Baidu Ceases Its Antivirus Download Service

Earlier morning on December 21, 2018, Baidu announces its withdrawal from antivirus program. "Thanks for all your accompany and support in the way", displayed on the official website of Baidu Antivirus, and introduction and download services already not provided. 


Moreover, the webpage of Baidu Antivirus  also displays characters "Please download Baidu mobile defender" and "Please follow Microsoft security center to gain Windows security information and solutions" .

Developed and created since in April 2013, cooperating with Kaspersky and based on antivirus engine of Kaspersky, Baidu Antivirus program integrates with Baidu Cloud Antivirus engine, promises to be free forever, no harassment and forceful action towards users, no peeping user's privacy, dedicates to provide light, handy experience without congestion. 

With the shrinkage of overall PC market, and the Windows affiliated Windows Denfender already enough to meet most users' demand, antivirus program , the once fiery battlefield has gradually ceased to be quiet. 

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