Tencent Cloud’s First 5G Edge Computer Center , the "Smart Capsule" , Officially Opened on 14th October.

On 14th October 2020, Tencent Cloud’s first 5G Edge Computer Center Officially Opened. As an innovative one-stop edge computing product, from the underlying hardware to the upper software, Tencent Cloud took the lead in connecting the integral application of 5G and edge computing, and becomes the first domestic cloud vendor with integral delivery capability.


The 5G Edge Computer will help solve the problems of insufficient computing power and network delay in real-time HD audio and video, smart community, smart medical, industrial Internet and etc, support customers with fast and steady smart life and invite the large-scale application of 5G.


The 5G Edge Computer Center - A "Smart Capsule" Integrates Multiple High-technologies


Tencent Cloud’s 5G Edge Computer Center has integrated multiple cutting-edge technologies in the fields of 5G, edge computing, IoT, Security, etc, and it has turned into a “Smart Capsule”.


For the internal structure, this “Smart Capsule” includes three layers. The Mini T-block, which can be quickly deployed, is used as a carrier, combined with self-developed equipment to form a hardware layer. The Tencent edge computing infrastructure ECM is deployed on the hardware layer, and connects to 5G network, integrating intelligent maintenance and network security capabilities to ensure the stability of edge computing. Integral 5G edge computing solutions could be created by deploying Tencent’s featured edge computing technologies.


Mini T-block, as one of the important hardware carriers of Tencent Cloud's edge computing technology, adopts standardized and modular product forms and a "plug and play" lightning delivery model similar to U disk, which effectively meets the demand in rapid deployment of edge computing. In addition, through the intelligent transformation of Mini T-block by Tencent Cloud IoT Explorer, the Binhai 5G edge computing center can realize automated environmental management, presence awareness and abnormal alarms, and comprehensively reduce manual operation and maintenance workload and equipment abnormal risks. Users only need to use Tencent's Lianlian Mini Program to remotely understand the various information inside the center.


The redundant backup architecture inside Mini T-block effectively guarantees uninterrupted and smooth business operations. At the same time, Tencent Cloud will also release an outdoor integrated cabinet, which will be a data center product with smaller granularity than Mini T-block, faster delivery, and more flexible deployment to further meet the needs of enterprises for edge computing and private cloud.


At the IaaS layer, the edge computing machine ECM can deploy computing capabilities to cloud edge nodes close to users and data production sources, providing low-latency, high-availability, and low-cost edge computing services. At the same time, the edge computing machine ECM adopts the same technical solution as the Tencent Cloud Central Cloud, seamlessly supporting the edge and central cloud-side collaboration; the IoT edge computing platform IECP can quickly expand the cloud computing capabilities of Tencent Cloud Storage, big data, AI, and security to the AIoT gateway closest to the IoT device. It provides convenient support and powerful AI base capabilities for customers to build edge computing applications; The network collaboration of the edge access, acceleration platform TSEC and the operator can help realize 5G edge traffic access, QoS/slicing network acceleration capabilities, secure access, 5G LAN industry communication capabilities, etc., and comprehensively speed up the enterprise business and service innovation.


5G Edge Computing Center – Make the Large-Scale of 5G Application Available


Tencent Cloud introduced that with the support of the 5G edge computing center and Tencent Cloud gaming solutions, enterprises can deploy multiple terminals without adapting to complex software and hardware platforms, and quickly launch cloud games. Meanwhile, the cloud gaming platform represented by Tencent's Xianyou APP has created a next-generation game mode for users to play at any moment with just one click. No matter on mobile phones, PCs or OTT devices, users can get a low-latency and high-quality 3A gaming experience without downloading and installing games. Based on Mini T-block Video cloud edge access point, the overall 4K live broadcast service delay will be shortened to less than 200ms, and ultra-high-definition video live broadcasts will be fully applied. In 4K/8K ultra-high-definition on-demand scene of Tencent Video, Mini T-block can carry a complete set of scheduling and download services, maximizing 5G high bandwidth, low latency and new edge computing features, allowing users to experience ultra-high-definition video smoothly.


In addition, without the constraints of computing power and network latency, applications such as patrol robots, telemedicine, and AR/VR in some industrial scenarios will also be popular.


5G and Security – Tencent Network Intrusion Prevention System


In 5G era, except for Application scenario problems, security alms or attack protection should be supported by security computing power. Tencent Network Intrusion Prevention System is based on its own security computing power algorithm capability is in the leading position in passing cyber threats. It also has more than 60 self-developed national patent security computing power technologies.


For distributed cloud security in edge computing scenarios, Tencent Network Intrusion Prevention System adopts the idea of "Drill down into the kernel and close to the hardware", providing near-source security analysis, enhancing the security protection capabilities and efficiency of edge computing centers, and meeting the security requirements of delay-sensitive applications. In addition, it also embeds native security attributes for the edge computing center, enabling flexible deployment and reducing the difficulty of delivery.


Security City System – The Personnel and Event Management Platform in the Center


Smart cities have become the major direction of the new urbanization development, and the security city system is an important part of the smart city information system. The personnel and event management platform deployed in the Tencent Cloud 5G edge computing center can provide smart security services such as helmet detection, fire warning, restricted area detection, etc. to help customers quickly locate security risk events, improve processing efficiency and reduce manpower cost.


Tencent Self-Developed Data Center Operation and Maintenance Management Platform


In addition, Tencent self-developed data center operation and maintenance management platform could realize the intelligent management of the data center, which could help customers control the operation of 5G edge centers, continuously improve the efficiency and quality of operations, and endow data centers with sophisticated perception capabilities and rapid evolution capabilities.

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