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[East Data West Computing] The significance of the data center to the west



The development of the“East Data and West Computing”project can promote the large-scale and perfect layout of the Western Data Center, meet the computing power requirements of the Western Data Center to a certain extent, and is of great significance to the overall and sustainable development of the Western Region.


At present, the digital economy is developing at an unprecedented speed, with a wide spread and deep influence. It is becoming a key force in reorganizing global factor resources, reshaping the global economic pattern, and changing the global competition pattern. Accelerating the construction of computing power will effectively stimulate the innovation vitality of data elements, accelerate the process of digital industrialization and industry digitization, and support high-quality economic development.


As the core productivity of digital economy development, computing power is an important infrastructure for national economic development. "East Data and West Computing" is to build a new computing network system that integrates data centers, cloud computing, and big data. It guides the transfer of computing needs in the eastern region to the west in an orderly manner, optimizes the layout of data center construction, and promotes the coordinated development of the east and the west. The significance of the data center to the west is reflected in:


1 Use Green Energy from the Western China and Realize the Large-Scale and Intensive Development of National Computing Capabilities.


Most of China's data centers are located in the eastern region. Due to the increasing shortage of resources such as land and energy, the large-scale development of data centers in the eastern region is unsustainable. The western region of China is rich in resources, especially renewable energy, and has the potential to develop data centers to meet the computing power needs of the eastern region. The implementation of the "East and West" project is to accelerate the large-scale deployment of data centers to the west. The purpose is to achieve reasonable layout, supply and demand optimization, green intensification, and interconnection of data centers. Through the construction of the national integrated data center layout, it will help to improve the overall level of the country's computing power, improve the efficiency of computing power use, and realize the intensive development of the national computing power scale; it can also absorb the green energy in the west and continuously optimize the energy efficiency of the data center.


2 Promote coordinated regional development


The data center industry chain is long, the scale of investment is large, and the driving effect is strong. The construction of computing hubs and data center clusters will strongly promote upstream and downstream investment in the industry. It should be noted that at present, the problem of unbalanced development between the east and the west of China is still prominent. For the western region, "East Data West Computing" is a brand-new development opportunity. It can not only bring local investment, drive the effective transfer of related industries, and promote the development of the western region to form a new pattern, but also give full play to the resources and cost advantages of the western region, consolidate the foundation for the development of the digital economy, and promote the leapfrog development of the western region to a new level.


3 Conducive to the progress of computing enterprises in the western region


It could help to accelerate the construction of computing power centers and benefit various market players, especially those who provide computing power and those who use computing power. At present, with the continuous penetration of digital technology into various fields of the economy and society, the demand for computing power in the whole society is still very urgent, and it is expected to continue to grow at a rate of more than 20% every year.  The further improvement and optimization of computing power will help reduce the cost of cloud use, and accelerate the application and implementation of new technologies such as industrial Internet, telemedicine, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, etc., which will undoubtedly provide a more solid foundation for the innovation and development of enterprises. foundation to accelerate digital transformation. With the continuous improvement of new infrastructure in the digital economy era, various new technologies, new industries, new business forms, and new models continue to emerge, which will surely stimulate the innovation and creativity of the whole society, and promote the quality transformation and efficiency improvement of economic and social development.


4 "East Data West Computing" Project helps the Digitalization of Western Industries to Accelerate the Transformation


Similar to South-to-North Water Diversion, West-to-East Gas Transmission, and West-to-East Electricity Transmission, East Data West Computing is also a cross-regional allocation of resources by the state, except that water is sent from South-to-North Water Diversion, electricity is sent from West to East, and East-to-West is calculated in minutes to calculate power. . By laying out computing infrastructure from east to west, relevant industrial chains can be transferred to the west in an orderly manner. As the global digital transformation enters a stage of rapid development, the western region can take this advantage to improve the level of network infrastructure construction, promote economic development, and further strengthen the cross-regional development of the eastern and western regions.


To sum up, the significance of the data center in the west is to promote the revitalization of the west and is conducive to the coordinated development of the region. The western region should use its policy advantages to achieve development and revitalization.

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