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Data centers play a key role in auto industry growth

There are two data centers in the Shanghai International Automobile City in suburban Jiading District.

The Shanghai Intelligent Connected Vehicle Public Data Center collects the data of self-driving vehicles and the perception data of open test roads, which are observable and trackable, and provides professional data assistance for government regulation and industry development.

The Shanghai Electric Vehicle Public Data Collecting, Monitoring, and Research Center displays the sales, travel and charging of new-energy cars in the city, allowing users to simply and intuitively comprehend the market's evolution and fluctuations. By the end of 2022, the center had gained access to 937,000 new-energy cars, representing 120 automakers, 135 brands, and 1,319 types.

The EV data center inked a strategic collaboration agreement with Shanghai Fire and Rescue in November last year, creating a scientific research cooperation unit for new-energy vehicle fire safety in Shanghai and building a "new-energy vehicle fire characteristics index database."

6b43aca7-705c-46f6-8f1b-22ee49017555_0.jpgIn November, Shanghai Fire and Rescue signed a strategic collaboration agreement with EV Data.

Through the collaboration of new-energy vehicle data sharing, safety accident analysis, and fire prevention research, the center summarizes and identifies the causes and prevention mechanisms of fire accidents, assists in optimizing the power battery accident early warning algorithm, and instructs consumers on how to use new-energy vehicles more safely.

Traffic planning is also facilitated by the center's precise and efficient data. For instance, the data center conducted a post-assessment of the Beiheng Passageway project, and the findings of the review revealed that the diversion effect was 12 percent, exceeding the 7 percent aim.

Automobile is one of Shanghai's pillar industries and Jiading District's most prominent business card. Jiading has actively promoted the "new four modernizations" (electrification, IoT, intellectualization and sharing) of automobiles in recent years.

The district has also completed the building of an "intelligent computing center," renovated and constructed 50 "holographic crossings," and the 1,117-kilometer-long self-driving test road comprises the entire local road and high-speed highway test scenarios.

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