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Ministry identifies need to improve digital infrastructure empowerment

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Based on the 2022 Indonesia Digital Society Index (IMDI) score of 37.80, the Communication and Informatics Ministry found that digital infrastructure empowerment still needs to be improved.

This is deemed crucial since in the index, the empowerment aspect is the pillar, with

the lowest score of 22.06. The other pillars were infrastructure and ecosystem that received a score of 40.24; digital skills, 49.35, and work, 40.35.

"(It is) because the empowerment or downstreaming pillar is the lowest. Our challenge (is) on increasing empowerment," Communication and Informatics Minister Johnny G. Plate stated here on Tuesday.

The minister remarked that overall, national infrastructure in Indonesia was much better than before. However, empowerment must certainly be pursued, so that the infrastructure built by the government could offer tangible benefits.

Plate also noted that the increase in downstreaming aligned with President Joko Widodo's message that the development of digital infrastructure should be balanced with the empowerment of the community involved in it.

"This is also in line with the government's program to encourage Proud to be Made in Indonesia to encourage domestic tourism in Indonesia and all the policies for empowering and utilizing the infrastructure that we have established," he pointed out.

The 2022 Digital Society Index measurement was a follow-up to the G20 forum results that aim to gauge the condition of digital society in 514 districts and cities in Indonesia.

The IMD survey in Indonesia will be conducted periodically to serve as an instrument to monitor community development on an annual basis.

The minister also noted that the index would be used to set focus targets based on indicators in each pillar, encourage sound coordination among stakeholders, and become a reference for planning and setting priority programs for digital HR development in their respective regions.

"This index value serves as a motivation for the Communication and Informatics Ministry to continue to develop various aspects pertaining to digital society, both in terms of infrastructure and digital empowerment skills, and work through efforts to pursue capacity building of digital communities in Indonesia in a fitting manner and supported by multi-stakeholder collaboration," the minister concluded.

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