China to push green data center initiative

IDCNOVA news,Recently,MIIT,National Government Offices Administration and National Energy Administration jointly released the guideline on green data center enforcement(hereinafter referred to as the guideline),clearly set up and improve the green data center assessment system and energy resources supervision and management system,forge up typical green data centers,form up innovative green technological products and solution,foster professional third-party green agencies.

1541552930119.jpgAccording to the guideline,by 2022,the average energy consumption of data centers will reach by the international advanced level,the PUE of newly-built,hyperscale data centers reduce below 1.4,the high energy-consuming old and used equipment are basically eliminated,the water resources efficiency and clean energy proportion are greatly lifted,the waste and worn electrical appliance and electronics are effectively recycled.

The guideline presents 5 major tasks on green data center enforcement:


First,lift up the green level of newly built data center.Strengthen green design,as well as the greener design and guideline in the aspects of IT equipment,stack array,cooling and thermal system,power supply and distribution system and clean energy utility system.

Second,stress green O&M and upgrading towards the data center in use.Perfect the green operation and maintenance system,orderly push energy saving and green upgrading,especially those old and worn data center with low energy efficiency.

Third,accelerate green technology and product innovation and promotion.Accelerate green key and generic technology and product R&D,encourage intensified technical collaborative innovation and cooperation among data center key enterprises,scientific research institutions and industrial organization,form up green data center technological innovation system.

Fourth,lift green supporting and service ability.Improve to perfect the standard system,give full play to the standard in supporting green data center construction,promote green data upgrading.

Fifth,explore and innovate the market promotion mechanism.Encourage data center and energy saving agencies expand contractual energy management,research energy transaction mechanism,explore financial service modes like green data center funding,lease and so on.

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