MIIT: 33.97million network security threats detected in Q3 2018

MIIT issued a notice on the analysis and review of network security threats in the third quarter of 2018.The announcement showed that the public internet network security situation remained serious in the third quarter,with many network security incidents seriously endangering the legitimate rights and interests of users.Among them,the user data leakage and the cloud computing platform malfunction occur one after another.

In addition,many related units continue to pay attention on the threat of ransom attacks.The antivirus company 360 has detected“Globelmposter”attacks in many places.360 also made statistics on the“WannaCry”spreading in China which has been outbreak for nearly 17 months and according to the survey of 360,during the third quarter of 2018,there are still about 6,000 to 14,000 infections caused by“WannaCry”every day.According to statistics from Alibaba cloud computing,its platform intercepted about 83.6 billion attacks in the third quarter,among which one third comes from attacks via the so called“Eternal Blue”loophole(exploited by WannaCry).

At the same time,China Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team(CICS-CERA)has detected to find 105 new loopholes related to industrial control,intelligent equipment and IoT.China Academy of Information and Communications Technology(CAICT)has continuously monitored 126 domain names and nearly 1.7 million IP addresses of 31 industrial Internet platforms,and found more than 2,600 suspected risks.

It is reported that,in the third quarter of 2018,the ICT industry totally disposed about 33.97 million network security threats,including about 6.53 million malicious network resources of malicious IP address and domain,about 26.11 million malicious programs of Trojan,botnets,viruses,about 48,000 potential safety hazards of network security loopholes and others,about 1.27 million security events of host control,data breach and web page tampering,about 10,000 other kind of network security threats.

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