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Tencent Cloud enters the Mongolian market for the first time, reaches cooperation agreement with Nomin Group and S Cloud

On September 7, Tencent Cloud announced that it has reached a cooperation agreement with Nomin Holding (hereinafter referred to as Nomin), a comprehensive large-scale enterprise group, to provide solutions for its digital transformation. This is the first time Tencent Cloud has entered the Mongolian market. In addition, Tencent Cloud has also joined hands with another company, S Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as S Cloud), and the two parties will jointly contribute to the development of the local digital economy.


According to the cooperation agreement, Tencent Cloud will provide a one-stop service for Nomin’s digital transformation: joint ecological partners to help Nomin implement a professional enterprise information management system SAP, and deploy the group’s SAP and other core business systems to the cloud as a whole, focusing on specific Business scenarios, providing exclusive Tencent Cloud solutions.


Specifically, Tencent Cloud's high-performance IaaS platform can escort the stable operation of these business systems, and at the PaaS level, it provides solutions for cloud security and remote office. After the system is deployed to the cloud, Tencent Cloud can also help Nomin's branches to break the "information wall" between each other, and connect different companies in the industry chain, interconnect on the cloud, and share resources.


Nomin Group has been established for nearly 30 years and has 29 branches under its umbrella. Its business covers retail, foreign trade, manufacturing, finance, real estate and other fields. It has 64 large-scale department stores and wholesale warehouses in China. Currently, Nomin Group’s import business accounts for 4% of Mongolia’s total imports, serving 1.2 million customers every month. Nomin Group President Ya. Navaan said that the world has entered the era of digital economy. Nomin also hopes that through this cooperation, digital tools can be used to improve business operations, improve efficiency and competitiveness, and ensure the company's sustainable growth.


In addition, Mongolian company S Cloud joined Tencent Cloud Ecosystem as a partner. It is understood that Mongolia's GDP has grown rapidly in recent years, but the foundation of the digital economy is relatively weak. S Cloud will work with Tencent Cloud to create a digital transformation plan that meets local needs and help more Mongolian companies go to the cloud.


S Cloud is a technology company focusing on software development and cloud services, with a strong technical development team and project delivery capabilities. It has also been deeply involved in the retail and industrial fields of Mongolia, and has accumulated rich market resources and industry experience. The company insists on customer first, with the goal of value creation, providing enterprises with high-quality software, network services and complete mobile Internet solutions.


Tencent Cloud is China's leading cloud computing brand, providing world-leading cloud computing, AI, big data and other technology products and services to countries and regions around the world. At present, Tencent Cloud operates 67 availability zones in 27 geographic regions around the world, and has deployed more than 2,800 CDN acceleration nodes in more than 70 countries and regions around the world, and the entire network bandwidth resource reserve is as high as 200T+. As a digital assistant for enterprise transformation, Tencent Cloud takes root in the industry, builds an open and win-win cloud ecosystem, and provides assistance for the digital upgrade of all walks of life.

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