5G SA Was Officially Commercialized in Henan, Zhengzhou Province, China

Compared with the 5G NSA network, 5G SA has the advantage of nearly doubled the uplink bandwidth and new capabilities, such as support for network slicing (Network Slicing) and edge computing (MEC).


At the Henan Mobile 2020 5G Industry Summit Forum held on the 13th, Henan Mobile announced the official commercial use of 5G SA, and enterprise users can enjoy exclusive customized 5G networks.

At the forum, the "Coking Coal Group Qianye Cement 5G Green Unmanned Mine Project" vividly demonstrated the process of remote operation of mining and unmanned ore transportation monitoring relying on 5G network in the form of a panoramic sand table. The demonstration attracted participants to watch.

The 5G network has two modes: NSA (non-independent networking) and SA (independent networking). The initial mode of 5G construction is non-independent networking. The independent networking, the SA mode, is the real start of the "5G Competition". Compared with the 5G NSA network, 5G SA has the advantage not only that it has nearly doubled the uplink bandwidth, but also has new capabilities such as support for network slicing (Network Slicing) and edge computing (MEC).

On the same day, LIU Jian, general manager of the government and enterprise division of China Mobile Group, also said that as of September this year, China Mobile has completed the construction of 350,000 5G base stations nationwide, and provided 5G commercial use in 340 cities and key counties across the country. At the same time, it has created more than 100 national group-level 5G leading demonstration projects, drove more than 2,000 provincial-level regional characteristic projects, and achieved industry-leading advantages in smart mines, smart ports, smart factories, smart medical and other fields.

From the initial stage, China's 5G SA has been at the forefront of the world. As early as 2018 February during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, China Mobile and its partners launched the world's first 5G core network pre-commercial products and launched the "5G SA Breakthrough Action".

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