All You Wanna Know About Chinese Telecom Market is Here

According to the latest notice on telecommunication service quality issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of People’s Republic of China, by the end of 2017, the amount of telephone users is 1.61 billion, and mobile phones users taking up as 1.42 billion. The amount of Chinese broadband users is 349 million, and those over 50Mbps and 100Mbps accounting for 70% and 38.9% respectively.

With the rapid popularization of optical fiber broadband, the total number of FTTH/O users has reached 294 million, accounting for 84.3% of total number of fixed broadband users. As for the mobile broadband users, its number has reached 1.13 billion, and 4G users amounting to 997 million. In 2017, the mobile internet access traffic has accumulated up to 24.6 billion GB, increasing 162.7% year-on-year;the shipment of smartphones is around 461 million pieces, decreasing 11.6% than previous year.

From the MIIT notice, in 2017, the telecommunication and internetnetworks achieved smooth operation and overall stable service.The Chinese communication industry provided strong support for significant conferences such as annual NPC & CPPCC (“Lianghui”),“Belt and Road”Forum(BRF); carried out prompt response towards natural disasters like landslide in Maoxian County and earthquake in Jiuzhaigou Area, Sichuan Province, dispatched personnel and vehicles for emergency communication support up to 593,000 and 155,000 respectively, ensured smooth communication for the rescue and relief, recovered communication service in disaster-stricken area timely , and guaranteed overall steady operation of public communication network.

In 2017, telecom user’s complaint handling agencies of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) received a total of 659,79 complaints from telecom users, down by 21.0% year-on-year. The annual appeal rate per million users was 34.6 person-time, down by 12.1.

During the 4th quarter of 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organized technical inspection on applications of 86 mobile app stores, 38 types of illegal softwares were found, involving  collection of users’ personal information, forcefull binding to promote other applications and removed from the shelf.Spot checks were carried out too towards 225 businesses of 3 fundamental telecom companies and 104 value-added ones, 6 categories of value-added transactions were found problem-existing, involving business update not in time and incapable business usage, rectification has been implemented under supervision. 

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