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Alibaba Cloud: New Cloud Data Centers in South Korea and Thailand

On November 16, Alibaba Cloud announced that it will add two cloud data centers in South Korea and Thailand, further expanding its Asia-Pacific layout. Two cloud data centers will be officially opened in 2022 to provide localized digital technology services for local customers


YUAN Qian, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Intelligent International Business Department, said: "The Asia-Pacific market is the most active market in the global digital economy, especially in Southeast Asia. Young people are actively embracing the Internet and new technologies. We hope that Alibaba Cloud will work with partners and customers in these markets. To jointly promote digital transformation.”

At present, Alibaba Cloud has established localized teams in South Korea and Thailand.


In South Korea, Alibaba Cloud provides services to customers in local retail, finance, manufacturing, logistics, Internet and other industries, and has reached cooperation with local partners such as Megazone, Lascom, and Bankware Global;


In the Thai market, Alibaba Cloud has reached cooperation with many local enterprises and partners, including Thailand's well-known real estate developer K.E.Group, food packaging retailer Brother&Brother, etc.


Alibaba Cloud said that in the next step, on the basis of building a new local data center, it will continue to promote cooperation with local customers and partners, launch an accelerated cooperation plan for small and medium-sized enterprises in South Korea, and launch the "Lily Plan" of the alliance of 100 partners in Thailand. It aims to promote cooperation between the two parties and support the digital transformation of local enterprises.


In addition, its global infrastructure and ecological cooperation is serving more and more Chinese companies going overseas. Based on the global layout, Alibaba Cloud can provide enterprises with one-stop cloud and intelligent services that are indistinguishable from the Chinese market, allowing enterprises to seamlessly connect domestic and international businesses.


It is reported that Alibaba Cloud has established hundreds of cloud data centers in 25 regions around the world, including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, Germany, Dubai, and the United States. In the past three years, Alibaba Cloud's overseas market has increased by more than 10 times.


In June of this year, Alibaba Cloud added two new data centers in Indonesia and the Philippines, and plans to invest more than 6 billion yuan in three years to expand infrastructure and support localized ecological development.


The financial report shows that in the 2021 fiscal year (2020.4.1~2021.3.31), Alibaba Cloud's annual operating income was 60.12 billion yuan, an increase of 50% from the 40 billion yuan in the previous fiscal year. Revenue growth is mainly due to the growth of the Internet, the public sector and the financial industry. It is expected that the revenue structure will be further diversified in the future. Comparing historical data, Alibaba disclosed cloud computing revenue for the first time in FY2015. Alibaba Cloud's annual revenue was 1.271 billion yuan that year. By 2021, its revenue was 60.12 billion yuan, an increase of 46 times in seven years.

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