Why Alibaba Cloud Computing Criticized by MIIT

On November 27,2018,the network security bureau of MIIT issued the notice for network and information security inspection toward relevant companies.

This notice shows the conducted on-spot inspection and examination by the network security bureau of MIIT towards 7 telecom companies(Nanjing Tuniu Science and Technology Co.Ltd.,Alibaba Cloud Computing Co.Ltd.,Shanghai Dilian Network Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.,Zhengzhou Jing’an Network Science and Technology Co.Ltd.,Shanghai Ctrip Business Co.Ltd.,Wuhan Greatwall Broadband Network Service Co.Ltd.,Chengdu Xiwei Digital Science and Technology Co.Ltd.)on their implementation of related laws and regulations such as Cyber Security Law,Measurements on Communication Network Security and Protection,Privacy Protection Regulations on Telecom and Internet Users.The results shows that all the 7 companies have problems existing.

It is pointed out in this notice that,there are 2 major problems existing in Alibaba Cloud Computing Co.Ltd.during the inspection: the released online running system is not filed for registration officially; the synchronized management systems on assorting,operation and maintenance are not set up to match the internet information security management system.

The other companies also has this or that kind of problems existing.

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