Hechuan District (Chongqing City) Energy Big Data Center was established

On December 14, the establishment and licensing ceremony of Hechuan District Energy Big Data Center was held in Hechuan Power Supply Company.

Hechuan Power Supply Company, as the contractor of the energy big data center platform, strictly follows the requirements of the Chongqing energy data center construction plan, and extensively accesses it through the energy big data center system and basic convergence platform, product center platform, and data operation platform For all kinds of data focusing on the energy industry, establish an energy information data system covering all aspects of energy production, transmission, storage, conversion, consumption, etc., to form a comprehensive energy service system with interconnection, upper and lower collaboration, and complementary advantages, and promote "platform data operations The integrated development of "ecology" empowers the government, the public and various industries.

At present, Hechuan Power Supply Company has clarified the construction direction and goals of the energy big data center in Hechuan District through discussions with relevant district-level departments and learning from the construction experience of energy data centers in Chongqing and other districts and counties, and completed the energy big data center platform. 10 visual template development.

In the next step, Hechuan Power Supply Company will conduct research and solicitation of visualized scenarios, clarify the data system access interface solutions of relevant units and enterprises, expand the scope of platform data access, and actively explore the development of multi-meter collection and business operation of water, electricity, and gas smart meters The cooperation model of “one hall with multiple functions” promotes the commercial operation of data, provides users with value-added services of data products, promotes the realization of data value, and achieves a win-win situation for multiple parties.

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