Alibaba topped top 50 Chinese cloud providers

IDCNOVA news,according to the market share report of public cloud provider by IDC,Alibaba cloud ranked No.1,becoming the only Chinese one into top 5.

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In the last 5 years,with the rapid growth and huge investment as well as disruptive expansion in the Asia and Pacific Area,Alibaba cloud caught up AWS and Google.Owing to the fast development and emerging technologies,the public cloud market of China is keeping high growth,and it’s estimated to reach by 43.2%for the CAGR by 2021.

云商同top50.jpgAccording to Gartner,the total amounts of global IoT equipment will reach by over 30 billion by 2020.The hyper scale IoT relies on the support of cloud computing services,thus all the mainstream cloud providers have introduced their own IoT strategies to provide the partners and customers with the convenient and fast access to the network.

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