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[Policy and Regulation] Hebei Province: Optimize the layout of Data Centers for the demand of Beijing Data Centers

Hebei Province: Optimize the layout of Data Centers for the demand of Beijing Data Centers


Recently, the Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission and other five departments jointly issued a notice on "Several Policies on Breaking Bottleneck Restrictions and Boosting the Healthy Development of the Digital Economy", proposing to support the intensive and large-scale development of data centers, and promote the construction of Zhangjiakou data center clusters, mainly to undertake Beijing data center migration and incremental spillover. Establish major digital economy platforms such as the Xiongan New District Digital Economy Innovation and Development Pilot Zone, Shijiazhuang Zhengding Digital Economy Industrial Park, Zhangjiakou Huailai Big Data Industry Base, Beijing Daxing International Airport Airport Economic Zone (Langfang) and other major digital economy platforms to support the development of high-performance and edge data center.


The notice clarifies that it will strengthen the guarantee of data center elements in the planned layout and support the green and low-carbon development of data centers. It will give priority to support the new construction and expansion of data centers with a renewable energy power supply of 50% or more. It will intensify the energy-saving transformation of data centers, introduce energy-saving products and solutions, accelerate the application of green energy-saving equipment such as all-flash memory, liquid cooling technology, and indirect evaporative cooling units, encourage the construction of supporting waste heat recovery heating facilities in data centers, and effectively promote low carbon data centers.


It will support wind power, photovoltaic companies and data center companies to carry out in-depth cooperation, and explore and promote data centers to participate in a new model of integrated construction of "source-network-load-storage". By 2025, all large and supersized data centers with PUE above 1.3 will be vacated and shut down in accordance with laws and regulations.


It will reduce the operating costs of digital infrastructure such as 5G base stations and data centers. It will promote the conversion of power supply to direct power supply, increase the flexibility of electricity prices, encourage enterprises to participate in electricity market-oriented transactions, promote the openness of social public resources, establish public resource cooperation and sharing mechanisms such as pipe corridors, towers, and roofs, and explore diversified cooperation models.


It will strengthen the service guarantee for the digital transformation of the industry. It will enhance public service capabilities for digital transformation, support the construction of a digital transformation engineering research center, support the construction of an autonomous open-source ecosystem, and strengthen digital development network security guarantees.


It will cultivate and develop the market for data elements. Establish and improve market rules for data elements, promote the open sharing of government data, explore the establishment of data transaction mechanisms, establish and improve data classification and grading security protection systems, and study and formulate disciplinary mechanisms for data application violations.


It will strengthen the construction of supervision mechanism and governance system to build a comprehensive, multi-level, and three-dimensional supervision system to realize the supervision of the entire chain before and after the fact; build a digital economy monitoring platform and establish a new governance model and mechanism in which the government, industry organizations, Internet platform companies, and the public participate in and effectively collaborate with multiple entities.

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