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Electricity price reform is expected to drive trillions of new social investment in upstream and downstream industries

From the September press conference held by the National Development and Reform Commission that since the beginning of this year, the National Development and Reform Commission has accelerated the reform of electricity prices. The investment in areas such as energy-saving technological transformation of the electrolytic aluminum industry is expected to drive trillions of yuan in new social investment in upstream and downstream industries in the next few years.

The National Development and Reform Commission has recently introduced four major reform measures, which have received high attention and positive comments from all quarters.


One is to innovate the price mechanism of pumped storage.  Clearly establish the price of pumped-storage electricity in a competitive way. Incorporate capacity electricity charges into the recovery of transmission and distribution prices. At the same time, strengthen the connection with the construction and development of the electricity market, and release a clear and strong price signal, Injects strong impetus into the accelerated development of pumped storage. The new price policy for pumped storage will guide the new construction scale of pumped storage during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period to exceed 100 million kilowatts. Considering upstream and downstream industries, it will drive new social investment to more than 1 trillion yuan.


The second is to introduce a new energy parity online policy. It states that starting from this year, new wind power and photovoltaic power generation will enter the parity stage. The implementation of the benchmark price of coal-fired power generation this year will ensure that new projects can achieve better returns and will strongly promote the accelerated development of the new energy industry.


The third is to optimize the peak-to-valley time-of-use price mechanism. For places where the peak-to-valley difference in the power system exceeds 40%, it states that the ratio of the peak-to-valley price to the peak-to-valley price is not less than 4:1 in principle, and all regions are required to establish a peak power price mechanism, and further increase the peak power price on the basis of the peak power price20 %. This can give full play to the role of electricity price signals, guide power users to cut peaks and fill valleys, promote the consumption of new energy, and promote the development of energy storage in a larger space. It will play an important role in ensuring the stable supply of peak power and improving the overall utilization efficiency of the power system. effect.


The fourth is to implement a more stringent tiered electricity price system for the electrolytic aluminum industry. Before 2025, the electrolytic aluminum industry will raise energy efficiency requirements in three steps, implement progressive price increases for companies that fail to meet the requirements, and issue a clear warning to electrolytic aluminum, a high-energy-consuming industry that consumes more than 500 billion kWh of electricity per year. Signals continue to force companies to save energy and increase efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

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