With Blacklist of Operation Defects and Bad Faith, Start Your Safter Surf in Chinese Market

In recent days, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of People’s Republic of China(hereinafter as MIIT) released <the Notification of Better Management on Blacklisting Telecommunication Enterpries udner Operation Defect and Bad Faith>, clearly defined the listing standards and solutions for operation defect and bad faith enterprises, establish a joint credit management mechanism by MIIT and provincial governments, and worked out helpful exploration  for furthur innovatively improving the supervision way and building up a fine market environment.

As stipulated in the notification, the operator will be listed as telecom operation defectif the below circumstances exist: not hand in annual report as per the regulation, and still not fulfil its obligation on annual report within the time limit given by the telecom regulatory authority; not go through alter and modification formalities as per regulation, when the information registered on the telecom business operation license has changed; during the supervision and inspection by the telecom regulatory authority, administrative punishment has been issued due to violations of annual report, daily operation, implementation of internet and informaiton security, remedial work after operatin discontinuation, execution of relevant reguations from state regulatory bodies and telecom regulatory authoritys(except for those listed as telecom operation bad faith directly).

It’s requested in the notification that, the telecom regulatory authoritys should finish its listing within 30 days after handling (including penalty).The listed information consists of operator’s business name, unified social credit code, license No., handling date, listing reason, listing unit, etc. The telecom regulatory authority should publicize telecom operation defects list at regular intervals, carry out specific supervision and inhance inspection towards telecom enterprises listed under defected operation.

In recent years, being as the important part of information communication industry for the credit system building up, in terms of system design, technical means, supporting measures and so on, MIIT has carried out a series of related work, including revising <the Management of Telecommucations Operation Licensing>,establishing credit management towards information communication enterprises. That the release of this notification, is both the refinement and implementation of the existing policies and helpful exploration and practice on credit management of the whole telecom industry, which points out a bright direction for effectively improving law-abiding and honest operation of the information communication enterprises and leading them to consciously maintain a fine market environment. 

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