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Deputy Minister Of Communication And Information Encourages Educational Institutions To Develop IoT Innovation

JAKARTA - Deputy Minister of Communication and Information, Nezar Patria, considers that the education sector plays an important role in maximizing opportunities for the use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

The synergy between IoT and cybersecurity is able to maximize the use of IoT. The existence of IoT standardization will encourage the trust and adoption rate of IoT," said Nezar, quoted Monday, April 1.

Nezar believes that the current universities and educational institutions in Indonesia are able to encourage healthy innovation and IoT technology growth.

"Therefore, I encourage all my colleagues to continue to increase their capacity and knowledge," said the Deputy Minister of Communication and Information further.

The Deputy Minister of Communication and Information gave an example to two universities that are actively developing initiatives in the IoT field. According to him, one of the best practices took place at IoT at CyLab (IoT@CyLab) which is a research institution under Carnegie Mellon University.

"By focusing research on issues of security, IoT, Blockchain, and Entrepreneurship, CyLab aims to create an IoT ecosystem based on Autonomous Healing, Trusted, and Accountable," he said.

To support IoT growth in Indonesia, the Ministry of Communication and Informatics also has several supporting programs, including the Smart City Movement Program which has provided assistance to 258 city and district governments.

In addition, Kominfo also held the Indonesia Smart Solutions Summit (ISSS) with the implementation of roadshow seminars in several cities in Indonesia, panel discussions, and the management of Expo MSMEs as a place to discuss the potential for IoT development for MSME actors.

As well as in the field of human resource development, the Ministry of Communication and Informatics is organizing an upskilling program for the use of IoT technology, which can be utilized by the public such as Digital Talent Scholarship (DTS).

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