Key Contract Signing Boosts China Mobile Building up IDC

In recent days, a Chinese company named SZZC Electronics and China Mobile Changsha Branch signed the "2018 IDC Computer Room Rental Service Framework Contract", the total amount of the contract is about 711 million yuan (tax include, around 103 million dollars), the contract is valid for 10 years from the effective date of signing.


This cooperation requires SZZC Electronics to complete the construction of the machine room and 1,500 racks within 6 months after the signing of this contract.The signing of this contract will further promote the construction of China mobile data center, and may also have a positive impact on the development of IDC and cloud computing business of SZZC Electronics and its business performance from 2019 to 2028.


The signed contract mainly include IDC room construction, lease and operation and maintenance services, that is to say, SZZC Electronics will carry out IDC room construction in accordance with the requirements of China Mobile Changsha Branch, and lease to the latter after the completion of construction, and carry out operation and maintenance and room management as required. China Mobile Changsha Branch rented the above houses for IDC computer room construction, construction of mobile communication tower and computer room, and placing mobile communication equipment there

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