Stage II the China Mobile Database Launched In Inner Mongolia

IDCNOVA news:Stage II of China Mobile Hohhot Data Center is launched officially in the Horinger New Area,Hohhot,the capital of Inner Mongolia,Northern China.This project consists 5 data hall buildings,1 exhibition center,occupies 126,000 square meters and costs 1.8 billion yuan,will be completed within 1 year.

According to Yan Chaohui,the vice general manager of Inner Mongolia Branch,China Mobile,4 major data centers are established across the country by China Mobile,including Beijing,Shanghai,Harbin and Hohhot respectively.Yan concluded that they chose to erect the fourth major data center here mainly owing to the favorable geographical environment,low temperature,cheap electricity,which is suitable for a data center.

At present,Stage I of China Mobile Hohhot Data Center has been completed.Stage I contains 9,000 racks,100,000 servers,attracting renowned internet enterprises like Tencent,Alibaba,Didi and so on.Currently,the infrastructure and relevant supporting facilities have been finished,conditions covering transportation,accommodation and industrial environment has been achieved completely.The focus of Stage II is to expand and explore capabilities.After completion,additional 15,000 racks and 150,000 to 200,000 servers will be added up,making this site ranking among top 2 China Mobile data centers.What’s more,the total sum of data hall buildings for China Mobile Hohhot Data Center is 18,that means another 10 data hall buildings will be built up after the completion of Stage I and II,and it will tops No.1 in Asia.

That to build up this campus is good for cloud computing industry development locally,Mr.Yan said,they will try to accelerate the construction by advanced technology and management so as to push the digital economy by providing a firm foundation.

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