MIIT Requests Orderly IoT SIM Card Resale

Recently, the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (hereinafter referred to as MIIT) issued notice to China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, CAICT, Mobile Communications Resale Enterprises, requesting better security management in the IoT SIM card under steady and effective supervision, clarifying the functional restrictions for voice messages, SMS, traffic flow, as well as accomplishment of verification and rectification towards the existing IoT SIM cards before end of December, which will be supervised, inspected for implementation by specific work unit organized by MIIT accordingly.

Under the severe tackling of communications fraud nationwide and the mobile phone identification, telecom cyber fraud is heading for new way,  IoT SIM card. In response to that situation, considering the currently improper management systems conducted by the relevant companies, MIIT issued the Notice on Better Security Management of IoT SIM Card by Mobile Communication Resale Companies recently. Its aimed to life the service lever, enhance healthy development of the industry.

To achieve the expected purpose, detailed regulations are included, such as clear functional restriction, upon function minimumprinciple, shut down the voice message function, SMS should not be open principally; establish IoT SIM card safety evaluation system, only if that evaluation passed, the contract with customer can be signed; reinforcement of promotion to imply users identification registration responsibility, etc. 

Compiled by China IDCNOVA, retransmission prohibited without authorization. 

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