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Snowflake to launch services in AWS Indonesia cloud region

March 16, 2023, /IDCNOVA/ - Snowflake will soon offer its cloud services to customers in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Asia Pacific (Jakarta) Region. 


Expected to be launched in April 2023, customers and partners can look forward to tapping on their data cloud platform and accelerating their transformation journey.


With the expansion into Indonesia, local customers will be able to mobilise data at scale and maximise the value of their data to improve business agility and performance.


Snowflake aims to enable organisations to build a more responsive and resilient digital operation in Indonesia by breaking down data silos and creating a data ecosystem for users. This is especially critical with the rise of data residency legislation and demand for digitalisation in the country.


“In today’s highly competitive world businesses across all sectors are looking to harness the power of data and offer hyper personalised services to customers, accelerating revenue and growth. Leading global companies have transformed to become data driven enterprises by democratizing access to data and enabling data collaboration, and data monetisation,” said Sanjay Deshmukh, senior VP of ASEAN and India at Snowflake.


“As businesses in Indonesia embrace digital technologies, there is an urgent need to make data-driven decisions and unlock the value of data that will fuel growth and innovation in their companies.”


Customers and partners in Indonesia can thus look forward to Snowflake’s data cloud platform, which may help the organisation to break down data silos by bringing structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data in one location, allowing users to gain critical business insights.


Additionally Snowflake aims to help organisations execute their most critical workloads through a multi-cluster shared data architecture via a fully managed platform that capitalises on the resources of the cloud.


The platform also allows ‘near-limitless’ access so that organisations can develop and run data applications, models, and pipelines, and work on achieving cost efficiency through a usage-based, per-second pricing model.


Snowflake’s partner, professional services firm Deloitte, has welcomed the announcement.


“Many enterprises are looking to modernize their operations to reap the benefits of cloud’s flexibility, scalability, and agility,” said Chris Lewin, artificial intelligence and data offering leader for Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia. “Our alliance combines the advanced capabilities of Snowflake’s platform with Deloitte’s leadership in strategy, analytics, and technology services to help businesses in Indonesia accelerate their migration to the cloud, reduce costs and shorten innovation cycles.”


Snowflake has been collaborating with AWS for over 20 horizontal product integrations. One of its latest launches, the AWS Asia Pacific (Jakarta) Region was open in early 2022 and part of an ongoing US$5 billion commitment to develop the country’s data infrastructure over 15 years.

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