Capital Encouraged Pouring for Chinese Internet Market, What’s Inside You Should Never Ignore

Gao Li, spokesperson of China Securities Regulatory Commission (hereinafter as CSRC)  said, to fully play important function of capital market in the allocation of resources, standardize and promote development and innovation of the network and IT enterprises, advance the construction of  a digital China with powerful network,  Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission (hereinafter as OCCAC)and CSRC jointly issued <the Guidance Instruction on Push Capital Market to Serve the National Cyberpower Development> (hereinafter as the Instruction).

As for detailed measurements, the Instruction raised that, first, enhance policy guidance, promote regulated development of network and IT enterprises. Support them serve the related national strategy, guide them for development selection around national cyberpower strategy. Second, give full play to the captial market, promote network and IT enterprises for faster development.  Support eligible ones to utilize mainboard, SMEs board, GEM, NEEQ, regional equity market, bond market and others to grow up. Third, reinforce organizational support. OCCAC and CSRC will establish and improve coordination systems, enhance communication, promote information sharing. Allow full play to related government authorities, guilds and assocations, research institutes, enterprises and others, construct professional investment and funding service platform.

In the following time, OCCAC and CSRC will adopt practical measures, promote work refinement and implementation, strive to improve institutional inclusion and adaptation, enhance support on new technology, new industry, new business and new mode, promote network and IT enterprises efficiently joint cooperation with capital market, speed up to implement national cyberpower strategy. 

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