MIIT promotes China’s new generation ICT via 4 major aspects

Dec 19,the"ICT in-depth observation seminar and the relevant white paper press conference"hosted by CAICT was held in Beijing,Wang Xinzhe,the chief economist from MIIT attended and delivered a speech.

Rapid growth of China ICT

Wang said,being innovative,widely penetrating and fast growing,the information and communication technology(ICT)is a strategic,basic and leading industry for the national economic and social development.

He pointed out that the rapid development of China telecommunications industry is highlighted in four aspects:

First,the information and communication network covers the whole country.At present,China has built a telecommunications network covering the whole country and reaching the world,including optical fiber,digital microwave,satellite,mobile communication and data communication.By the end of October this year,there were 1.55 billion mobile phone users,400 million broadband internet access users and 1.38 billion mobile internet users in China,all ranking No.1 in the world.

Second,information and communication technology has achieved a leapfrog development.In terms of optical communication,optical network cities have been completed in an all-round way,and optical fiber has become the"standard distribution"of urban families.In the field of mobile communication,leapfrog progress has been achieved from blank state of 1G,following state of 2G and breakthrough in 3G to 4G’s synchronization and 5G’s leading advantage.At present,China has built the world's largest 4G network.5G is at the forefront of the world in terms of both standard formulation and experimental progress.

Third,the rapid development of the internet economy.E-commerce,mobile payment and sharing economy are leading the world trend."Internet plus"has been widely integrated into all walks of life.There are more than 150 listed internet companies,two of which have entered the top 10 global companies in terms of market value.Meanwhile,in cloud computing,big data,artificial intelligence and other fields,a large number of unicorn enterprises are growing rapidly.

Fourth,the capacity to support and driving development has been steadily strengthened.New models such as networked collaborative manufacturing,large-scale personalized manufacturing and service-oriented manufacturing have been emerging,and breakthroughs have been made in the construction of industrial internet.

"These achievements fully reflect the strong development trend of China information and communication technology,as well as China's strong development advantages in information and communication technology,"Wang said.

Four aspects to promote the development of new generation ICT in China

At present,the world is entering a period of development dominated by a new generation of information technology.Driven by application drive,system integration and open source,the three main lines of network,computing and perception are upgraded iteratively and combined with exponential growth of big data to accelerate breakthroughs in 5G,IoT,artificial intelligence,blockchain,quantum information and other new-generation information technologies.

At the same time,ICT and the substantial economy are being integrated at a wider,deeper and higher level,accelerating the transformation of production modes to digitalization,networking and intelligence,and the evolution of organizational forms to platformalization,ecology and globalization,so as to profoundly reshape the global development pattern and industrial division.In order to win the strategic initiative of international competition,major countries in the world regard the new generation of information technology as the commanding point of future development and have issued various policies and measures to give strong support.

Wang stressed that as the competent authority department of industry,MIIT will accelerate the development of a new generation of information technology,promote the development of the Chinese economy to realize high quality,make a positive contribution.And MIIT has been dedicating to striving in 4 major aspects as follows:

One is to adhere to the fixed and mobile synchronization,improve the network support capacity.We will vigorously build a new generation of information infrastructure featuring high speed,full coverage and intelligence,promote all-optical networks,fully deploy IPv6,speed up the networking and intelligent transformation of traditional infrastructure,develop satellite Internet,and form an integrated information network between outer space and earth.Accelerate the commercialization of 5G,cultivate a complete industrial chain integrating systems,chips,terminals and instruments,build a high-quality network,and create an open and win-win 5G integrated application ecology.

Second,adhere to the online and offline interaction,improve the ability to lead integration.We will fully implement the strategy of innovative development of the industrial internet and accelerate the development of three major systems of network,platform and security.We will deepen the integration of 5G,internet,big data,artificial intelligence and other technologies with the manufacturing sector,strengthen the foundation for digitization of industry,vigorously develop intelligent manufacturing,continue to promote"Internet plus innovation"strategy,foster new modes and business forms,and foster new growth points and new momentum in high-end consumption,intelligent economy,modern supply chains and other fields.

Third,we will continue to work with the relevant authorities and social entities to enhance our capacity for industry regulation.Promote the law-based governance and scientific management and coordination management,strengthen the internet thinking,make use of big data and AI means,and further promote the relevant reform,improve the platform management,build a standard and orderly,inclusive and prudent,innovatie and encouraging encourage development environment.

Fourth,we would insist on combination of institution and technology to enhance the security capability.Perfecting the system of laws and regulations based on“the Network Safety Law"as the core,to speed up the specific legislation cause in key areas such as critical information infrastructure protection,big data security management and cross-border data flows,to strengthen the construction of network security technology system and develop network security industry,improve the safety protection level in key facilities,important data and personal information in an all-round way.

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