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Sichuan Province has built more than 110,000 5G base stations and built 8 "gigabit cities"

With the full opening of the digital economy era, the "dual gigabit" network represented by gigabit optical network and 5G has become an important base for new infrastructure. In the past two years, in order to further implement the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's "Double Gigabit" Network Collaborative Development Action Plan (2021-2023), Sichuan Province has vigorously promoted the construction of "Gigabit Cities", and Chengdu, Luzhou, Meizhou, Mianyang, Panzhihua, Yibin, Leshan, and Ya'an, total 8 cities have built into "gigabit cities", injecting new momentum into the digital transformation of the economy and society.


Since 2021, Sichuan Province has continued to promote the construction of "gigabit cities", increased the coverage of "dual gigabit" networks in key areas, and achieved 100% access to "dual gigabit" networks in administrative areas at the township level and above in the province. Urban areas basically achieve continuing coverage of 5G networks.


As of the end of November 2022, Sichuan Province has built more than 110,000 5G base stations, ranking first in the west. Gigabit fiber-optic networks cover more than 30 million households, and 10G PON ports account for 54.17%. It is to promote the continuous expansion of the backbone transmission network of basic telecommunications companies, improve the comprehensive carrying capacity of the backbone transmission network, expand the bandwidth of Chengdu's national Internet backbone direct connection point by 550G to 1580G in 2022; greatly expand the capacity of Chengdu's national Internet backbone direct connection point, Chengdu Internet International Data Direct channel will be expanded by 8 times to 360G in 2022, and the service scope will be expanded from Chengdu High-tech Zone to 66 industrial functional areas.


At the same time, Sichuan Province is actively building a shared and open development environment.


On the one hand, it is actively implement the "Regulations on the Construction and Protection of Telecommunications Facilities in Sichuan Province", promote the opening of public resources by municipal agencies, public places, etc., publish a list of key places for co-construction and sharing, promote joint entry of key places, and standardize the construction of base station sites, indoor distribution systems, pole roads, pipelines, direct buried optical cables and other facilities in the list of key places for enterprises, and strictly abide by the co-construction and sharing procedures.

On the other hand, to effectively guide and promote mutual cooperation between the information and communication industry and various related industries, and to open and share infrastructure, the 11 key tasks in the "Action Plan for the Construction of Cross-Industry Information and Communication Infrastructure Cooperation" have achieved remarkable results, which has strongly promoted the information and communication industry in Sichuan Province. The cross-industry co-construction and sharing of infrastructure and the interconnection of major infrastructure will promote the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy, accelerate the pace of building a strong network province, a digital Sichuan, and a smart society, and support the high-quality economic development of the province.

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