Aiming at South China Data Center Hub, Gui’an to Hold 4 Million Servers

IDCNOVA news:Targeting at the South China’s Data Center Hub,Gui’an New Area is dedicated to hold 4 million servers and the sum of hyper scale data centers here will account for 20%of the total sum in China in the following time.Jin Heping,the managing director of the Gui’an New Area,Guizhou Province replied during a recent occasion held in Guiyang,the capital of Guizhou Province.

Jin added that,Gui’an New Area has become a large scale database at national even international level as well as a national informatization channel through the past endeavour.He revealed that,nowadays 355 projects and enterprises have landed in Gui’an,and there are 17 enterprises belonging to the TOP 500 of Fortune and 140 from big data industry.The market volume of big data industry has reached by 37.6 billion yuan,a development pattern of three major industrial clusters covering data center,electronics and information manufacturing,software and information service has taken shape.

What’s notably is the rapid development of data center industry.With the unparallel natural advantage,lower cost and sufficient power resources as well as supporting policies and regulations,more than 10 large and medium sized data centers are constructed here,and they are invested by China Mobile,China Telecom,China Unicom,Huawei,Apple,Tencent,Foxconn,FAST and so on.After that,more large scale data centers are launched here owing to the industrial convergence appeal.The Backup and Disaster Recovery Center of People’s Bank of China,the Online Identity Verification Center of China,the South China(Gui’an)R&D Center of the Ministry of Public Security,China Broadcast(Guizhou)Data Center all established their campuses here.

In addition,the industry chain in Gui’an has expanded into a integrated and complete one starting from and pushed by data center industry.The market volume of electronic informatization manufacturing industry exceeded 20 billion yuan,which is acting as the dominant driving force and major pivot for Gui’an.The annual growth rate of software and information and technology service industry dominated by cloud computing has been exceeding 50%.Gui’an is gradually becoming an industrial,regional and international data cluster.

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