officially split into PaaS and SaaS. The PaaS platform followed the Kingdee Cloud·Sky brand, and the separated SaaS application was independently a new brand "Kingdee Cloud·Xinghan". As a result, Kingdee Cloud presents a "multi-star" layout for SaaS for large, medium, small and micro enterprises with Kingdee Cloud·Sky PaaS platform as the common base, and Xinghan, Xingkong, and Xingchen respectively.

JD Cloud establishes smart city digital economy company

On May 13, JD Smart City (Hebei) Digital Economy Co., Ltd. was established. The legal representative is Cao Hongbao and the registered capital is 10 million yuan. The business scope includes: animation and derivative product design services, data processing services, basic software development (not Including educational software), application software development (not including educational software), market analysis and investigation services, etc. According to an enterprise search, the company is 100% controlled by JD Cloud Computing Co., Ltd.

IDC Releases China Financial Cloud Market Report

According to the news on May 13th, a few days ago, IDC, a world-renowned market research institution, released a new report "China Financial Cloud Market (Second Half of 2020) Tracking", showing that in the second half of 2020, China's financial cloud infrastructure market will reach USD 1.93 billion. Among them, Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei, Baidu and JD Cloud ranked the top five in market share.

Tencent Releases Tencent Cloud Audio and Video brand

On May 17, Tencent announced the formal establishment of the Tencent Cloud Audio and Video brand, and at the same time released the three-in-one RT-ONE network. The network integrates Tencent Cloud Real-Time Communication Network (TRTC), Instant Messaging Network (IM) and Streaming Media Distribution Network (CDN) to build a base for the industry’s most complete audio and video communication PaaS platform. It will provided services for education, retail, Pan-entertainment and other industries.

China Telecom launches 5G cloud package

On May 17th, at the World Telecommunications and Information Society Day Conference, China Telecom launched a 5G cloud package to meet the needs of individuals and families for multi-scenario information consumption and build a digital life on the cloud. The 5G cloud package breaks the traditional package communication service model with traffic, voice, and SMS as the basic structure, and incorporates 60GB of free cloud space into the basic component of the package, realizing a cloud for everyone and a cloud for every family.

Inspur Cloud Releases "1231" Business Strategy

On May 18th, Inspur Cloud released a new business strategy "1231", namely 1 unified architecture, 2 key areas, 3 integration capabilities, and 1 security system. At the same time, Inspur also announced its "Distributed Cloud+" action plan for the first time, that is, to build a distributed cloud, focusing on two key areas of digital government and industrial Internet, and standardizing the integration of cloud, data and intelligence for multiple business scenarios  to build an ecosystem jointly with partners.

Tsinghua Unigroup plans to increase capital of Tsinghua Unigroup by CNY 600 million

According to news on May 19, Unisplendour Co., Ltd. recently announced that the company and strategic investors introduced through public listing plan to jointly increase the capital of Unisplendour Cloud. The total amount of capital increase will not exceed CNY 600 million. According to data, UniCloud focuses on smart city operations and industrial Internet services. At present, it has built 23 cloud nodes across the country, and the self-developed public cloud platform "Ziluan" has also been officially launched.

JD Cloud helps 200,000 SMEs go to the cloud

On May 20th, JD Cloud announced that from May 21st to June 30th, it will carry out large-scale promotion of the entire line of enterprise-level products, and invest hundreds of millions of resources to fully help 200,000 small and medium-sized enterprises go to the cloud. According to reports, the products involved include not only cloud hosts, cloud databases, cloud storage, cloud hard drives, cloud security and other explosive cloud products, but also smart customer service, cloud communication services, SaaS services, corporate finance and smart hardware products.

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