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[COVID-19] Shanghai industrial enterprises are resuming work and production: Tencent Data Center and Midea Kuka resume operations in full swing

According to the news released by the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, from 0 to 24:00 on May 4, Shanghai added 261 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia and 4,390 asymptomatic infections. While the number of infected people continues to decline, the resumption of work and production in Shanghai is progressing steadily.


According to the first batch of "White List" for the Resumption of Work and Production of Major Construction Sites in Shanghai issued by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Midea Group's second headquarters project, Alibaba's large-scale green data center, Tencent's large-scale green data center, SMIC Lingang 12-inch foundry production line project and other 24 important engineering projects are resuming the business operation.


In addition, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology has issued two batches of "White List" companies for resumption of work and production, including Huawei, UNISOC, Panasonic, YTO Express, ZTO Express, etc., covering automobiles and parts, chips, medical pharmaceuticals, Chemical, machinery and other fields of enterprises.


Closed-Loop Management: "Two-pronged Approach" for Epidemic Prevention and Production


Regarding the construction of the second headquarters project, Midea Group responded to the reporter of the "STAR Market Daily" that it is in the process of going through various application procedures for resumption of work in an intensive and orderly manner, and thanked the government for its strong support.


Midea Group launched the global innovation park project in Shanghai in March 2020. The entire project has a total investment of 6 billion yuan. It is located in Qingpu District and is scheduled to be officially put into use in 2024. After completion, Midea Global Innovation Park will have a construction area of about 360,000 square meters, and will bring in 8,000 to 10,000 global high-end R&D talent internationally. At the same time, the new park will apply Midea's self-developed smart building management system and smart products, and strive to become a benchmark for green & smart campus.


As for the progress of the resumption of Tencent's green data center project, a reporter from "STAR Market Daily" learned from Century Huatong that Tencent's Yangtze River Delta Artificial Intelligence Advanced Computing Center and Eco-Industrial Park project have resumed work and production in early April.


It is reported that the data center project is located in Songjiang District, with a construction area of more than 500,000 square meters, and Century Huatong Cloud Data Division has been deeply engaged in its construction.


Gu Jiong, head of the Songjiang project of Century Huatong Cloud Data Division, said that some of the civil works of the project are in the critical stage of construction. For the foundation pit (maximum depth: 14 meters, average depth: 10.8 meters), large excavation with reinforcement and concrete construction have been carried out in the early stage, and it requires at least 80 consecutive days of uninterrupted operation. If the construction is suspended for a long time, there will be irreversible project safety risks such as serious deformation of the foundation pit. To this end, the company made timely decisions based on the on-site situation, and immediately applied to Songjiang District for emergency resumption of work.


In the closed loop, Century Huatong has adopted on-site closed management to ensure nucleic acid testing, material entry, epidemic prevention and sterilization, epidemic prevention materials and logistics services, strengthen epidemic prevention education for construction personnel, and require management personnel to effectively perform epidemic prevention and control work responsibilities. They also pay close attention to the health information of on-site workers and also have an emergency plan in place. At present, from logistics and transportation to civil construction, from server shelf to daily operation and maintenance, all work is carried out smoothly.


The " STAR Market Daily" learned that many companies in Shanghai have carried out closed-loop operation management during the lockdown period to ensure the continuous operation of key businesses.


The relevant person in charge of Midea Kuka said, "The Shanghai Park of KUKA Robotics has arranged for about 20 workers to be stationed in the factory when it was closed and controlled, mainly to complete some urgent customer orders. Since April 16, in response to the call for resumption of work and production, we have successively arranged a number of personnel, including a R&D employee, to settle in the factory for closed production. It has also formulated detailed epidemic prevention management guidelines and established an emergency epidemic prevention team to ensure that both epidemic prevention and resumption of work are correct.


In the first batch with 660+ enterprises, 90% has resumed business operation.   


At the press conference on the prevention and control of the COVID-19 in Shanghai held on May 5, Zhang Hongtao, chief engineer of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, introduced that the resumption of work and production of industrial enterprises in Shanghai is progressing in an orderly manner. More than 1,800 key enterprises in the city have a resumption rate of more than 70%, of which the first batch of more than 660 key enterprises has a resumption rate of more than 90%.


Combined with the new situation of the development of the pandemic and the need for the promotion of resumption of work and production, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information issued the "Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of the Epidemic in Shanghai Industrial Enterprises Resuming Work and Production (Second Edition)" on May 3. Compared with the first edition, the content has been further supplemented and improved.


ZHANG Hongtao revealed that compared with the first edition, the second edition has been improved in the following three aspects:


First, refine and clarify relevant requirements. In terms of implementing epidemic prevention and control, the "quartet" responsibilities of local governments, industry authorities, enterprises, and employees have been clarified, and it has also been clarified that enterprise epidemic prevention and control and closed-loop management plans are reviewed and approved by local epidemic prevention and control departments.


In terms of employee health management, based on the actual operating experience of the current enterprise, the classification requirements are refined. For example, for those who have returned to work and newly entered the enterprise, it is required to implement "two tests a day", with antigens in the morning and nucleic acids in the afternoon;


For personnel in the factory, the corresponding nucleic acid and antigen testing requirements shall be implemented for the "three zones" of the area where the enterprise is located: Enterprises in the closed area are tested twice a day; For enterprises in the control area, daily antigen plus nucleic acid test every two days; For enterprises in the prevention area, antigen testing is carried out every day, and nucleic acid is once every 5 days. And, it supports enterprises above a certain scale to train exclusive nucleic acid samplers


Second, the operability is further improved. In the management of site division and classification, according to the practical experience of enterprises, it promotes the four-color risk area of "green, blue, yellow and red" control system.  The green area is the normal production area, the blue area is the observation area for new entrants, the yellow area is the close or sub-close isolation area, and the red area indicates that there are infections. At the same time, according to the requirements of the municipal epidemic prevention department, it is clearly proposed to strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of high-touch items, high-traffic gathering places, public toilets, logistics exchange places, etc.


Third, strengthen services for enterprises to resume work and production. Consolidate the matters most concerned by enterprises in the near future into a service section for enterprises that resume work and production, covering key links such as "people, materials, vehicles, and certificates", and effectively strengthen services for enterprises.


ZHANG Hongtao said that the next step will continue to play the guiding function of the guidelines for resumption of work and production and epidemic prevention to guide and help enterprises to resume work and production in a safe and orderly manner while effectively preventing and controlling the pandemic, so as to realize the gradual recovery of production and operation.

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