Provincial Databases of Chinese Beidou System Soaring Now

IDCNOVA news:As the Qinghai Sub-center started its construction,the National Beidou Data Center is witnessing the soaring wave in provincial databases building up.On June 17,2019,UniStrong,the strategic cooperative enterprise with the Qinghai Sub-center of the National Beidou Data Center announced that,it would carry out strategic cooperation with the Qinghai Sub-center and mutually take responsibility for the the sub-center construction in Qinghai Province.

Both parties will shoulder to complete the filing and apply for official approval,construction,operation and maintenance in a joint way during their cooperation.

The National Beidou Data Center is set up to coordinate and organize the stae fundamental information and data resources,provide the whole country with Beidou data crossing over different industries and levels via the Beidou Navigation Satellite System.The National Beidou Data Center consists of three major layers,the state-level data center,industrial and provincial data center,regional and below data centers.

The state-level Beidou data center has been completed on January 10,2017.As for the provincial data center,Hunan,Shanxi and Anhui has started their construction accordingly.After completion,the provincial data center will be connected with the national BDS system and achieve data sharing.

Currently,China is establishing its Beidou III System,which is constituted of most satellites compared with the previous ones.In addition,this system will focus on providing service for areas and countries around the“Belt and Road”initiative.Around 2025 it will be completed with a 35-satellite-network and serve the whole world.

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