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Aofei International and Singapore IDC service provider SpaceDC officially reached a cooperation

Recently, Aofei International announced that it has officially reached a cooperation with SpaceDC, a well-known IDC service provider in Singapore.


SpaceDC is a Singapore-based data center provider offering efficient, resilient and network-rich data center solutions.


According to the cooperation, Aofei International will jointly sell its data center cabinets in China (including data centers in Guangzhou, Hebei Gu'an and Shenzhen), as well as CDN, SDN and other services together with SpaceDC.


This partnership is driven by SpaceDC's customer demand for robust CDN and SDN products to deliver premium content at high speeds to China's 1 billion internet users. Aofei's data center product portfolio provides SpaceDC and its customers with easy-to-deploy and flexible global solutions.


Alex Yang, CEO of Aofei International, said: "Aofei International has designed a strong global CDN and SDN network that can provide both speed to the market and flexibility in use. Through effective cooperation with SpaceDC, combined with our expertise, providing easy-to-use services to support their clients' growth in China."


SpaceDC EVP Jeffrey Tay said: "Through this strategic partnership, we can give our customers direct access to CDN and SDN networks across multiple locations in China. Aofei International and its leadership, especially President Yang Has a solid reputation in the industry and a proven track record of service.”


Carolyn Harrington, COO of SpaceDC, said: "SpaceDC is delighted to announce today our partnership with Aofei International as we continue to supply our products to the Chinese market. With a proven track record, we can confidently provide customers with a complete set of Aofei products."


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