Focus IDC Forefront, Seek Corporate Digitalization IDCC 2018: Main Venue

    Focus IDC Forefront, Seek Corporate Digitalization  IDCC 2018: Main Venue


       IDCC 2018:Main Venue

  China National Convention Center,Beijing

  December 11-13,2018


  Digital economy is booming.In the next 3 to 5 years,facing the digitalization wave,enterprises either change to survive or stay to go extinct.During digitalization process,it’s indispensable to rely on data center and cloud computing.

  Echoing industrial development,themed with“Enable Corporate Digitalization”,13th China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony(hereinafter referred to as IDCC 2018),hosted by the organizing committee of China IDC Industry Ceremony,undertaken by IDCQUAN and CloudBest.Conference and exhibition fall in December 12 and 13,and IDCC2018 training programme is scheduled on December 11.

  As the largest and most influential typical grand meeting of data center and cloud computing of China,IDCC has been held 12 consecutive times successfully.

  Training:December 11,2018

  Conference:December 12-13,2018

  Exhibition:December 12-13,2018

  At that time,IDCC2018 will be greeted and celebrated with:

  Over 150 experts participate in discussing issues on policies,markets and products related to domestic data center and cloud computing industry development;more than 200 representatives of fundamental operators,covering 80%of China's excellent telecom operators and departments at provincial and municipal level that grasp the core IDC resources of the whole network;

  Over 1500 IDC representatives,more than 500 excellent IDC executives will gather in Beijing and their communication impact cover 90%of IDC enterprises in China.

  More than 5000 corporate user representatives,over 800 from enterprises specializing in internet,finance,manufacturing,energy......

  During 3 days,the main venue of IDCC2018 will conduct regulatory policy training of cloud service and final contest of IDC operation and maintenance,displaying the conference theme"Enable corporate digitalization"with various industrial perspective.

  The main venue also specially set up 6 parallel-sessions,aiming at 2018 data assets management conference,data center technology innovation,intelligent operations security,international cooperation of data center,corporate digitalization practice,and industrial strategy of data center,all the above covers hots issues of digital economy,cloud computing,digitalization,edge computing,AI,intelligent data center,IDC and others.

  Main Venue

  Date:December 12,2018

  Executives from well-known IDC companies including Microsoft,China Mobile,Huawei,21Vianet,Daily Tech and experts will be present.

  They will conduct in-depth discussion on cutting-edge technologies of data center,cloud computing,big data,AI,blockchain,edge computing,set up a efficient communication and exchange platform for the IDC enterprises,cloud service providers,telecom operators,internet companies and IT companies.

  The main venue is dedicated to set up a brainstorming place,to provide valuable insight and thoughts for IDC decision-makers who long to better grasp the digital economy pulse and understand corporate digital transformation thoroughly.

  Main Venue

  2018 Digital Assets Management Conference

  Date:December 13,2018

  In order to promote industrial exchanges and share experience in industrial data management,governance and even asset operation,the 2018 data asset management conference will be held on the third day of IDCC2018,hosted by China Academy of Information and communications Technology(CAICT)and China Communications Standardization Association(CCSA),organized by big data technical standard promotion committee of CCSA TC601 and co-organized by IDCQUAN.

  This conference brings together data governance talents from famous enterprises and institutions such as CAICT,Development Research Center of the State Council(DRC),Sinopec,China Construction Bank,Tencent and China Soft,and conducts in-depth discussion on data management issues in the fields of governmental affairs,industry and finance.

  Kindly remind your participation again!

  Training:December 11,2018

  Conference:December 12-13,2018

  Exhibition:December 12-13,2018

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