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2023 Data Center International Cooperation Conference

Venue: China National Convention Center

Date: 2023.12.13


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2023 Data Center International Cooperation Conference

The 18th China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony-Data Center International Cooperation Conference will be held at the National Convention Center in Beijing on December 13, 2023. It has attracted many experts and business representatives from the domestic and foreign data center industry to discuss the latest development trends, technological innovations, cooperation opportunities and other hot topics of data centers.


As one of the annual events in China's IDC industry, the 18th China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony will be centered around the theme of "Computing Power Evolution". It will host a variety of activities such as keynote speeches, roundtable forums, and exhibitions, focusing on hot topics in the industry, bringing together industry elites to explore the development direction and future trends of the digital economy. The Data Center International Cooperation Conference, as one of the sub-forums of the ceremony, aims to promote exchanges and cooperation in the international data center industry, and to promote the coordinated development of the industry.


The convening of this ceremony marks the entry of China's data center industry into a new development stage. Driven by the global digitalization wave, the data center industry has encountered unprecedented development opportunities. International cooperation in data centers is particularly significant in promoting collaborative innovation and cross-border integration within the industry.


Let us look forward to the wonderful presentation of this conference, discuss the future development direction of international cooperation in data centers, and inject new impetus into the development of the data center industry!


For More information about Data Center International Cooperation Conference and Ticket Booking: https://cloudpop.cn/topic/202310/#bookingAVisit


For information about the 18th China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony, please visit http://idcc.idcquan.com/


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Data Center International Cooperation Conference


The Data Center International Cooperation Conference is one of the sub-forums of the China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony, which is held annually. This conference serves as a platform for promoting exchanges and cooperation within the international data center industry. It aims to facilitate discussions and collaborations among industry professionals, experts, and stakeholders from around the world, with the goal of promoting coordinated development and innovation within the data center industry. The conference addresses key issues, trends, and challenges in the global data center landscape, and seeks to foster cross-border partnerships and knowledge sharing to advance the industry as a whole.


Website: https://cloudpop.cn/topic/202310/


China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony


The China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony is a significant event in the Chinese data center industry, held annually since 2007. This ceremony brings together government officials, industry leaders, and experts and scholars in the field of data centers, aiming to discuss the latest industry trends, technological innovations, and challenges faced. With a diverse range of keynote speeches, professional discussions, and networking sessions, the ceremony provides participants with a platform to gain in-depth understanding of industry dynamics and insights into future developments. Additionally, the ceremony is committed to promoting technological advancements, industry standards, and sustainable development, playing a proactive role in driving the development of the IDC industry in China. For professionals seeking to stay updated on industry trends, expand their professional network, and explore business opportunities, the China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony is an unmissable and important gathering.


Website: http://idcc.idcquan.com/

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