China issued the Green Industry Guidance Directory

IDCNOVA news,recently,the National Development and Reform Commission of China(NDRC)and other relevant authorities have jointly issued Green Industry Guidance Directory(2019 edition)(hereinafter referred to as the directory).

The directory points out that it’s required for strong technical support and industrial base to strengthens ecological progress and promotes green development.To better collocate resources and capital to the most need part of green development and most urgent industries,tackle the pollution issues encountered and achieve the Beautiful China Initiative,NDRC formulated this directory accordingly together with other related organs.

To enforce the concrete implementation,NDRC proposes and and requests relevant local authorities to make detailed back regulations and policies in terms of investment,pricing,finance,taxation to bolster green industries,energy-conservation,green manufacturing and green energy in particular.


NDRC will design and release supporting sub-catalogue and aim on accessibility and availability of the directory together with detailed guidelines from industrial experts and scholars to better push the implementation locally.And a specific commission for green industry development supported by related industrial experts will be launched to provide consulting and guidance services.The green industry verification and accreditation mechanism will be established too,introducing qualified third party agencies to conduct services.

As a high consumption industry,data center consumes quite lots of power,which is dedicated to simplified style owing to restrictions of high cost and high energy consumption.In addition to“green”policies and regulations from authority bureaus and organs,data center industry seems to go for the green trend in a unwavering way.

The directory divides green industries into six categories,including energy conservation and environmental protection,clean production,clean energy,ecological environment,green infrastructure upgrading and green services.

For energy conservation and environmental protection industry,the directory focuses on manufacturing of various energy-saving generator,rectifier,inductor,converter,transducer,electric welding machine and relevant parts.In the clean production industry,the directory stresses high energy consumption industries of power,iron and steel,non-ferrous metals,petroleum,petrochemical,chemical industry, achieve minimum waste pollutant and energy conservation via building up a cross-industry interconnection network.

Wind power and solar power are highly stressed to establish a more developed system of technology and equipment for the Clean energy industry.The ideology of the ecological functional zone construction,maintenance and operation is raised to deal with the ecological environmental industry accordingly.The directory also pays attention to green building and storage for acceleration of resources conservation regarding the green infrastructure upgrading.

Referring to the green services industry,the directory clearly states the overall arrangement on green industrial programming,containing industrial design,operation and maintance,processing design and upgrading,etc.Green industry consulting is particularly stressed, including green project research,planning,availability analysis,risk assessment,advanced environmental technique and material evaluation,acceptance of works,professional training and so on.

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