China’s eastern coast conducts 5G trial ahead

Recently,it is learned that the three Chinese major telecom operators are beginning to actively build 5G network,planning to carry out 5G commercialization in some key provinces and regions in China next year,according to previous reports,5G will officially start commercial use in China in 2020.

Currently,according to the announcement given by MIIIT,it has issued a nationwide license for 5G medium and low frequency band experiment.Among them,China Mobile has obtained a total of 260MHz bandwidth 5G experiment frequency resources of 2515mhz-2675mhz,4800mhz-4900mhz frequency band,and China Telecom has obtained a total of 100MHz bandwidth 5G experiment frequency resources of 3400mhz-3500mhz.China Unicom obtained 5G test frequency resources with a total bandwidth of 100MHz from 3500MHz to 3600MHz.

Before,the three major telecom operators released of 5G scale test plan,and the selected test areas vary,but they have in common is that the three telecom operators all chose the coastal areas to test,for the simple reason is that China's eastern coastal areas owning developed economy and large population,which is a unique advantage for large area 5G network experiment.

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