On Cloud Application in Chinese Companies, You Should Read This

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a document naming <Implementation Guide on Mass Application of Cloud Computing among Chinese Enterprises> (hereinafter as the Guide). It raised the work target of corporate cloud service application,   that is by 2020, cloud computing will achieve mass application in terms corporate production, operation and management, and 1 million additional companies into cloud computing application.

This Guide says that, both awareness and capabilities of cloud service appilication of Chinese companies has increasingly improved in recent years. But in general, corporate cloud service application is still facing dozens of challenge. On one hand, the market demand has been releasd completely. Companies and some from key industries still exist problems like fear or unable for cloud service application, causing corporate cloud application advancement slow and application scope limited. On the other hand, the related supporting allocation needs furthur improvement. The application solutions are not abuandant enough, and cannot meed diverse and individual demand of companies.

To solve the above problems, MIIT formulated and issued this Guide and raised guideline for cloud application mplementation, policy guarantee and supporting service improvement.

The Guide put forward that, by 2020, achieve furthur optimization of corporate cloud application environment, remarkable lift of awareness and motive for corporate cloud application, noticable  improvement of cloud application proportion and depth, newly-increased cloud application companies reaching 1 million, typical pilot application cases amounting more than 100, set up a series of influential cloud platforms and corporate cloud application experience centers with driving force.

The Guide advises that, large-scale enterprises could establish private cloud, delop key information systems with higher data security requirement, adopt public cloud solutions for information systems connecting customers, providers and employees and form up blending cloud structure together private cloud.

SMEs and start-up companies could rely on public cloud platform, rent infrastructure resources for storage, computing, network and others as needed, apply cloud services covering design, production, marketing, administration, finance and so on or create to build up distinctive cloud service, lift operation management and efficiency, speed up to form service capability, develop business and service mode innovation, achieve personalizaed service, accelerate to establish modern operation mode.

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