Inspur Announces Transformation to A New Generation of Internet Enterprise of "Cloud+Data" at Inspur World 2018

CHENGDU, ChinaAug. 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On August 29, Inspur World 2018, with the theme "Cloud+Data Empowers the Intelligent World", was held in Chengdu. Over 5,000 representatives from governments and enterprises, ecological partners and industry experts attended,discussing cutting-edge trends and sharing visions on digital economy. During the summit, Inspur announced it would transform from a leading service provider of cloud computing and big data into the new generation of Internet "Cloud+Data" enterprise. Powered by cloud and data, Inspur is dedicated to becoming a platform-based ecological enterprise and generating three new major operators.

The idea of the new generation Internet enterprises is all about new chains, new ecosystems and new operators. Peter Sun, Chairman and CEO of Inspur Group, defined the new chains as a way to solve the 2G (to government) issue on the basis of 2C and 2B in traditional Internet enterprises, forming a coverage on customers, businesses and governments. Inspur mingles the authorized government data with Internet data to forge connections for government, society and individuals and carries out new applications on this basis to benefit government, people and industries.

Unlike traditional Internet enterprises collecting data via their applications and using the data to update the ecology of their own products, Inspur intends to offer its cloud and data to its partners, so as to shape a new ecosystem in which data is shared by all.

Inspur will build 6 ecosystems in cloud centers, cloud services, government data operations, iCity networks, smart city operation services and cloud ERP, improving digital industries.

In the era of intelligent technologies, cloud services operators, big data operators and smart city operators are three new major operators that promote urban development. These are also Inspur's aimsPeter Sun said during his speech.

At the summit, Inspur released its Cloud Ladder Project for cloud ecosystem construction. It plans to invest 3 billion yuan in this project in the next three years, and by 2020, the number of partners involved in this project will reach 15,000+. The on-going Inspur Cloud IPO was also released.

Inspur also launched its iCity project, a co-construction, co-governance and all-sharing platform, and "Five-Colored City", a model of urban co-governance with blockchain technology. It is the first time that blockchain technology is applied to city governance in China.

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