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The Big Data Industry Project Landed in Hezuo City Gansu Province for the First Time

Recently, Hezuo City (Gansu Province) and Huasheng Zhixin (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. signed a Huasheng Cloud Data Center Construction Project in Beijing with a total investment of 829 million yuan, marking the first landing of a big data industry project in Hezuo City, which also be called “Snowland” and “Antelope City”


Huasheng Zhixin (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on providing a new generation of cloud computing, the IoT and big data integrated trusted cloud platform and cloud data service products. After years of development, it has many cloud computing, IoT and big data security core technologies and distributed data management service products. The Huasheng Cloud Hezuo City data center construction project makes full use of the geographical resource advantages of Hezuo City to build a dedicated private cloud (one cloud and multiple places) platform data center to meet the distributed cluster management of multi-level distributed IDC computer rooms and realize data centralization. The three-level network system architecture of platform and edge computing and storage makes a scientific plan for building an industrialized ecosystem, future business models and innovative technologies. The project is scheduled to start on April 10, 2023, with the construction of 550 effective racks, 8KVA/racks, and the installation and commissioning of 4,400 servers.


Huasheng Cloud Hezuo City Data Center Construction Project is Hezuo City's implementation of the national big data strategy, promoting the development of the big data industry, accelerating the construction of new infrastructure, creating a new engine for economic and social development, promoting the industrial transformation and upgrading of Hehezu City, enhancing power, and realizing economic Practical measures for high-quality development are of great significance to strengthening big data services, key data resource protection, and data security early warning and traceability capabilities.

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The Big Data Industry Project Landed in Hezuo City Gansu Province for the First Time
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